The second time of me recording this one for some reason: the microphone just like unplugged ever so slightly for the last one, but the good news is whenever i have to re record videos, i’ve always got the energy from ending the last recording to go straight into This one for a crested versus chelsea champions league group stage match week 2 game preview in russia. The group is evenly poised. Every single team in the group is on one point: we’ve got ren on one point: chelsea krasnodar, sevilla, sevilla versus wren, is the other match within the group, and chelsea have got to be looking at this one with a big opportunity to end a run of three Matches in succession with draws we’ve drawn the last two nil, nil, frank lampard has seen the right now. The biggest issue within this chelsea side is striking a balance between defensive solidity and creative free flow and attacking football to see us score a load of goals to outscore opponents. We seemed over the course of the last two games. I don’t want to speak too soon because it would be typical of chelsea to just go there tonight and concede five and score seven, but we seem to have you know, addressed the issues about all defensive errors. We’Ve seem to have signed a goalkeeper who just pretty much knows what it is to be. A goalkeeper save balls are flying towards the back of the chelsea net: tick tick, but it’s, not quite clicking at the moment.

In the middle of the park, the transition isn’t there, the the speed and the passing isn’t there, the runs aren’t there, the through balls aren’t there in this match tonight. I don’t want to disrespect krasnodar. But realistically, this is the ideal game for chelsea within the group. It’S never easy to go away in russia. Russian teams are very compact, they’re, very difficult to break down. Chelsea have to play a play. They’Ve had to make a long trip along flight to krasnodar to make this game in the champions league happen. So i don’t want to discredit the opposition, but when you look at the quality within this chelsea squad, we’ve not bought thiago silva with us in the squad, which i understand it. You know he is a lot older and he’s playing a big part right now. In this chelsea team he’s a key component as to why we have been so good defensively, but he didn’t travel and it’s an opportunity for us to see some players potentially who aren’t necessarily starting every game. Who have points to prove who i still believe have more than enough quality in a chelsea shirt, to make a big difference to this squad, we’re competing on various different fronts. This season, fa cup champions league premier league as well rotation, is going to be key. I don’t want to disrespect my opponents tonight my opponents i’m, going to be sitting here in bali, doing nothing but watching the game, but our opponents chelsea’s opponents krasnodar and the team that i’ve built, i perfectly believe, is good enough to go ahead and win the game Before we get into anything, though i do want to ask you to subscribe to the george benson football channel we’re on the road to 200 000, which is an astronomical number by all stretches of the imagination not yet subscribed.

Please do so and see how many likes we can get on this video before kickoff this evening, just before 6 p.m. In the uk, if we can hit 5 000, that would be a phenomenal goal and i’ll be a very happy man, but without any further ado, let’s start off with uh edu the the goalkeeper eduard mendy he’s come in he’s played four matches so far for chelsea’s Kept three clean sheets, including a point: saving save at the end of the game against united, to deny mike mark micas, his name isn’t that it’s marcus rashford to deny rashford a brilliant curling strike into the top corner. To win the game in the diane embers for man, united mendy comes up with a big, save and we’ve seen him last week, even in the champions league clawing the ball out when sevilla were trying to score in that first half making big saves in big moments. It’S everything we’ve asked for from a goalkeeper he’s, very quickly, warming to the hearts of chelsea fans, because he just does the things that we’ve always wanted kepper to do that he’s. Just not done you know. Kepp has had good performances, yes, he’s made big saves, but when it really matters, we’ve not been able to rely on him, we’ve not been confident in him and i’m talking about the defenders and the way he communicates. Mendy’S got a presence and what we’ve seen so far with a 75 clean sheet success rate has been brilliant and for me, he’s got to start every single match: he’s fit now mendy’s the goalkeeper, and we move into a back four and the biggest one.

At the moment, if thiago silva was in the team, i go with zoomer and silver all day long. The biggest dilemma right now for me as a chelsea fan, who makes these videos and previews – and i guess for lampard as well, is who starts a right back. We saw at the weekend that we managed to incorporate silver and the brilliance of rhys james. I don’t think it’s smart for chelsea to go with three at the back in every single game. I think there’s too much attacking quality and potential in this squad for us to be doing that, but against united away, you can understand it. We’Ll go to a flat back four for this one and it’s going to be a tricky match. Champions league games are never easy and it’s a tricky trip so i’m going to go with the experience of cesar azpilicueta it’s like a 50 50.. For me i can pick reese. I could pick aspie. I could justify my reasons for both without thiago silva. I think azpilicueta will be the natural captain. Obviously, in this chelsea team, for this game, aspie starts at right back and then we go into a centre back pairing of kurt zuma in his preferred right center back position. Of course he has to alter that to accommodate. For thiago silva who’s been doing it for 20 odd years in the right center back role, zuma alongside tamori. Now i don’t know what it is about: fokai to mori we’ve seen that rudiger’s come back into the squad and having been omitted from the squad.

