Who’S got what you need: trade assistant with ibm watson, analyzes player, stats, expert opinion and all the rosters in your league serving up potential trades that benefit both sides of the deal. Trade confidently with ai from ibm that’s a win win trade assistant with ibm watson, official sponsors of the win win win. I know i’m, an emotional man thought of me that dude has to be a certain amount of love. I don’t know how you can play this game and not get butterflies. Touchdown tampa bay delivers the daggers be proud of this game. You can do a great deal for football today go out there like. I know you can play Music there’s, no shortage of intriguing matchups between the past block win rate, while the buccaneers ranks first in past rush win rate. Aaron rodgers can become the first player to throw multiple touchdowns with no interceptions in each of his team’s. First, five games of a season in nfl history and tom brady has five career, wins against teams that are 4 0 or better tied with drew brees for the most by it here, as our crew has mina and ryan taking the packers mark is the only one On the bucks there so we’ll get to that in a moment time for some smart lineup decisions, informed by ibm watson and want to point out too field gates reported this earlier in the show, but mike evans and chris godwin, both healthy for the bucks that’s.

The first time this season that tons of offensive weapons and firepower for these two goat quarterbacks on either side marcus you’re on the bus. Why? Well, i didn’t plan on getting this news before we talked about this game, but this is wonderful news for my pick. This is tom brady, okay, number one, the bugs have been shooting themselves in the foot of these personal, foul penalties. I felt like both games, even the game against the saints and against chica chicago. They had an opportunity to win chicago defense play lights out. The saints made some offensive plays and did their thing, but when i look at this tablet of the most complete team in the nfc and us waiting for tom brady and this offense to get good is almost waiting for the ice cream. Man, where you know he’s coming every day at some point, there will be an explosion of success offensively and it could be this week based on the new information i got about mike evans and it’s, already super bowl and championship caliber Music. I don’t know about that. Marcus, i i want to be with you i don’t know i mean now the one thing about the ice cream man, the one thing about the ice cream man. You can kind of hear them coming around the street right. You hear the little song all the kids run into the house. They ask mom and dad for 75 percent or a dollar and they try to get their favorite ice cream.

It ain’t that type of party in green bay right because the guy on the other side is the real ice cream man and i’m talking talking about, like master p, um ice cream man right the whole total different kind, when aaron rodgers is playing the type of Ball that he is playing right now need the tampa bay buccaneers to be great great up front they’re, going to have to establish a running game they’re going to have to make sure they protect tom brady. The two games that they’ve lost tom brady’s been pressured 10 times by both the saints and the bears, and we watched him make mistakes. Now you have the smiths on the outside and the only way to stop them is to win up front for the bucks. But to me this game is on aaron jones. What he can do against levon fight and if he can play well and now you get the pass game going from there. I i look for the green bay packers to win and the ice cream man might come next week, but he gon na have to come to a 500 team in tampa, and you know when it’s hot, that ice cream milk fast, i don’t, even know who the Ice cream man is at this point or who whatever but i’ll, tell you about mike evans and chris godwin it’s scary. But if i’m tampa – and i want to win this game – and i know i picked green bay – i actually don’t think it’s about those wide receivers.

Uh, because jaya, alexander who ryan i know you’re a fan of he’s, done a terrific job, shutting down big time. Fine, the problem in green bay is they cannot stop the run that’s where they’re softer than i scream all right. Anyone can run over them. I would not be surprised if ronald jones, who, by the way, leaves the nfl in yards after contact. He is breaking tackles like crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a big game. I wouldn’t be surprised if cameron breit has a big game that’s another area where the those names rather than some of the sexier ones that thrive if tampa bay, pulls us off. Hey let’s. Take this right to the ice cream truck. This game features football power index’s. Second, best offense, which is the packers against their number one rated defense, which is the buccaneers but really interesting, 500 team. I wonder if people start to panic a little bit, we’ll find out hey here’s what the bucks division looks like in the nfc south, the saints bucks and panthers all with three and two records the falcons of course they’re. They have not won a game. So an important one for those three and two panthers taking on the four and one bears let’s dive into this one ryan. What are you watching in panthers bears i’m watching for teddy bridgewater to keep ascending for teddy bridgewater to keep showing the entire nfl that he deserves to be a starter in this league.

I talked to joe brady last week and he was just so excited at the progression of teddy bridgewater how he’s, using all of his wide receivers, uh anderson you all in the backfield mike davis, i love what teddy bridgewater is doing and teddy two gloves is showing Us that he deserves to be a nfl starter all along, i am so excited and exhibit at this point three thousand of a guy who’s thriving after leaving adam gase in new york uh, because they’re using him as a true water series, not just running, go routes Anymore, slants curls come backs out. He does it all star for carolina. I feel, like a lot of the conversation, got lost about how good the monsters of the midway are on on defense because of mitch trubisky and all of his elves. This defense is for real, a little max showed up against the bucks and they are playing well. Trevathan is coming along. He wasn’t having that much success, early roque smith. They had a get right game against the tampa bay buccaneers and i expect them to carry it forward. Yeah, listen if you’re, a quarterback that likes your qbr don’t go play the bears because they’re qbr in the league this season only the colts rank ahead of them. With that really good defense let’s see how much more ice we’re talking about jimmy g return.