Joe biden’s son, rudy giuliani, told the epic times that he and his attorney have authenticated materials from the hunter biden data trove. He said they checked for some of the written notes against samples of hunter biden’s handwriting. They matched details about undisclosed meetings with confidential information. They already had from other sources, they also verified email addresses, among other things, giuliani’s attorney robert costello allegedly received a copy of the hard drive. In august it came from the owner of a mac repair shop in wilmington, delaware giuliani got it three weeks ago. The mac store owner also gave costello a copy of an alleged subpoena for the laptop. It was dated december 2019.. The fbi allegedly used it to seize the laptop the same month. The fbi declined to confirm the news hunter biden’s lawyer. Didn’T, respond to a request for comment. Giuliani says: he’s convinced that the materials are authentic, but he isn’t ruling out that the shop owner is lying and someone other than hunter biden could have brought it in now. House republicans want to know if the fbi had the laptop during the president’s impeachment inquiry. Last year, 19 republican lawmakers sent a letter to the fbi. On thursday they say, the president’s legal defense revolved around evidence that hunter biden was using his father’s position to land jobs overseas. One of the emails from the data trove is from a ukrainian gas firm official. It was sent to hunter biden thanking him for the opportunity to meet his father republican lawmakers say evidence from the laptop would have given more weight to the president’s legal defense and if the fbi had the evidence but didn’t alert the white house, it was a gross Error in judgment they want answers from the fbi by next thursday.

A joint alert by the fbi and a cyber security agency says that hackers have gained access to u.s government networks and election systems it’s possible. The hackers are nation state actors, the department of homeland security says so far. There is no evidence that election integrity has been compromised. The alert from the fbi and cyber security and infrastructure security agency or cisa explained that it doesn’t appear that the hackers are targeting election information, particularly, however, there may be some risk to elections, information housed on government networks, the hackers targeted a virtual private network vulnerability and A flaw in windows netlogon, which is a server to authenticate users. The latest update by the cisa they have observed advanced persistent threats by apt actors. Apt actors is a term commonly used for state sponsored hacking groups. Just a month ago. Microsoft also spotted foreign actors, including russian chinese and iranian actors, targeting the 2020 elections. According to the report, hackers are using a common tactic, known as vulnerability chaining, which lets them use a single intrusion to compromise multiple networks. Cisa listed steps, election officials can take to defend against the cyber invasion. More information can be found on u.s hyphen,, wabc radio and the police. Benevolent association held a back the blue press conference in manhattan. They revealed their latest plan to show support for the new york police department when the police are called on to serve and protect they answer. But now the people are being called on to help the police conservative talk radio station wabc announced the program where people will tie blue ribbons to show their support for law enforcement.

One of the guest speakers at the press conference said this initiative will mean a lot to the men and women in blue. If you really think that the cops on the street right now will not take this as something that really means a lot to them. You don’t know the new york city police department. The cops will appreciate this. So much new york city has seen a dramatic increase in shootings and violent crimes. In recent months, some say: it’s due to the nypd’s budget being cut the city defunded, the nypd. In response to outrage over police brutality, president of the police, benevolent association, pat lynch said, however, that the city will be more safe if people support the police because we can be safe once again, if we stand with the police officers in our neighborhood and allow them To do the job do the effective job that we’ve done in the past radio show host sid rosenberg said the wabc will continue to back law enforcement. We love the cops, the courageous men and women in blue, and, if not for them, this city would be a complete mess. So, as long as you’ve got a voice, we will defend the cops. Wabc radio will be hosting a back to blue special to encourage its listeners to tie blue ribbons like these. Across the tri state area, people can register for a blue ribbon at they’re, hoping for the number of ribbons to reach 100 000.

don tran ntd news new york secretary of state, mike pompeo, has been warning about chinese influence. First, quite some time already now. Pompeo and the secretary of education took aim at chinese influence at american educational sites. In particular, pompeo and secretary of education, betsy devos warned about influence from china’s communist regime. They wrote an open letter to state education, commissioners and noted the potential harms from having confucius institutes at u.s campuses. They said the presence of an authoritarian slant in curriculum and teaching has never been more. Concerning nor more consequential participants in confucius classrooms said the programs hinder academic freedom. Several other countries have already banned confucius classrooms. Suspicions are rising after chinese leader xi, jinping returned to beijing earlier than scheduled state run. Media didn’t give a reason. Now people are making their own speculations ntd’s. Tiffany meyer brings us more on the story. Now we turn to china. According to hong kong, pro democracy newspaper apple daily, an insider, confirms that chinese communist party or ccp head xi, jinping, has returned to beijing from his visit. In southern china, xi’s trip brought him to guangdong province there. He gave a speech to mark the 40th anniversary celebration of the shenzhen special economic zone on wednesday. The event comes at a crucial time for china, as the country faces both domestic and international challenges, with the public eye focused on him. Many expected heat to cover more ground during the trip, but in a surprise, move he returned to beijing.

After just three days on thursday, the chinese regime’s media, mouthpiece xinhua news agency unexpectedly published a conclusion report about xi’s trip to guangdong the sudden end tissue strip around suspicion in china. Information related to regime leaders like details about their families, health and agendas is concealed from the public. That means chinese people must often piece the limited information together in an attempt to discover what’s really going on. This case is no exception during his speech. At the anniversary event, he coughed several times over a short period and spoke noticeably slower than usual. As a result, some suspect his visit was cut short due to health reasons. This is the third time she has visited guangdong province. He made a stop at its capital city of guangzhou during his last trip there, but not this time. According to the apple daily report, china expert, willie lam thinks this may be related to one of the most important annual party meetings. The fifth plenary session of the ccp central committee, it’s, set to be held in 10 days on the 26th lamb says he believes he returned to beijing to prepare for the session. He explained that’s because he needs to ensure his reappointment in 2022 and likely seeks to become the permanent head of china. The previous fifth plenary session, held by former ccp chairman, had a major impact on the positions of regime leaders. For example, three former high level ccp officials, including xi, all officially gained their titles during the fifth plenary session.

Now we turn to taiwan. Authorities said they still can’t locate 48 taiwanese, who went missing in china over the past four years. Last sunday, chinese authorities said they arrested a group of taiwanese spies, and this week china’s central television broadcasted forced confessions of four taiwanese nationals. Chinese authorities accused them of spying for taiwan’s government. A taiwanese legislator believes they’re being held as hostages, families of the four said they went missing in china over a year ago. The deputy minister of taiwan’s mainland affairs council accused beijing of repeatedly arresting taiwanese citizens for apparently spying. He said the communist regime deliberately sabotages cross strait relations. He also warned taiwanese residents about the risk of arbitrary detention when visiting the mainland.