Our big focus this hour remains on the united states. Yes, the u.s in fact now has designated a special coordinator for tibetan issues. Yes, u.s secretary of state, mike pompeo in fact, made this announcement. Uh he has announced that uh robert distro, who holds the designation of assistant secretary of bureau uh of democracy. Human rights, would also hold a concurrent designation of the united states special coordinator for tibetan issues. According to this announcement, special coordinator destro will lead u.s efforts to promote dialogue between the people’s republic of china and the dalai lama, or his representatives in accordance with the tibetan policy act. The coordinator will also protect the unique religious, cultural and linguistic identity of tibetans and press for their human rights to be respected. Special coordinator, robert destro, will also support u.s efforts to address the humanitarian needs of tibetan refugees and promote sustainable economic development and environmental conservation in tibetan communities on the platform. This, of course, is the latest development coming in uh. This surely will not go down well in china at the united states, now appointing the special coordinator for tibetan issues. Let me bring in my colleague on the broadcast for more on this story. Uh take us through the ramifications of this uh decision, that the united states has taken of this new appointment, which was announced by the secretary of state right absolutely now. The united states, like you said, has in fact appointed a senior human rights official as the special coordinator for tibetan issues.

You know, as the tensions of course, continue to rise between washington and beijing. Now robert destro, who has in fact been announced as the new coordinator, will lead u.s efforts to promote dialogue between the people’s republic of china and the dalai lama, or his representatives protect the unique religious, cultural and linguistic identity of dividends and press for their human rights. To be respected is what mike pompeo said in a statement, and now beijing has, of course, consistently refused to deal with the u.s coordinator, seeing the role as an interference in its internal affairs. However, now uh united states has in fact appointed robert destro as the u.s special coordinator for tibetan issues, and it is to be seen how much of an impact destro can have on improving relations between the us and china, and also kind of you know, helping the Tibetans um when it comes to protecting their rights and identity, all right stay with us. We also have prince in uh children, uh tibetan activist joining us at this point on the broadcast. Uh rinzin uh, welcome to news x, your first reaction to uh this u.s appointment. Uh, how do you view this development rinsing? If you’re able to hear me, i was asking you about this appointment that’s been made by the us. How do you view it Music? Are you able to hear me? Yes, yes, can you, please repeat your question? Please? Yes, uh: how do you view this development? Do you welcome it, of course, and uh? You know: how will this now pan out the fact that america has appointed this special coordinator for tibetan issues, yeah first uh? First and foremost, we welcome this very decision by the united states of america and the people of america actually, and this particular uh it’s a really clear and strong statement against china, because uh at this moment, what’s happening inside tibet, it’s very uh, obvious and it’s.

Something that the world needs to know the international community needs to know and um. This particular uh appointment of the special representative by the united states of america is a clear message against china, so we really welcome this and at the same time we really hope that in near future there will be more concrete decisions. There will be more uh concrete steps taken against china, yes, okay and obviously uh. You know the fact is that china will try and block this, because the main purpose of this appointment is to facilitate you know: dialogue between the chinese and the dalai lama. Obviously, china will try and block that. How do you see this this decision panning off so uh? We have seen like the recent developments. You know uh even like the way the world views, china and, at the same time, we have also seen recent uh, so called official statement by the uh chinese communist government against the very uh appointment of the next uh, the future dalai lama and uh. They have been meddling in this uh very aspect of tibetan culture. You know the process of reincarnation uh, they have done the pension llama, they have appointed their own uh dummy or puppet their own version of uh bench, nama and now they’re, trying to kind of interfere in the very appointment of the dalai lama. So at this uh very critical point of time when we are seeing this uh particular statement or action by the united states of america, you know the very appointment of professional representatives.

We are really hopeful that uh chinese communist government uh policy of expansionism, not just in territorial aspect but in you know, uh internal politics as well as other aspects will be challenged and stopped. Yes, okay, uh and you know, risen uh. Also, you know on news x, we have been uh raising this issue time and again, uh the fact that the tibetan course should not be forgotten. You know, amidst this global debate on shinseyang, uh and, of course, on the uighur muslims, that the tibetans should not be forgotten their cause should be taken up um. Do you believe this is a step in the right direction, such kind of positive responses from our very own national media houses and very repetitive media houses, like the news ex? It has kind of given a momentum to the very issue of the tibet issue and, at the same time, with the current uh ongoing uh conflict at the border. You know the repetitive incursion by border incursion illegal body incursion by china it’s, something that not just for especially the indians need to know what’s happening uh at their own home drum and with your kind of uh new taxes, uh initiative, i think uh. The whole issue has been highlighted: uh to that issue, the very real kind of image of china, which we now see as being this uh. They are now the dictatorship uh. They are the biggest bully and, sadly enough, the recent appointment of china’s uh as the uh human rights council it’s a total kind of uh shock, as well as disheartening, and also a kind of you know, um it’s, something that we shouldn’t really allow it.

You know this decision should be rebuked. This decision should be revoked uh, so these are something that we have been seeing recently, but the fact that there has been drop off dropped in almost 30 percent of vote against china, it’s also a positive uh. You know uh aspect where we see that china is slowly losing its face. China is probably losing its grip in the international community, so i really uh applaud the way. Uh special news has been giving momentum and highlighting this uh tibet issue and showing the real face of china. Yes, thank you, okay, we leave it at that terrence and thank you very much for joining us with your perspective on this story. Uh. Let me also bring in at this point tibetan activist who’s also joining us. How do you knew uh? You know this uh, this decision that the united states has taken the appointment of of uh mr bestow as the tibetan coordinator good morning. So this is the kind of positive support that is shown by the united states, though the united states are very much awkward with an issue now the appointment of the special coordination on the tibet issue. We very we are very much happy and we very much welcome that that’s decision taken by the state secretary so through this we also would like to require the other government, especially the government of india, to take a more concrete decision regarding the tibet issue. So there must be a more strong kind of strong, concrete decision from the state national level.

Okay uh. How do you view this development, though? How do you believe it’ll pan out in china? You know because the fact is: uh uh, uh china, you know, believes in the one china policy, which we try and get all other nations to accept as well uh. The fact is that this this coordinator is expected to uh facilitate dialogue between the dalai lama and the chinese um. You know obviously that’s something the chinese will presumably be opposed to. So how do you view uh the the ramifications of this decision in china? How will this panel now it’s a high time to all the internet, independent state, to give a good lesson to the china first thing is because of this pandemic, which is created by the chinese, and the second thing is because of their expansion is policy. Now, if you look at the current united nations human rights council, also there’s, a drop of 30 percent is a good sign shown by the all the independent states for the member state of the united nation first thing, and the second thing is now all the peace Level democratic countries should jump the one china policy they should caution. They should raise the question against the one china policy for more. Such videos subscribe to the news x.