This is cool matt rules. Team is suddenly three and two. They were one of these squads that everyone kind of overlooked and said there’s, a there’s, a mulligan on this season. New coach new offensive coordinator new quarterback with teddy, i don’t think we expect anything. Mccaffrey goes down, they’re owen two and now they’ve ride it off three straight wins so carolina’s, one of those really good under the radar stories in the nfl right now. I don’t think a lot of people have seen them on the national stage. They play really strong. Smart, tough football i’m excited to see if they can get the win over. The bears yeah no doubt about the strikes i’m, really curious to find out how good this bears team is. I mean they’re. 4 1. The wrecker speaks for itself, but they’ve won very close games down to the wire in those victories. So, for me, is this a good team and they’re going to maintain this through the rest of the season, or is this one of those fake teams, and this is going to collapse sooner than later, i can’t wait to find out. You know before the season started. I would have said man i’m excited to see tarik cohen and christian mccaffrey, but no this game is about receivers. All right. Did you guys see dj moore, take that little pivot route to the house, all right and then don’t alan robinson right now is playing out of his mind.

They need to sign him to a big deal, so this game is about the receivers. I love that i think it’s about the running back mike davis, they’re 3. 0. I think largely because of what he’s doing averaging 117 yards a game over that span shrinks. Tell me if i’m wrong, i do believe mike davis was with my chicago bears. Last year cut mid season it’s a bit of a revenge game for mike davis in this one i’m. Looking for him to have a big one on sunday, okay, bengals and indy, taking on the colts nate john peter go joe burrow is a franchise quarterback he’s good, but joe burrow is also a rookie and he’s going through the bumps and bruises and he’s getting beat Up week in and week out, 22 sacks allowed, i believe, which leads the nfl now he’s facing the coast. Defense, hey bengals, online, protect your quarterback. You have to protect the goods, all right, you’re talking about offensive line, so listen anytime. The colts are on i’m, watching my man, big q, nelson quentin, nelson just hog tying people throwing them on the ground. I think when you look at what ryan kelly’s doing at center as well uh, this colts offensive line is, is mashing people they’re, so physical? So this is uh it’s going to be an interesting one for the bengals. I know they’ve struggled defensively, but the question really is just phillip rivers: can you just not throw the ball to the other team and not take silly safeties? I could go into my notes and what i had prepared, but uh we started this show with multiple covid tests, turning out positive for the indianapolis colts, so let’s wait and see and to me the next few hours are probably the most thanks for the buzzer during The covid update producers uh, i think, for the next few hours.

We’Ve got to see what’s going on in that facility and then see if there’s actually going to be a game plan. I think everyone is trying to be responsible with this thing, but the colts right now. This is what happens to a lot of these teams right now. You get this news on a friday morning. Are we playing sunday? Are we not playing sunday? This is the type of stuff that we’re dealing with in 2020 and i’m fascinated to see how every different franchise handles it it’s a lot for the players and coaches to handle. It we’ll, of course, have tom pelicero on all morning, long keeping us up to date on what’s going on philip rivers, guys four touchdowns five interceptions on the year. I know nate burlson’s gon na want to talk about the backup here if it happens again and that game is played in week, six okay, moving on guys, lions jaguars with some juice, guys, jacksonville sean peter nate, go sean let’s, go all right. Give me some uh give me some more james robinson. I like that. You know i want to see a little more. I want to see a little more deandre. Swift. Look, i know all day is: is ready to rock and roll adrian peterson, but i i love me some swift and – and i want to see him, get more touches. I know they’ve been using him a lot as a receiver, but i want to see him in between the tackles a little bit.

