Yes, yeah players that here are fitting fit and available, but there were suggestions you had discussions with antonio rudiger and is that the case and were they positive and could he play a part? I’Ve had i’ve had discussions and i was i saw the story. I’Ve had discussions with antonio and and all the players, as probably as i can do so. I had i’ve always had a positive relationship with him. Um everything i do. I do for the for the club and selections and for the team and every week at a minute with the squad we have. Sometimes you have to have players out of the squad and it’s always big news for everybody, but with a very positive relationship he’s in the squad, so very much in contention to play matt law hi, a friend um. I was wondering if you were aware of this stat that was going around last week that you’re only the second english manager to manage in two champions league campaigns behind bobby robson. I mean a lot of us were quite surprised by it and ended up going through names. I mean i just wondered how you felt about that and how you feel about the sort of it’s, not your fault, but the responsibility almost that you’re carrying on your shoulders. For english managers being a manager of a top six club in in the premier league, and also in the champions league yeah, i i don’t feel like the response responsibility of the english managers union or whatever you want to call it.

I see what you mean. I was surprised by the stat myself when i, when i was told it last week, actually uh the great bobby robson to the only english, be the only english man that has done it um. There was quite a long time when i used to hear towards the end of my career, about how english managers get get jobs in the premier league and as a merry go round and all this sort of thing. But i actually think it’s slightly different. I think sometimes now we’re seeing english managers showing their qualities in the game throughout the premier league throughout the championship, throughout the leagues um. And hopefully there are more opportunities for them because i think sometimes with the the brilliant uh invasion of great quality, coaches and players into the premier league. Sometimes i think we look, we get our eyes go to that and it becomes very um new and trendy and fit – and rightly so, with managers that achieve so much, but also sometimes, i think we can hopefully have managers at home that can do the jobs as Well so um i’m, not thinking myself anywhere near the the sort of standard bearer or the front man for it, because there are great managers and young coaches out there. But all i do is try and do the job as well as i can. I get that you don’t feel like you’re the standard bearer, but do you ever feel that you’re judged differently with the opinions that come because you’re english, i think possibly? Yes, i think possibly, yes, i think um when i when i got this job um, a lot of people were maybe saying but questioning me getting the job.

A lot of people told me: are you sure you want to take it because of maybe opinion, and i think when um sometimes people can be very quick to form opinions straight away for whatever reason and being a young english manager with one year at derby. Some of that i understood, but at the same time i think sometimes we just have to judge people on face value like we do judge any manager, doesn’t matter where you’re from i think all managers should be judged the same. I was pretty proud of what we’ve made to achieve last season and coming in the top four. In fact, i felt we could have actually done even better than that for different reasons, but i was happy with that so um, but i i can’t get um swung on opinion, because if you do that managing a premier league team, if you look at opinion and Read and listen to all of them then it’ll affect you every day, so i just have to do the job as well as i can, and hopefully the opinions will speak for themselves. Tony bentz, hello, frank hi, tony um, i was just uh looking back at last. You had a really good record in the group stage on the road last year, um that great winner, iax good, draw at valencia, um good result at legal as well, and you need to harness that again this year, don’t you in terms of performances on the road Yeah, we definitely do.

It was a very tough group for us last year, tony because of well. It was a tough group and because we lost the first match against valencia at home, we gave ourselves a really difficult task, and so we we had to go and get those results which which i like, because you saw that in our performances, the the the edge In our game, particularly at iacs, which is which a really tough place to go so um it’s very important that we keep that edge. People will look at this group and maybe consider coming to russia or against the team that it’s their first time in the champions league, etc. I think that it should be in a comfortable game for us. We have to have edge in our game tomorrow. We have to have edge wherever we travel in this group to try and make sure we get through it. Okay, we now have a russian journalist, please archon, uh by yeah. Well, i i apologize for being late um. Unfortunately, it was just purely down to travel with travel. Today it was a. It was quite a long flight for us and the journey to our hotel and then the journey here to the stadium. So we always normally try and keep time as well as we can um in terms of krasnodar as a team. I i didn’t have a fantastic knowledge of them. I was aware of them, but in terms of the individuals to study them, but as soon as we have been drawn against them, myself and my staff have been watching their games we’re very aware of them as a team.

The individual talents, the collective talent of the team um, and also aware that they’re a team new into the champions league, which means they will have absolute motivation to play against the premier league team, to try and get a result so we’re very focused on the game. Okay, we’ll do two more and then we’ll finish nick purewall, please hi frank thanks for your time, as always um when you were saying to you, know to matt he’s asking you if you think you judge differently, and you said that some people asked you if you Were sure that you wanted to take the job um i’m sure you were then are you still in the time you’ve had in the job? Are you still pleased that you did take it and that it was the right decision and how do you think you had to think you’re finding it overall, yeah i’m, certainly very pleased. I took it i’m very proud to manage this club every day and um. When i say a lot of people were wary of it, i think it was more uncircumstances or maybe trying to um just see it from the outside and feel what opinion may be, or these things i just saw football when i saw a club that i love So there was never a doubt in my mind, albeit i always try and listen to good advice from from people around me um in terms of door. I love it.

Yes, i love last season. I love the challenges that it brought with the transfer band, with the covered time, of course, difficult times for everybody on every level, but in terms of a challenge as a coach, and that we managed to finish in the top. Four, i think, was something that i was certainly proud of from the work of the whole group, not just myself, staff, the players and everybody, and now we want to move on to further levels. And we know there are different challenges and i was very aware of those challenges that will come early in the season without a pre season with some new players, and i love that challenge every day. So the answer is yes, i made the right decision. Yes, i feel i made the right decision every day and i love it last question: james gearbrands, frank um. Obviously, the last two games have finished nil, nil and and obviously have been kind of somewhat different from some of the previous games. This season has that been a conscious decision by you, as the as the manager to kind of adjust the balance of the team a bit and maybe throttle back slightly on the attack in order to lay a little bit more priority on on defensive solidity. No, i think we with the last two games. We’Ve played against high level opponents, um, seville and manchester united in their own ways offer a lot of threats and going into a champions.

League game is seville. You have to respect what they can do. They’Ve just won the europa league last year to buy into extra time in the in the super cup and a very talented team, so i wanted to get both sides of our game right. I think we’ve got a lot of our defensive game right on the day. I didn’t like every bit of it because we are still improving because now we’re training in real time these games are we can’t train in between too much because it’s too much uh, there’s there’s too much physical um too many physical demands on the players of games. So we have to try and organize the team. I think we did it well in those two games on the defensive side, the balance of us going forward wasn’t as great as i would want it to be, but it’s – and i said it after the game. The the the least of my worries in the big picture, because i know we have a lot of talent in this team, so getting both of our games is something that we’re working on every day, both sides of that game and i’m happy where we are. But we want more and that will take work that’s it everyone.