We just saw khalil mack, hip, toss, tristan wurtz. The way that this carolina offense has has been operating. This season it’s definitely been a shocking surprise to me, with matt rule and joe brady. They identified a quarterback in teddy bridgewater who knew the system they wanted to run and knew how to execute it. And man did he put some explosive guys around him, but none of that matters. If you can’t stop khalil mack, he single handedly, i mean he has some help too, but man did he wreck that that that tampa bay, game and trust me if he doesn’t mind hitting the hall of fame and tom brady he’s gon na be coming for teddy Bridgewater, listen. I i think the panthers got a shot to protect teddy bridgewater and he’s part of the reason why he’s really good about shifting and moving in the pocket number one number two he’s smart. So he can see things and he can see them developing quickly and the other thing about the panthers is they’ve got speed, wide receivers. I talked about it last week on the show, so these guys are fast, which makes them a threat down the field, but they also get to where they need to be quickly. So at times he doesn’t have to hold the ball that quickly. So those are the reasons why, in addition to uh the offensive line, protecting things up front and also scheming things, whether it’s, chipping or double, teaming mac, or something where you’re getting teddy out of the pocket.

All these factors, combined uh, is why teddy bridgewater has been a tough guy to sack at times they had the one game with the five sacks, but outside of that been tough to sack this year and why i think it could wind up being the case again. This week, carolina hasn’t allowed a sack in back to back weeks and let’s. Remember that tom brady was kept pretty clean until the bears entered the chat and, like you mentioned garafolo week, two, the panthers allowed five sacks to tampa bay in that game. So khalil mack, akeem hicks, robert quinn, they’re gon na be ready. Okay, now it’s time for mike rob to shine. We got to come out fighting everything. We got it don’t matter who, over there, it don’t matter, because you know what we fast physical and we’re going to hit them in the mouth. Every single play play fake, not here all day but i’m here for the next two and two hours and some change welcome back to the real mike rob report all week. I answer your questions on my facebook and my twitter and then on saturdays. I come on good morning football weekend edition and i answer your questions on live tv, make sure to tweet us using the hashtag real mike robinsport, okay. First question: up: okay from chris real mike rob: okay, can the panthers win the nfc south and make it to the playoffs without christian mccaffrey? Yes, you you.

Have you seen my crystal ball segment? I think the carolina panthers have a great chance of winning the nfc south. If you look at teddy bridgewater man completing over 73 of his passes, you guys talked about it earlier being smart. All of those things doesn’t take real big hits, but he does not have a lot of negative plays and he gets the ball to that track, meet of receivers that he has on the outside next question: what do we got cody? What do we got all right? Next question: it’s from cody: this is kind of cheap man you’re the producer you can’t also put in a question. Okay, if you were playing fullback in the league today, who is the linebacker, you least want to block hashtag real mike rob report. This is a tough one, because i have real big issues with linebackers. That gave me a lot of wiggle. Like you know the bobby wagner’s the play maker type of a linebacker but i’m gon na go with tampa bay, buccaneers, uh, middle linebacker and devon white. The kid is six foot uh 240 pounds, so he has some thump behind him, but he does give you some wiggle on contact and he’s a playmaker at the linebacker position. Always looking for the ball, i ain’t like playing those guys next question: what do we got? What do we got? Third question? Okay, what’s up emerson um? Is seattle, arizona or the la rams, the best team in the nfc west.

You forgot the hashtag real mike brown report, but i’m gon na have to go with seattle. Okay, you got russell wilson, the russ, the let russ cook movement. It does not matter how bad that defense is. If russell wilson has a chance at the end of the game and explores close he’s gon na pull through. You see that beast of a receiver. He asked on the outside too come on man next question: what do we got? What do we got? Okay, what’s up trump, all right, a bunch of ads, okay, who’s having the better rookie season so far, joe burrow or justin herbert hashtag, real mike rob report. I got ta go with joe burrow, i mean, even though both of these guys are taking a tremendous amount of hits right, but i got to go with joe burrow man. I did not think joe burrow will be this good. This calmness collected, he goes a lot of empty and he just he just dissects defenses. If they can get him some some protection up front. I think joe burrow will be a great quarterback in this league next question: what do we got? What do we got all right? This is from craig one of the big bosses. Okay, he talking about rapping. Why are you talking about rapping with me man? Who would be your hype? Man get my girl follower at adam rank. These are two of my favorite people, but you know what i’m going with the guy that’s on the screen with me right now, mike caro follow jesus, always the hype.

Man come on dizzy matter of fact. Did you need to go this guy right here? Let’S get this guy m.c mike rob in the house. By the way i called you, the rightful super bowl 48 mvp earlier in the show, if that’s, not a hype, man, i don’t know who is dude, i wouldn’t know what i would do without you jesus. I love you man, it’s awesome. Yes, oh so nice to be with you guys. Every saturday morning i love it.