Six of the last seven games, the questions in the press conference were obviously directed towards whether or not rudiger is going to be involved. Lampard says he’s in contention that isn’t saying that he’s going to be the starting centre back and i’ve wanted to see tamori play in a chelsea shirt this season a few times, obviously now we’re seeing a very stable partnership between zuma and silva it’s, going to be Even harder for tomorrow to break into this team, we saw in the early stages of last season that tomorrow is a very competent defender, he’s, very confident, he’s fast. You remember that game away at iax in the champions league last season. I think it was the first or second away game and he was brilliant. Chelsea kept a clean sheet in that one and i’m. Looking at those memories – and i would love to see him start as a butterfly flies over me – ed i’d love to see him start tonight in krasnodar. I think it’s a great opportunity again for frank to show his trust in the player there’s. Clearly, some issues where i i don’t really know what it is with tamori. If i was to hazard a guest, educated guest i’d say that whatever frank is trying to implement tactically defensively in training tomorrow, he might be the slowest one to grasp it. So, therefore, when it comes to picking his match day squad, so when it comes to picking his 11s tomorrow, isn’t at the forefront of frank’s mind to start we’ve got to remember, he is still very young.

The center back position uh any club, not just chelsea, is an important one for the defense of the team to not concede as many goals. So for me it’s a perfect opportunity. I don’t want to see rudiger just not be involved and then come straight in and start just because silva’s not in the squad, kristen said i’m, not confident with at all. So for that reason it has to be tomorrow. For me, i think he’s, probably the third best center back at the club. So therefore he’s got to play if he doesn’t i’ll be asking questions and i’ll be wondering what it is. Tamori has to do to ever get minutes in a chelsea shirt because he could have just gone out on loan. You know like why didn’t we loan him if we’re not going to play him when silva’s not in the squad, so left back, picks himself it’s benjamin chilwell, mr chilly himself, been incredibly impressed as i’ve said multiple times so far. This season, with the way chillwell has integrated within the squad, he seems to be friends with everybody. He’S got a good connection with certain players on the field as well, and he looks confident you know he goes forward, he’s very good with his defensive work rate as well: positionally he’s, better than emerson or alonzo i’ve, ever been in chelsea shirts, apart from maybe alonzo Going forward and scoring screamers at spurs, but it is what it is emerson.

I don’t think he i don’t even think he expects to be in the team for this. One chill well starts at left back and we move into a midfield, pivot and i’ve decided to rest in golo kante for this one i’ll give you my reasons why i put kovacic and georginio in there, as you can see on the screen. The reason i want to rest kante is he is getting older, i’m, not going to say he’s too old and he’s past this prime. But what i will say is, despite the efficiency of the interceptions, despite the efficiency of the tackles that kante still is clearly exhibiting in a chelsea shirt, i would say that the transition, when he wins the ball back and he offloads it and he starts attacks it’s, Not as consistent as i’d like and i think, it’s been a bit sloppy at times this season from kante he’s not been at his best he’s still been good. I think he’s still very important to this chelsea team. But again, i think a lot of that is last season was a recovery season from him where he kept getting little injuries kept having to recover. Maybe he wasn’t given as much recovery time as he was needed, and i think what we’re seeing in the early stages of this season is the effect that that had last season on his fitness for this season. I don’t think he’s, quite as sharp as i’d want him to be, and i don’t just want to ride it off because of age which a lot of chelsea fans have done, and i don’t think it’s the most rational way of approaching the kante situation.

