t, hey everybody, jeff joni, at the top there with you from pnc studios here at hadley, saw in our game preview. This week a week, six matchup for the bears down in carolina to take on a panthers team tom that is turning some heads under their first year, head coach, matt rule and specifically their offensive coordinator, joe brady they’ve got a three game: winning streak and they’re doing A lot of good things we’ll break that down, but first a look back at the bears through five weeks, a four and one record tom and the last couple of games playing down and dirty with ball up your fists kind of play in the trenches that’s. The only way they were going to win that game and the same story goes against the previous opponent as well. You got to do that. Sometimes in the national football you can get a little dirty and they manage to survive right incremental improvement. I think that’s a phrase that we are introduced to in the last couple years, but i think that’s the same way the bears are going. Is you saw them week, one against the detroit lions and i think if you go back and you look at every single tape, offense defense and special teams, you see improvement in different areas, whether it’s getting guys involved they’re just improved play by certain individuals. So it is a positive where they’re at right now, mentally and physically. Where do you see the greatest improvement from week, one in a certain area? What would it be and which side of the ball um? You know the continuous development and use of a guy? Like dave montgomery, it seems like i sit here every week, but you know when you talk about linebackers.

Are they all? Are they three down linebackers that that’s been answered by roquan smith? Yes, he is, is david, montgomery and all three down back? Yes, he is that’s across the board, so i think that really plays an important role for the offensive coordinator and the play caller matt maggie when you’re not making huge changes depending upon what play you want to run, and i think that creates more deceptive, more deception. To the opponent’s defensive coordinator, so i i like the role i like the continuous role of jaylon yeah jalen johnson. That answered a question right because you know rookie’s in those positions, they’re going to be attacked and he has but he’s risen to the challenge. And and i keep calling it mile post, he keeps on hitting mile posts against great receivers, different types of size, receivers, speed receivers which he’ll see some this weekend and he is we’ve said it since the day he got here, it’s never been too big for him. So that that answered a big question in a second you know and the bears have faced some quality quarterbacks it’s not like the quarterback, has a microscope on him as a player, and they continuously attack that position. I think the supporting role that everybody is put a great plan in place, whether it’s buster screen on the inside or one of the safeties, just having a peripheral vision, it’s, not that he needs it, but hey when you’re a rookie in this league.

You always have a little bit of a growth period, all right. Where are areas where you still need to see some improvement, and you know what your expectations to meet that improvement are 95 yards. Rushing a game is not good enough. I you and if you want to get the best out of nick foles, if you want to get the best out of this offense, if you want this offense to become as explosive, it has. The capabilities of being it’s got to be because there’s concern at the line of scrimmage with the running game and if they don’t improve that area as defenses improve and the weather deteriorates. You need that running game and you need that improvement in the running game. Just to provide that time of possession that spark for your defense and the help to your quarterback. Well, we know it’s all about details this week, that’s the plan, ms matt nagy, voiced his displeasure about attention to details and that would assumingly be across the board, but those are things that can be repaired. These are things we talk about all the time when, when teams blow a gasket in certain areas, you start asking a couple questions one is it? Is it a problem that you can’t fix because you don’t have the personnel or you’re not teaching the right technique in fundamentals or b? Is it fixable and yes, it’s fixed? Well, you know what it’s almost like a professional car in a race every single time a car runs a race.

Where does it go? It goes right back to the garage and it gets worked on that’s the same thing here: it’s the same process of team development. Every time you go back and now you watch the tape of the buccaneers game. You go right in and try to create some solutions. Some help, some areas of improvement and that’s. You know it’s it’s, just the fact of the game as it pertains to the carolina. Panthers it’s, a team that has given up rushing yards so we’re, going to start on the defensive side of the ball phil snow, their defensive coordinator, the first year head coach, matt rule coming from the college game, but with plenty of pro experience as well. They have given up a lot of yards rush in arizona gouging for 168. they’ve, given up three games of better than 100 yards in the ground. Do you see opportunities in the run game against a defense that is college like they play defense like everybody’s, a spread? Offense, so to speak from the college level, and they do a lot of different things, starting with basically a nickel or big nickel as their base defense right. They play a lot of different fronts, but they’re only going to rush a certain amount of guys, so it’s make sure you identify your responsibilities at the line of scrimmage first, but i think it’s not so much. What the carolina panthers aren’t doing on defense is what the bears need to do on offense, so i don’t think that you can go there and dissect what carolina has done and say: okay, this place is going to work magnificently.

