Our kimberly martin is there at the game with the latest on this panthers offense under teddy bridgewater good morning, kimberly hey sam yeah, the panthers are humming. I actually spoke to head coach matt rule. This week about teddy bridgewater – and i asked him what is it like watching teddy when you’re on the sidelines – and he said honestly, i feel complete calm because i know teddy is going to do the right thing. I know he’s going to protect the football and with teddy as our qb, i know we have a chance to win, but sam the pandas are about to face a total team defense in the bears today. In fact, when i talked to panthers left tackle russell o’coon, he rattled off six different defensive players, jersey numbers guys that he says they have to account for and russell told me. This is a unit, a total defensive unit that makes you fight for every blade of grass yeah. I believe that kimberly look when you look at these two quarterbacks in this game, it’s. What kimberly was just talking about with teddy. I don’t know that you’ll find two more even keeled can handle anything going crazy around them, guys in the league than teddy and nick foles. So let’s pick this game. Actually i want to look at our standings first. Do i want to look at our standings? I would like to look at our standings, yes, i’d love to take a look i’m going, the wrong way there.

It looks like i’m right there with you sam. Thank you. Sam stay positive. I think it’s better, be positive, be positive, starting with the bears and the panthers who are going with randy. You know i’m gon na go with the carolina. Panthers reason why teddy two gloves everybody’s talking about the quarterback position but being in the qc that’s, where i live, mecklenburg county haven’t seen a wide receiver like robbie anderson in some time there in the top five in the national football league in catches and yards. I like what they’re doing offensively go over to carolina panthers randy, two guys you mentioned there robbie anderson man. I wish the jets had a player like that, and then he got teddy two gloves. As you see, eddie bridgewater has been ballin, but you know what i agree with kimberly: martin, that bear’s defense might be the most talented defense in the league so and who’s the quarterback said: oh that’s, right nick foles pretend you’re coming off the bench buddy. I got the bear now all right i’m, a believer. What did matt rule tell kimberly martin when describing teddy bridgewater complete calm, and i am completely calmly picking the carolina panthers because i believe teddy ridgewater, who leads the league in completion percentage, is playing good football. Yeah. Listen, this is a tough game to pick i i’m i’m buying what matt rule is selling. I i’m really impressed this mindset we’re going to go 1 0 each week.

This bears defense is good, but i think carolina squeaks. One out, i think uh. You know you mentioned it all: teddy teddy uh, teddy b they’re doing it without christian mccaffrey. This is a team that really believes in itself and have is playing with a lot of confidence to carolina. I think the confidence is growing on both of these teams. The reason i’m picking the bears in this game is because nick foles and this bear’s offense has proven that they can come back. So even if they start a little slow, don’t count them out that’s, not something we’re used to seeing from the bears in recent years. So i’m, going with chicago let’s, get to the rams and the 49ers this one in santa clara. What do you think randy with all the struggles offensively at the quarterback position for the 49ers, going up against a one single handed game record and aaron donald got to go with the la rams yeah, nobody can block aaron donald, then, and, and it doesn’t matter, uh. How many guys you put on him? He is a game wrecker and by the way jalen ramsey. Oh, yes, he’s a monster, yeah brew, i’m gon na take the ram let’s say that aaron donald gets blocked the rare times that he does get blocked. You still got jalen ramsey back there, locking down receivers back there being physical, making tackles that’s. Why he’s one of the best corners in the game? Little video right here to show you how good he’s been? If you don’t know you better ask somebody or just watch, because what i respect is the effort of taking on blocks just like that and tackling people all the coverage.

We know you got that jaylen ramsey, but look at this. This is a physical corner that will crumple you. If you come to try to challenge him running the football jaylen ramsey, an all around corner that also tackles this is a guy. This is the reason why i’m taking the rams in this game also aaron donald jalen ramsey, two of the best of their position on the same defense. I think the rams are the best four in one team that we don’t talk about. Phil’S nation i’ll hate that i say this, but this team very easily could be undefeated very easily. The rams, i think, win this one handily a little rivalry game with head coach versus head coach, but the rams are a really good football team. I mean we do talk about we’re, talking about right now, we’re all picking them, apparently, because i am also on the ramps. I do think it’s going to be close. The chess match between these two coaches it’s going to be fun to watch but i’m sticking with la let’s, get to the texans and the titans. Do you think desean watson can pull off an upset randy you’re already shaking your head? No man the way i seen that big running back, throw that young man out the club last week, hey man, you talking about momentum and having some confidence. I think the tennessee titans is riding very high i’m going with the titans. I totally agree with you randy.

I mean the titans they might be. This sounds crazy. Are they in the conversations of one of the the best team in the national football league after what they did the buffalo last week, i’m taking them all this show, is mental toughness mike frable preaches it, and i think one of the best examples of mental toughness For the titans steven gustowski how he started the year missing all those kicks and then coming back and having some it’s going to continue. No doubt and they add aj brown we talked about. You know the stiff arm that uh henry had last week, but aj brown we’ve, seen him be with some stiff arms ryan tan hill is playing the best football of his career. Take the titans as well. Corey davis comes back this week, also yeah yeah that’s a big deal i’m. Also on the titans. I think texas are in transition right now, i believe in deshaun watson, but there are just way too many questions around him right now for more on what you need to know before kickoff today, let’s go out to our insiders, martin adam. What do you got? Well, sam actives and actives are in and later today, at 4 25, when the buccaneers play the green bay. Packers leonard fournette is expected to be active but limited in his role. He’S still not fully over that ankle injury, which means there’ll, be more work today for guys like ronald jones and lesean.

Mccoy and keyshawn vaughn fournette will be active, but he won’t be all that active against the packers in a game in which the buccaneers also are expected to get back mike evans and chris godwin morton yeah and queensland browns quarterback baker mayfield. You know he was listed as a limited participant with the chest: rib injuries but he’s good to go and he uh and – and this is good – to go against a steelers defensive front that will hit you. So the browns will have to figure out a way not to overexpose baker, mayfield and those those hits Music and there’s there’s the list of actors and then actors a couple of that jump out to me. You know melvin, gordon, the third, the broncos running back. Everybody. Probably heard about him getting a dui earlier in the week and getting in the doghouse, so that means philip lindsay. Uh gets the action there in the backfield and then uh. You know, there’s there’s, a darius leonard of the colts is inactive for the second straight week. He’S big to what they do, but they want to let his groin injury heal up sam yeah, more a lot of names on that list, guys with the cleveland browns, who are on the road in pittsburgh today to take on the steelers and t.j watt, still tank Top weather there in pittsburgh, apparently as he gets ready to take on baker mayfield and get after the injured, quarterback trying to get to 5 0.