But even though i don’t want to disrespect krasnodar and i want chelsea to go out and feel the strongest team possible win the game. Of course, you’ve got to be realistic. Rotation is going to have to be an element of the squads that lampard picks and the elevens. He picks this season. So kovacic and georginio i’ve been impressed with georginio this season. I think yes at times it is very sideways: it’s, very pedestrian, it’s, mundane it’s boring it’s predictable, but i think for a game like this, you kind of need those kind of players. You know. Chelsea will have opportunities, there will be times when we’re tested and crested will come at us. Kovachic is a good tackler as well. He’S got that ability to dribble the ball away and start attacks for chelsea he’s very compact. He gets out of tight positions very well, and i think that pivot could work quite well in this one. I don’t think it’s always necessarily been a good combination, but in order to rest kante and to keep some balance – and you know some shape within this chelsea team today, when it’s not quite working cohesively between the defense and the attack right now, i think you need A passer you need a dribbler in the holding midfield position, so i’ve gone with both of them and we move and start with the left wing position. Again. I’Ve decided to rest a couple of attacking players for this one and i’ve rested christian pulisic, which some people might think.

You know benton’s going crazy again. Lampard doesn’t, like hudson a door hurting the door doesn’t play. This is the perfect game for callum. Hudson adore to start for chelsea, i think he’s got so much to prove. He’S got that interest that’s, always arising from bayern munich and chelsea, like no callum signed a new deal. We wanted to stay at the club. Frank. Please give us some calum today give us some cho, whether it’s on the right or the left. I’Ll put him on the left, because he’s also come out and said that ziesh is almost ready match, fit ready to start games in a blue shirt, and i think this is a perfect one for him. So if we move across the midfield, hudson door on the left, mason mount in the attacking midfield position again thinking ahead to the game against burnley at the weekend, habits has played. You know most of the games if all of the games this season so far, so mason gets an opportunity to play in his favored central role. We get to see what he can do behind the striker hakeem ziesh. We can see him start the game and hopefully we can use him to create more chances going forward, ziesh on the right wing and then teemo werner, as the striker. At the moment, when it comes to this chelsea team, i know there are a lot of players that will be frustrated with the amount of minutes that they’ve got.

What we need to remember and what some of these players need to remember is it’s chelsea football club. You know we can’t be just accepting last 16 exits and fourth place in the premier league table every season. We want to be competing for these competitions, so despite olivier giroud’s involvement, which was brilliant towards the end of last season, tammy abraham was our top scorer we’ve brought in an elite striker in teemo, werner and i’ve been impressed with him so far, but again the same With a lot of these players in the early stage of the season, i think fitness because of the way that football’s been there wasn’t a proper pre season, everything’s a little bit skew. If right now, i couldn’t think of any better terminology to use there than skew. If but teemo’s are starting striker, i think he does need you know to keep scoring to keep playing, to build his confidence so that he can be game by game that top quality striker that we know he can be. He has scored a couple so far. Two in the premier league, one in the league cup against spurs chelsea, are obviously looking to score tonight and cross the bar. We can’t be going and drawing nil, nil again or losing. That would be a disaster. People would really start asking questions then. I also think we’re going to win 3 1 tonight. I think there could be times where we are put under pressure again at the back, but i think that, right now, frank is aware that we could be as defensively solid as we have been against severe and united, but we’re not going to win matches that way.

There’S been a clear disparity between our attacking play and our good defending. So therefore, i think we’re going to attack a lot more today. I think we’ll score some goals, but it might leave us open again at the back and i don’t think it’ll be perfect. Crested are to score, like let’s, just say a world from 30 yards. I i wouldn’t mind that you know i’ll be absolutely fine chelsea to get the three points. Hopefully it puts us top of the group. You’Ve got ren versus sevilla as the other game. It’S, a big one for chelsea, you know it’s still early stages in this group only have one out of six matches so far, but i believe we’re gon na have enough to win tonight. We should do and the team that i’ve picked has got one eye on that trip to burnley on saturday afternoon, where you know it’s not easy. I can’t believe the premier league had done this. You know we go. We go to russia on a wednesday and they’re. Like you know what now it’s fine chelsea will be fine we’ll put them on saturday, three o’clock come on man like at least give us a sunday afternoon. It would have been nice but it’s. The premier league, they don’t, do things the way that we’d all like them to ever. So it is what it is not going to stand here, taking up any much of your time anymore, it’s, bloody, hot, the camera’s, probably already dead and uh yeah.

Thank you guys for watching. If you did enjoy it be sure to hit the like button subscribe, if you’re new, six things we learned, i’ll, probably be out tomorrow morning after this one, because i’m away and i’m gon na film it first thing in the morning, it’ll be out at like 6 A.M, uk time for you lot, but anyway, thank you guys again see you all later come on.