This is an area that we’re going to attack repeatedly it’s about playing playing solid brand of football from the start of the game to the finish of the game. Last year, the panthers defense gave up a league worst 31, rushing touchdowns they’re at eight already this season, that’s 27th in the nfl, but the last three weeks you held the chargers to 16 points. You held the cardinals to 21 points. You held matt ryan’s falcons to 16 points, so what are they doing to make it difficult to score? You know: they’re, just playing a good, solid brand of defense. They’Re going to put pressure on their quarterback up front they’re going to linebackers are they’re going to maneuver around so they’re not exposed to have continuous coverage against unrealistic match ups and they’re playing well in the defensive backfield. You know it’s just a matter of being like it’s, a full support team, because you look at the stats they’re not overwhelming in any one area, but this is a good football team, and so i think that’s. The key ingredient here is: can teddy bridgewater keep their offense on the field? Can they keep the defense fresh when they’re going on the field for their opportunities, similar to what the bears can do if they keep their defense fresh, carolina’s defense on third down 30th? In the league right now so that’s an area, the bears want to take advantage of as well they’re giving up 5.

4 yards a carry all right. Let’S talk about the offense now and it’s. Teddy bridgewater came into soldier field with the new orleans saints last year and now is playing some of that system, because that’s where joe brady was at one point before lsu when he came to the nfl as a 30 year old coordinator, the youngest in the national Football league so what’s he doing with teddy bridgewater he’s at 73 completion percentage right now. You know it’s consistency and what i mean by consistency is the fact that i think last game. He only we targeted six receivers, only five of them caught passes. So you look at some of these games that you look at the stats after the game say wow this guy connected with 10 receivers. This guy’s got eight across the board, so he’s not asked to do a lot to a lot of players. He’S consistently going to the same player and he’s missed his biggest weapon and christian mccaffrey, with an injury, so he’s been able to get other guys to absorb that role, but again they’re, not asking him to do countless amount of things or having him do a few Things really well poised and accurate and that’s really been his mo over the course of his career and he’s got some speed on the edges. Uh robbie anderson certainly is one of those guys that’s your yard after the catch guy, it’s almost split 15 50 and if i throw it on the table that’s.

Basically, what they’re doing in the run pass it’s it’s a very balanced team. They balance up very well, but robbie anderson, dj moore on the outside and then at running back with no christian mccaffrey it’s, our old friend mike davis, who was here for a short time last year. Right now he is doing a heck of a job had 167 yards from scrimmage last week, career high for mike davis. What are you seeing from the former bear? You want him to increase his role as a pass. Catcher he’ll! Do it, if you want him to have 30, carries in the course of the game he’s willing to do that too, but again is just his tenaciousness, his desire to be a really good football player, because you think again, christian mccaffrey’s gone now who’s going to step Into that role, especially as expo explosive, as christian mccaffrey has been, they have a guy that maybe not equal the type of numbers mccaffrey, but his output, he’s, durable, he’s, big he’s everything he’s been targeted 33 times in the past games caught 30 30 passes good in The screen game – and you know roquan smith, bemoaned the idea that he got on that run blitz. Last week the spin move by the running back and he got away. He he’s going to find that, because mike davis does that too, in fact, chuck pagano on the bears. Coaches show on monday night on wbbm said: hey this guy’s a spinner so got.

Those are tough tackles though, but the thing about it is is your: if you’re put in position to succeed, you got to succeed the plays that you make all around the field when we see roquan going from a point of attack to the right, the slide, all The way over to the left and make that play it’s, you know those are the types of plays that open our eyes and go wow roquan, but listen man. If you’re. If you win a a line, stun, if you win something that man you’re set up to make the play whether you’re a catch on offense or a tackle on defense, you got to get the job done. All right. Well, hope. You’Ll join us on the radio 9 a.m. Pregame noon, kickoff on wbbm we’ll talk to you on the radio for bears panthers sunday in carolina for top terror; i’m jeff joniak.