I’Ve been watching football hardcore since probably age 10 um, but obviously before that i used to watch too. But you know throughout my entire life, guys it’s been the same, damn story every single year. We have a super bowl level defense and our offense is one of the worst in the nfl. We have terrible offensive lines. We have play callers that really do not know what they’re doing. We have quarterbacks that they’re nowhere close to being the best in the nfl, but this loss i’m not going to put all on the quarterback, because, if you put mitch in there, if you put rogers in there, if you put my homes in there, if you put Brady in there dan marino, peyton manning i don’t care which quarterback you put in there. How do you possibly expect them to have any success with this putrid play calling but, more importantly, also one of the worst offensive lines i have ever seen. Okay and today it was a lot worse too, because cody whiter went down and although cody whiter is nowhere close to our best offensive lineman this year, he’s actually been having a big regression. He’S given up the second most pressures out of any centers in the nfl. When he went down our offensive line got even worse, because we have virtually no talent, no depth behind the front five which the front five already are bad themselves. So what do you expect a quarterback to do with that? Okay, i know nick foles had a terrible, terrible game in this one.

He threw a couple picks. He really did not convert in the red zone. He missed a couple. Big time throws but i’m sorry guys, like i made these same excuses for trubisky and i’m gon na make them for foals too, because the truth is is that this is not an excuse. Okay, it explains exactly why no quarterback right now is able to have success in the chicago bears: offense it’s, a combination of a terrible offensive line that gives virtually no protection at all to their quarterbacks and also a play caller. That does not know what he is doing. Okay. I know i’ve defended matt maggie to some extent on this channel. I’Ve said that he’s still a winning coach, okay he’s been winning all these games but and he’s a great leader of men as well. He’S built a great culture too, but when you look at him as a pure play caller in the nfl i’m, not sure he’s it guys, because at this point he’s never really had a truly great offense, and i know that there’s so many things that planted okay. He doesn’t have elite level quarterback play. He doesn’t have anywhere close to a good offensive line. Maybe it doesn’t have all the weapons he wants, but some of these plays that he calls i mean even nick foles knows himself. They are not going to work. That was said on the broadcast today on the broadcast i forgot, who said it won the broadcasters, but he said that nick foles told him during the game or before the game that a lot of these plays that madagi calls nick foles already knows they have no Chance of working because he’s not going to get the adequate protection and the adequate time to get the ball off, and we saw that so many times today.

Okay, going down the left sideline, i think it was. Was it darnold mooney? I think it was darnold mooney. He was white yeah. He was wide open, probably going for, like a 90 yard touchdown, but he did not get the adequate protection from the offensive line. He didn’t have enough time to set his feet and actually make a proper throw. The interceptions, though, were not great. Okay, especially the one in the red zone that was really not a great throw at all by nick foles, and if i look at his stats man, he had 261 yards. He went 28 uh for 40 on his passing attempts. He had zero touchdowns. Obviously, two interceptions and a quarterback rating of 66.8, so you know horrific numbers, but he also did get sacked four times and i don’t know how many times he actually got pressured or hit. I don’t have the stats in front of me but i’m, assuming it was pretty much the entire game, so i mean it’s going to be a high number, because the offensive line was about as bad as you can possibly get in the nfl overall guys. This game was just straight defensive dominance on the part of the los angeles rams. They really did not allow. You know the chicago bears offense to get anything going down the field. We were only three for 15 on our third down attempts, one for four on. Fourth down, so, even even when we were trying to make that comeback, we couldn’t make it because this rams defense was just so dominant from start to finish, even in the fourth quarter, when the bears have made their comebacks, i mean the rams defense wanted.

