The first of these test events is we try and get any captain the side, at least from the start and he’s somebody to be playing or playing from the start, at least and then within a week or two. You know another small injury, desperate to sign him permanently, but he’s back at brighton and about to sign in he’s an intelligent player. You know he thinks about that. Well, frank lampard got a good grade for his first season and starting to two starting lineups as we’re. Looking at them right now, reuben loftus cheek gets the game underway to return from the accolades injury really now reece james he’s gon na. Let chelsea here for clark salter, as he has to put some twisting one way or another trying to get his cross and he managed to do that too. They’Ll want to uh put in a performance that’s missing up to halfway whipping one in it’s, a brilliant ball for tonight in for timo verna, to make it one nil Applause, there’s, no flag, chelsea are ahead and timo verna has scored. You know poor defending by by brighton across the back line. They look a bit uncomfortable losing possession. Tonight. Applause was the decoy march centered in with his left, and it was a free header for louis duncan again left foot deflected and also had to be careful. The managed academy graduate time in his head march seen plenty of the ball early on here, he’s, going to go city 2 0 at wembley in the first women’s community shield sits now behind him.

He actually have a shot might be able to now, though, on to the left foot couple of deflections into that mission, accomplished in graham tutti’s, first season in charge, it’s on that’s a big part of their future, but to bring it away here under pressure from bisuma Goal four minutes in his march, around vernon great defender by rhys jones, really slowed the play down now he still gets over these first 15 minutes or so and i’m liking. What he said. Applause, lots of brighton plays Music Applause, he’s locked his cheek there’s, a football from the back as well, but again, Applause closing until the 5th of october might certainly be at start of the season tonight, though, by development, Applause, right Applause, Applause area and josiah, beggy, pardon And the referee, munich defeats the conviction which i think he needs, i think the more games he plays he’ll get that back it’s gon na do it came inside, made room for the shot and stung the fingertips of matt ryan, who punches it over for a corner. Not to say turn inside the penalty area and then stayed static, yeah that’s. What i mean chelsea i played here in pre season before you might have enjoyed that spotted a clever run made by himself. Black feather, though, continue i’m sure we’ll be anxious to win a three year deal by brighton age 32.. Another goal before the break Applause backfield so lumps one forward and says to vernon for james decent ball in that good league Applause, Music Applause, we’re Music, the shorter one to i need something to live off as well, not really been given here’s kovichitch.

Second, half will live fairly long in the memory clive that then, as far as the new signings are concerned, at halftime at the amex on liverpool. Well, chelsea are out for the second half it’s not going to always be possible, but to born and improve enough uh. Maybe team another big looks like tony rudiger’s come on then for for jake, and we saw the sort of link up play at times from those two measure across his edge then got back in at him flipped down the line for trossard. That will be a brighton corner. Oh referee’s, given a penalty, oh referee’s, given a penalty tony rudy versus caballero, then oh it’s, a great save from caballero where’s, the rebound going to end up he’s, going to end up in a chelsea. Free Applause kick each out of it. There just have been not hurting zh, all of a sudden that opportunity’s gone Applause. Well, he was – and you know what this is. New campaign gets underway in a couple of weeks time: oh, and they almost got level through a pretty much they’re, always favorite to deal with it and he did comfortably the back foot not able to make those passes, and hence the brazilian fallback love to see him Play as well he’s got such a good pass on him. Free kick at all, not Music Applause, he’s, a good player just needs a chance. Perhaps 25 now foot five burn. Yeah ceiling left back as well.

We’Ve lost this time last year, atlanta. So it is henry lawrence and ian martin who are coming on martin united, come here, Applause it round the wall beautifully and look just for a moment as though it was arrowing. It showed again there. This is interesting: a risk Music Applause, final, shot, Music, he’s, driven in the corner. It had an invitation attached, but he couldn’t avail himself of the opportunity. Well, just look at him. He thinks he’s in just wide Applause, vaniga here’s, fernando Applause, a real opening. Now he’s gone for power lee, but it’s wide, well, no real direction, but the power was there and you’re right, it’s just gone past.