How about the well it’s already on the screen chicago bears and going up against the los angeles rams with nick foles, who is not the most fleetist of foot quarterback here um. So i would say that there’s a couple of different ways that you can attack this and make sure that aaron donald uh doesn’t get to you uh as as your quarterback nick foles, and one of them is potentially moving the launch point and kind of getting them In a different spot, don’t just have them sitting back there right in the middle of the pocket, where they know he’s going to be make him work to find him a little bit there. You go, the bill’s tried it right. There didn’t quite work, but maybe you can get your quarterback off the spot a little bit uh and that helps your protection, because maybe if your offensive line knows where your quarterback is going to be, they can protect a certain way against the defensive player. Who doesn’t know where he’s going to be, but still it’s going to be a problem and aaron donald’s going to create some pressure? I truly believe that so keep an eye on this and see if the the bears can do the old keep them contained, not stop them yeah jeezy and to keep them contained. Man. Aaron donald moves all around that defensive line, so it’s no telling where he is one. Second, he could be over your center, the next second, he could be over your right tackle, left tackle.

He moves to wherever he thinks he has an opportunity to exploit that offensive line. So the bears better know where aaron donald is at all times. It would help if they could run the ball a little bit. That’S, obviously not going to be easy. This week against this team, especially considering the fact that the past three weeks, they’ve averaged 42, rushing yards per game, so this is not their strong suit. No other team in the league has fewer than 64 rushing yards per game and nick foles knows better than anybody. How quickly his former teammate can get to the quarterback so we’ll see what happens. That is the protection spotlight presented by allstate, and now you know what time it is time for the real mike rob report. We got to come out fighting everything. We got it don’t matter who, over there, it don’t matter, because you know what he’s fast physical and we’re going to hit him in the mouth. Every day, wilson’s gon na dump it off in the flat for michael robinson, wide open, touchdown let’s go. They don’t get nothing else. They don’t get nothing else i’m. Here all day. Oh we, the real mike robb reporters back guys. Okay look all week, i answer your questions on my twitter and then i come on television on good morning football weekend edition and answer your questions on live tv. Get at me guys make sure to use the hashtag real mike rob report.

First question let’s go all right, who is the most exciting player you’ve been on a team with hashtag real mike robertport yeah i’ve been on the team with a lot of exciting players, the patrick willis, all of those guys, obviously the marshawn lynches but i’m going to Go with a guy that, as soon as i seen him run i’m like oh, my goodness, he is exciting. That is percy harvin every single time there was a kickoff and the ball went up in the air and you knew percy. Harvin was back there and offense defense. We all stood up. It was like uh, oh, this could be six and you saw in the super bowl when he took the second half uh uh kickoff for a touchdown dude is electric next question: what do we got all right, what’s going on which new york qb? Would you rather trade for sam donald or daniel jones hashtag real mike robert h, 1? I want none of them. I want either one of those new york quarterbacks, but to answer your question, if i had to pick one it’d have to be sam donald, i mean uh both of these guys. Both these guys have negative plays you. Look at uh daniel jones he’s been sacked 20 times and intercepted seven times sam dawn he hasn’t had so many negative plays so i’ll go with sam donald next question. Cody. What do we got? What do we got come on come on cody? Okay, here we go.

Does blocking change for a left handed quarterback, given the blind side swap sides hashtag real mike rob. You forgot hashtag real mike robert, but it’s all good i’m, assuming you’re referring the tour down there in miami. Not much changes most play callers are right hand dominant just make sure uh that they may. They may want to put a running back to that right so that to that right side is i’m, not that concerned with the blind side being being the right side now, because the best tackle is on the left and that’s the front of the quarterback’s drop. So he gets to see everything coming to him. Next question come on cody. What do we got if you could, what current nfl team would you play for and why hashtag real mike rob report? There are a lot but there’s a few that i really really like. Obviously, kansas city, because you have patrick mahomes and you’re, probably going to go to the super bowl every single year to this god plan uh baltimore i like what they, what they’re doing in that locker room. I love lamar jackson and probably the pittsburgh still as mike tomlin always has this team ready to go next question cody? What do we got? What do we got? Okay, if you could have played with one legend in their prime who do you who do you pick out of barry, sanders bo jackson, marcus allen, emmitt smith or walter payton? There are a lot of hall of famers and greats on that list, but i would have to go with barry sanders.