No part of that, okay, the defensive line was about as good as you can possibly get. There were really no running lanes for david montgomery to run through. They got to the ball carrier super fast, um, pretty much all the plays down the field were not able to happen because the cornerbacks were sticking to our receivers, not really allowing much separation and the few times that we did get separation. The pass rush of the los angeles ramps got in nick foles, face immediately and prevented him from making a good throw. I mean leonard floyd had a big revenge game because he had a couple sacks and he looked like a dominant pass rusher, but obviously he was going up against the beers offensive line, so that’s not much to be proud of, but i’m. Just saying guys. This rams defense man, they had a day, and you know, respect to all your rams fans. Okay, i know i’ll have a couple rams fans watching this video um respect to you guys you guys are a great team. You guys are probably going to do great things. This year maybe go deep in the playoffs, because you do have a great defense and an offense that can definitely run the football well, which, speaking about the rams offense man, they could run the football with ease in this one i mean the bears run. Defense is still just such a tremendous weakness on our team, because, even though i still think our defense as a whole is pretty dominant, the one weakness we do have is run defense because we don’t have eddie goldman in the middle, the rams had 161 rushing yards, Which is absolutely unacceptable.

It is why they were able to dominate time and possession and really keep their defense off the field and keep their defense fresh and keep their pass rushers fresh. Also, i mean it was all because of how great the rams were at running. The football and overall i mean it was a pathetic effort for the most part by our defense too. I get that our offense was really not helping them out at all. Our offense really was keeping the defense on the field for the majority of the game, but i’m, just saying guys if you want to be taken as seriously as you were in 2018. First of all, you have to have better run defense and, second of all, you have to convert on all these opportunities. You had to create big time, turnovers okay to sean gibson. He could have had a pick six. He just swatted the ball away, man. What are you doing? Okay, you have to get that pick and return it for a touchdown, because that’s the only way we could have possibly won this game. Eddie jackson had another touchdown which salute teddy jackson. Man, i mean this dude. I thought he was out for the season at one point with the torn acl because he went down with the non contact. Injury and usually those are not that good. But he returned to the game. Had a touchdown too, which somehow was not called back for like the first time ever, okay, the refs always want to call back eddie jackson’s touchdowns.

They did not do it today and we could have. Maybe you know made a comeback run after that touchdown, but her offense wanted no part of that comeback run so just a putrid day by our offense, not a great day by our defense either, and i do have to talk about special teams too, because man, this Dude ted ginn jr is straight garbage: okay, he’s, a terrible, punt returner. I mean every single time he let the ball bounce backwards for, like five, ten or more yards to put us at like our own two or three yard line. I mean that happened so many times. I get that johnny hecker or whatever the hell’s name is. I mean he’s, one of the best punters in the nfl. So yeah. You know you had a great punter punting to you, but you have to catch the ball at some point and not let the ball roll back, so many yards i mean ted game – was honestly scared of catching the football which which tells you a lot about his Abilities as a punt returner at this point in time, he’s, not a great one. Okay, we’re gon na have to try out somebody else, because he is clearly not working but yeah, guys it pretty much wraps up. My video it’s gon na be a short one, because i highly doubt a lot of people want to watch this, and you know you guys are just as mad as angry and as sad as i am right now, because god damn man i mean i i was So hyped for this game, i was waiting all week for this game made that hype video.

You know i was all pumped up. You know getting ready to watch a dominant bear’s victory to shut a lot of people up, and the bears just completely embarrassed us as a fan base, which is just totally unacceptable. Okay, we had our chance to really steal the show on monday night football in front of everybody, and we completely failed to do that. So you guys deserve to be angry. You guys deserve to be mad, but you also have to realize that it’s only one loss, okay, so keep things in perspective. Don’T, give up on the season like a casual bandwagon fan, would okay, because we’re still five and two at this point, things still can get better. Okay, if we beat the saints next week, things are going to get a lot better. Now, obviously, the play calling situation has to change at some point, so maybe you hand over play, calling duties to somebody else, but i just at this point, i’ve completely lost all faith in matt. Maggie is a play caller. So maybe we have to change play callers. Maybe we have to switch up things on the offensive line, make a big trade. You got to do something, though, because if we do not change anything we’re going to get the same results every single week, but like i mentioned man, it is still early. We are still five and two we’re still a winning football team, so don’t give up all hope yet because all hope is not lost.

This loss really sucked i’m really sad right now, really angry as well.