I really do hope that welcome to your match preview of chelsea versus krasnodar in the champions league. Now i had planned on doing this. After frank lampard’s press conference, but he’s doing it later today – and this is the time that i have to do this video so we’re gon na – have to speculate a little bit more, but most of the squad is fit and let’s be real man, frank, lampard, doesn’t, Really give anything away in terms of lineups when he does his press conferences, so that’s a boost for us here today, even though this is the minnows, i suppose of the our champions league group, krasnodar’s only been around for like 10 odd years, actually wait! No 20! Odd years, they’re a new team, newly formed team and they’ve recently just got battered by victor moses’s, moses, spartak, moscow so bodes well for chelsea there’s. Some people we’ll want to see coming into the team that may not. There may be some disappointed, chelsea fans when they see the lineup, but let’s be real boys and girls. The most important thing here is chelsea get a w. This is a game. They need to get out of the way three points in the group and move on. Thousands of thousands of miles all round trip to russia and back just get out of the way, take the w at all costs and we move match review over i’m joking i’m. Joking anyway, thank you to everyone who has subscribed to football therapy lately, as we move ever closer towards that 100k mark.

I appreciate all your support and nice messages i’ve been getting recently. So thank you for that. Consider subbing. If you haven’t done so, and uh yeah. If you drop the video a like that, helps out apparently a lot which makes me happy so thanks for liking the video ding, all right, then let’s get into it and crack open this match preview. So krasnodar i’m not going to pretend that i know lots about krasnodar, because even if i did pretend let’s be real, you wouldn’t believe me, but they are a team playing out in russia and they’ve just come off a what was it 3 1 loss to spartak Moscow think that was the scoreline victor moses scored some. You know: chelsea narrative, that’s, nice, apparently they’ve got a depleted side. A depleted squad at the moment for one reason or another, and this tweet from this arkansas or quoted tweet, pretty much confirms they’ll be fielding. The same side that recently just got beaten by spartak, so that bodes well for chelsea it’s, not like they were arresting stronger players. If we are to believe this information, it’s a positive and hopefully more chelsea are more likely to get the job done. Obviously, the game that’s already happened with krasnodar they drew with run. What does that mean? I’M, not so sure man, obviously all bets are off when it comes to the champions league. The smaller sides it’s such an epic occasion. For them. Often they rally to greater levels of performance that they ever did in their domestic leagues.

These, like conventionally smaller sides, you see what i’m saying. Basically, you can never take any team lightly in the champions league and also chelsea haven’t had the greatest start to the campaign. All things considered, you know i’m, not too critical of chelsea at the moment, because no preseason loads of new players a congested schedule. I really want to like wait and see how they develop together and i’ve, been pleased with the attack on occasions and i’ve been pleased with the defense on occasions, and i think, if you join the two together, chelsea could be fantastic check out. My latest upload prior to this one for how i think chelsea are in a title race in the premier league anyway, i would show you the krasnodar team and how they’ve lined up and stuff like that. But the truth is we won’t recognize any of the players. So i’m, not going to do that. Let’S talk about chelsea because that’s much more fun again. This is gon na, be near impossible for me to do a predicted lineup, because although krasnodar should be a very, very, very beatable opponent, frank lampard will massively just want to get the job done. We haven’t scored in a couple of games. It’S, you know: we’ve got good. First team players that’ll be good to go straight away: it’s not like. We have superstars that you know need to be rested or old or overly fatigued or whatever so frank might actually take the sort of perspective of just starting strong players, maybe scoring a couple of goals and then bringing you know the other kids on so let’s.