He was my favorite running back growing up and being a former full back. I know that when a linebacker was was going to meet his full backs, that they didn’t go with a lot of power going down on those full backs, because barry sanders could pick any hole and they had to be ready to shed. So it made my job easier if i had blocked for barry sanders that’s it. How did i do guys is that it that’s it great okay, great uh, percy, harvin you’re right. You never knew what you were gon na get edge of your seat. Even in a team meeting suplex, oh chill out jesus, i saw that fight plus effort by you. The questions are great. Today: keep them coming real mike rob report we’ll. Do it next week as well and come about it in training camp and they liked his preparation uh from day to day inside the facility, so they said now’s the time we got ourselves a bye week, give ourselves a chance to get ready, give the youngster a Chance to get ready for two weeks, here’s tua talking about the switch that’s news that i think anyone would love to hear um being named the starter um at any position. But you know at the same time i i also felt for fits as well and me and fitz um had a conversation. You know just about about all of this, but you know like i’ve continued to say i mean, although it it kind of hurts me in a way to see fits hurt.

You know i’m, just very very you know lucky to have someone like fitz in my corner. Yeah, a lot of conflicted, emotions for ryan, fitzpatrick and tua, and everybody involved fitz had been playing his best football of the year. The last two weeks fitch magic, ranked top three in yards for attempt, td’s and passer rating, but brian flores said the time was now and made the call for the guy, who is clearly the future of the franchise in tua. So d hall, i’m gon na bring in right now and i’m gon na ask you: was it the right time in your mind, to make the switch you know? Is it ever the right time to make a quarterback switch when you have a veteran guy who understands your system and a young guy you’re still trying to figure out hey? Can he play yeah? I don’t know, but i 100 percent love the move because, with ryan with ryan fitzpatrick, we all love him. We love the beard, we love his swag. How he comes in does post game interviews and things like that. But you know: ryan fitzpatrick is the type of player he’s, either on or he’s off, and so tour is a much more consistent player on what he’s shown what he’s shown us at the college level. Man, you know i had him raped higher than borrow and justin herbert, and so watching those guys have success. I think ultimately, uh coach flores said you know what this young dude is healthy, let’s get him on the football field, because he helps our football team um chain gailey, designed this offense for tour uh.

I know ryan fitzpatrick has played for him in the past, and so he understands some of the little intricacies, but that that relationship between tour and ryan, if they continue to you, know, support each other. I think tour has an opportunity to be a hell of a quarterback in this league for a long time, yeah, yeah and you’re going to see some tweaks to the offense d’angelo that you didn’t see with ryan fitzpatrick that’s going to be the exciting part you’re. Also, now got a left handed passer versus a right handed passer mike rob’s, going to have some thoughts uh on that in a little bit here, but i’ll also say this kurt warner. Our colleague talked about the switch from him to eli manning back in 2004 because the giants were in the middle of a playoff race. At the time he had struggled a little bit for two games. He was a little banged up, uh as well, and they made the move to eli manning and this giant season just fell off a cliff. I don’t expect that here i expect tua, especially because quarterbacks now are a lot more prepared when they come into the league than they were uh back in 2004.. So i expect two to keep this team somewhat competitive and one other reason why every tuesday, brian flores who’s, a defensive coach, would sit with tua and go over film with him. Now. This is the backup quarterback that wasn’t playing on a day, that’s, usually reserved for game planning, but flo decided.

I want to take some time every single week to teach him what i’m seeing from a defensive perspective. What we want to see from him and just go through some stuff, so i believe he’s going to be better prepared for this than maybe some other player would be if his head coach hadn’t taken the time to do that so credit, the flow, knowing that this Was coming and wanted to make sure that he had tua ready to go uh all right. The dolphins hope tua transitions to the league as well as these guys right here, joe burra and joe burrow and justin herbert have played well and put up good numbers. Despite not winning many games for more on these rookies in the future of the quarterback position, here’s colleen and mike rob joe barra. I love it. You’Re philly’s, showing micah carafolo. Okay, so let’s talk about these young quarterbacks because it feels like they are ready to start sooner and sooner and obviously it helps that a majority of offenses are incorporating spread concepts.