This is nice from chelsea, the first chance he’s taking it. Well too much space afforded to callum hudson adore as far as the left side of the nottingham forest defense was concerned, little shipped inside and an alluring shot past the helpless goalkeeper jordan smith, one nil, chelsea Applause, Music Applause, touching the doorway up against ribero, familiar theme. Yeah he pushes it away from danger, but bartley reads it so: well: emerson, Applause, that’s, an adore Applause, gon na be a goal in the second half Applause. Another good save referee, peter banks draws this emirates fa cup third round tie to a conclusion. It’S finished chelsea. Two nottingham forest news: one of the standout ties in this season’s fa cup. Fourth round a big test for the eight time: winners, chelsea, kovach, chelsea’s, first attack of the match and mishi batshuayi has managed to find the back of the net a little bit of good fortune about the way it looped in. But it all started from a quite majestic pass from kobach. Yes, it was deflected but three on three keeper. Absolutely no chance comes off the defender and chelsea for a sluggish start, you’ve got to say themselves in front here. He is again look at the space. He’S got you can’t give him that amount of space to pick his passes and he’s done it again. Mount good save from long what a ball from cover church melts clean through and long comes out, really well it’s a heavy touch there, but he had options but that left arm safe, brilliant Music.

Oh good work from boeing takes it on. They haven’t come much closer than that. Well, he had the option to play in tommy’s on the right hand side. Instead, he has gone for goal with his goal scoring record. Why not couldn’t hit the target, but this time on his weaker right side, still a very good effort, barkley? Oh, they certainly can brilliantly take a bite to mooring, the former whole city player, with a pinpoint header for only his second chelsea goal and with their first attack of the second half, they have broken whole city hearts Applause with his first ever fa cup goal by A huge deflection and what a costly free kick to give away that was real buzz around the stadium. Krasinski takes it’s deep again. They win the first header desperate appeals for handball, there’s, the full time whistle and chelsea through to the fifth round of the fa cup. Great thing about football: another game comes around quickly and another game of real magnitude comes around quickly. If you’re one of the super clubs we’ve got two of them on view for you tonight, Music goalkeeping chelsea suddenly found a bit more firepower after being on the receiving end in the early minutes. Well, pedro tries to play a little one two here with giroud Music. Well, they have broken through and adrian has to look at himself william. This time can take the congratulations in the 13th minute lucky number 13 for the man who wears number 13.

: Music Applause here’s, the first one there’s, the second and oh topspin, Music Applause he’s got a bit to do, but he’s got pedro to the right. He plays him now i’m gon na play him now he’s gon na back it into the back of the net, and the liverpudlian puts liverpool two nil behind in the fa cup fifth round at stanford bridge ex everton, very much in the blue. Now of chelsea it’s a special moment for him, liverpool in deeper trouble Applause, what a goal from ross barkley. This is what everybody expected from him when he was a youngster at everton drive with the ball Applause, Music, liverpool, Music, here’s garu. That touch is a good one mentioned it forced him on his left foot a good save from adrian, remember, chelsea. This season played well twice against liverpool but lost on both occasions. Penalties in the super cup and 2 1 here in the league, but they’ve won here tonight and they’ve won well they’ve knocked out liverpool by two goals to deal so chelsea in white from right to left in the first 45 minutes. Music change to the curling cross emerson is going to collect it for chelsea Music, mount ol, pulisic i’ll, get saved by schmeichel, really good, stop by casper schmeichel, sweetly strapped by pulisic that’s barnes, ahead of him sure well providing the overlap for barnes. Here he is looping. Oh and it wasn’t far away from chilwell, not at all, i think one he intended, but it nearly crept in that Music.

William, william, has a little look up. Oh and barkley’s there and chelsea are in front. Oh it’s, a really good goal: beautiful ball in by willian and russ barkley, steers it in Music out by loftus cheek back two tilaments justin y to all brighton he’s got a bit of room here. All brighton’s cross, oh missed by caballero and soyuncu couldn’t, steer it in Music.