Take a look at a lineup that i’ve pulled out of my behind and maybe you’ll agree with me in goal. Mendy keeps his spot. He shouldn’t be tired. Frank lampard came from like a generation of chelsea where check just played all the games where people stayed in goal. I think he won’t want to take any risks and mendy shouldn’t be tired, so he’s in goal. For me, i think it’s a four two. Three one formation: again, i think ben chilwell starts at left back. I think young and vibrant rhys james will be more than happy to start at right back again giving aspella cueta a rest. I think old man, superstar thiago silva, will get rest as well, and i think zuma, today’s birthday boy might actually start with antonio rudiger. Now, apparently, antonio rudiger’s been brought back in from the cold after talks with frank lampard. He was obviously on the bench over the likes of christensen to maury in the game against united. So i think he might be brought in for this game and start next to zuma and they probably could do okay. Now, the double pivot is going to be difficult. I think i think it’s actually going to be kovacic and georginio. They used to play a lot together. We obviously need to manage the fitness of uh ngolo kante. He hasn’t been brilliant lately. I think he needs a rest. If georginio’s good to go, then i think he should play next to matteo coverchit.

She hasn’t played for a while who can play well next to georginio granted. It was more in like a higher two than a deep pivot, but surely they should be able to get the job done in this game now genuinely. I know you might think he’s being overcooked, but i think frank lampard wants kai, have to hit the ground as quickly as possible gain chemistry of his teammate. I think he’ll see this as an ideal opportunity, not quite barnsley, though, or a bit more difficult than that, but i think he’ll say look. Can’T have hurts, you can get a goal or an assist here if you’re healthy, if you’re good to go. I want you to start again here: maybe he’ll end up getting arrested at burnley, so i think kai hebert will start in the number 10 role, and you know what i think he’s going to start behind. Tammy abraham he’s shown before he’s actually got a good link up with tammy abraham, and i think this is the perfect opportunity for vernon to have a little rest. Maybe come off the bench because he does a lot of running tammy can try and reinvigorate that link up with guy havertz, and i think hakim siesh will start on the right wing. Come off the bench a couple of times, good opportunity for him here to strike his stuff and basically start creating on the pitch is a perfect opportunity for a start. For me now the left, wing’s kind of difficult.

I would love to see callum hudson. The dory start on the left wing here and express himself and boost his own confidence by starting a champions league game but i’m, not sure he will. I think he’ll definitely play and come off the bench at least but there’s a chance. I think christian pulisic or even the chelsea fans could get very, very upset and see mason mount starting on the left wing, but for the the sake of christian politics, only just come back in and he looks fit i’m gon na put him on the left wing. Anyway, that’s my predicted lineup, but who knows it’s very, very difficult with frank lampon at the moment, especially in a game where you’d expect him to rotate regardless. I think chelsea will feel a very strong starting eleven, even if it isn’t their first first first choice starting 11. I think it’s gon na be super strong and really really. We should go for goals in this game. We’Ve seen a couple of resolute defensive performances, but we haven’t seen the goals man, so i think you know we’ll go for goals here, i’m, going to do a school prediction without without thiago silva in the center back position. I think we might ship one uh and i’m actually gon na go for a free one win in the champions league to secure all three points, away: krebs, nadar and hopefully, hopefully that happens. I want at least two goals.

You know, if anything less than two goals. If we get like a one, nil, win it’ll be really really underwhelming, although it would show another clean sheet with like an actual win this time, but generally, i think the chelsea fans have been starved of goals and we’ve got so much attacking talent. In this side. I think it’s time we scored two or three or four goals in this game, but anyway, let me know your score predictions get down in the comment section below. I want to hear it. Man, uh quick plug to follow me on instagram, because i’m, trying to get over that 10k mark i’m plugging it in all my videos at the moment at football yannick. Please do consider coming to follow me, so i can finally get that swipe up function below than that man thanks for hanging out man thanks for watching the content. I appreciate you all enjoy the football and i will see you bad boy later, imma get it. How i’m living imma walk the walk outline my lines, i’ve rapped through thought body bag. The verse outlined it chuck in my life scene, trouble hustle on the double silence on the trigger. Like my pick got a muzzle yo chick like to guzzle bad boy stay in trouble. I only love this paper.