More sean’s home office is eye candy i’m, finding something new like an easter egg. Every time every day, i’m hustling is one thing, and then i see a nate silver book in the background he’s such a stat guy uh this one to me, it’s two teams that are one win each like i’m, not clicking on this game. Right now give me a reason to watch either one of these teams from here on out, and i look at matt patricia and the lions i had them going to the playoffs this year. A lot of people had them winning the nfc north let’s go. You had your bye week, let’s see what you got. Is there any sort of next gear for this team? Otherwise, what are we doing? The reason to watch is the drama, the lions. They have their three losses. They were up 10 plus points. These games are always exciting: hey lions, when you get a lead, keep the lead. Let’S see if you guys can do that in this game. The jaguar’s last win over the lions was back in 2008, guys, our very own mjd shout out to him. He hit the hat trick in that one scoring three touchdowns in that game: okay, broncos, new england, patriots, cam, cam, question mark: what will you guys keep your eyes on in this game? Schreigs go okay, this game. It feels like we’ve been preparing for this game for two weeks, because guess what we have we have been, we thought it was going to be on a sunday.

Then it was going to be on monday now, it’s on the following sunday and i’m very curious to see what version of belichick’s team we get i’m very curious because obviously they have been through a lot. The last couple days and a lot over the last two weeks, if cam newton’s under center, what version of cam newton are we getting and how is everyone gon na be doing up here psychologically, patriots fascinating, not only for this week for the rest of the season. Moving forward yeah, what version of cam what version of the patriots are they going to pick up where they left off when cam was on the field, recapturing that magic i’m? Speaking of recapturing that magic on the flip side, other side of the ball, philip lindsay he’s back in the lineup, he missed a few games and we know how excited we get when phillip lindsay is told in the rock. So imagine philip lindsay melvin gordon in that broncos backfield. Maybe it helps that offense yeah, no doubt cam. Coming back, i mean look the passing game. Who knows what the timing is going to look like on that, but cam might have 25 carries in this game. They might just say: look we’re just going to play smash mouth football. I think cam the ripple effect of having him in there. It helps everything else out on the run game, so you know it’s all about the patriots in this one quickly.

Before we move on trey, i mean when i think, cam against the broncos triggs. I think very little success right, he’s owned three against them, including that super bowl 50 loss. Do you think new uniform knew him revitalize belichick? He sheds that or do you think he approaches this game a little bit different? I i have to think there’s. Some sort of demon going up there, but guess what it’s not malik, jackson, it’s, not von miller and it’s, certainly not a keep to leave at the corner spot. So i, i think, it’s a different broncos team, but you’re right, kay, there’s, some history with cam newton. In the broncos yeah, there might be a little something there to keep your eye on at gmf now battle the birds, the eagles hosting the ravens let’s go nate shawn peter burlson. If you’re not paying attention to mark andrews you’re, not paying attention to one of the best tight ends in the game, they only had one game where lamar jackson and mark andrews weren’t on the same page, and that was that chief’s loss. But if you look at the way that lamar jackson utilizes his tight ends – and that starts with mark andrews, he is the reason why this offense is successful. There’S times where they don’t have big games passing but mark andrews will ball out there’s times where they don’t rush. The ball well, but mark angels will ball out pay attention to that combination, because that duo is hard to stop yeah.

I mean two of the best tight ends in the game too. I mean zach hurts for the eagles, i mean he’s, just it feels like the philadelphia eagles offense has been, you know they had their wings clipped. You know with no desean jackson, noah sean jeffrey they’re, scraping things together with greg ward um. You know carson wentz has got to do a better job, getting the ball out, but uh for for this eagles team. Look they’re good they’re going to get hit in the mouth with this baltimore ravens offense, and if carson wentz can’t keep relying on fourth quarter. Comebacks to try to get w’s. Let me let the buzzer go off first Music. I think it’s well played it’s one of those deals where the ravens offense hasn’t been the ravens offense. They really haven’t it. Hasn’T looked like it has, and i know they’ve got the victories, but mark andrews this and lamar that, like raven’s offense last year, was the best offense in the league it’s, not right now and as much as we’re praising baltimore. I kind of want to see them turn it up a notch and see what they can do against a philly defense that just absolutely bled against the pittsburgh steelers last week, they’re raving four and one to start the year for the first time since 2012. That also happens to be the year that they won the super bowl the match up within the matchup i’m.

Of course, most looking forward to is peter schrager versus the buzzer. Now we won’t be here tomorrow. No, but we’ve got another weekend crew to get you guys set for all the action on sunday every saturday morning. Our crew is serving up the latest. Okay.