. The battle continues, and it is time that we take a pledge to act as responsible citizens by continuing to follow the three golden rules: a wearing masks properly. Maintaining two meter distance from others and frequent hand washing the responsibility now lies with us to slow the spread of copper 19 by protecting yourself. You protect others, Music, hello and welcome to the friday edition of ipr department’s e news bulletin i’m. Cheering eden let’s look at some of the news making headlines this week. As per the latest update on cover 19 figures provided by the state health department, a total of 41 positive cases were reported on thursday. This takes the total active cases to 312 total cured and discharged to 3048. cumulative total stands at 3 500.. A total of 53 635 tests have been conducted so far and 59 persons have died from the disease. Four persons are currently admitted in icu. Schools in sikhim are set to open from october 19, 2020 in graded manner without winter holidays. This was informed in a press release by director elementary education and samara shiksha. On thursday, this decision to reopen schools has been taken in view of the instructions issued by the ministry of home affairs government of india to open the schools in a graded manner after october 15th. It may be recalled here that government schools in the state have already been functioning since september 21st, 2020, with 50 of the teaching and non teaching staff members attending the workplace and students from class 9 to class 12 attending on a voluntary basis with the written consent Of their parents, ministry of education, government of india has also issued standard operating procedures for the safety and well being of the students and staff members.

Relevant sops of the ministry and the ones prepared by the state education department will be the basic guidelines while conducting the activities in schools. After the reopening, all schools are directed to follow these guidelines strictly further, a calendar has been prepared by the department where various activities have been assigned to the district heads and school heads, and these are to be completed before opening of the schools from october 19th. As per the calendar, standard 9 12 will continue on voluntary basis and with written permission of guardians to attend the school standards 6 to 8 will resume, with students attending only on voluntary basis, with the consent of the parents from november 2nd 2020 further primary classes. Standards 3 to 5 may be started from november 23rd, subject to cover 19 pandemic situation prevailing at that time. The department also circulated the guidelines for reopening of hostels for all management establishments, government and non government, both maintaining hostiles in the state, the winter holidays have been done away with completely and classes will function on all working days and half days on saturdays. The next academic session, which was supposed to begin on february, 2nd 2021, will now begin on february 15. 2021.. The current academic session will end on february 13th. District development coordination and monitoring committee meeting was held in the conference hall of north district zilla panchayat mangan. On thursday, the meeting was shared by mp, lok sabha indra, hang super ministers, sam duplecha carmelo de putter, mla pinto namgae, lecha zilla, daksha of north namdeep lecture and officials from the district administration.

Wide ranging topics are related to schemes of different departments were presented. Topics like reconstruction of earthquake damaged rural houses, pradhan mantri awards, yojana, gramin, pradhan, mantri, grameen, sarakirchna, sikkim, garibawa’s, yojana, swachha bharath mission and many others were discussed. Mp, indra subba interacted with officials from various line departments and directed them to conduct proper programs and implement every scheme for the development of rural areas. The closing programme of online boxing coaching was held at panchayat pawan manshila, not sikkim. On thursday, minister kungan nima lecha was present as the chief guest, along with the other officials and locals of north district, as well as the boxing coaches of sports departments and sports authority. India arjuna awardee just lol pradhan thanked the organizers for their efforts in making boxing a priority sports by installing standard boxing ring at manchester. The program included an inauguration of the new standard boxing ring funded by the sports and youth affairs department. Minister kian lebcha inaugurated the ring at pravin limbu, who was voluntarily serving as a coach in that area, was presented with letter of appreciation for his remarkable contribution in promoting a boxing in north district. This was followed by cash price distribution to the winners of online boxing competition, recently organized and funded by the department of sports and youth affairs. The team from the department led by secretary spots, along with the locals, also inspected the land for the construction of boxing hall. Tsukimi’S girl, sriti guru, working as a researcher in south korea, has collected and donated 2 000 covert testing kits worth around rupees 40 lakh for her home state of sikkim sriti, who hails from lower aritang here, has successfully completed her phd studies in biomedical science under kyungpuk.

National university school of medicine, degu south korea in august, she is currently posted as a postdoctoral researcher. At the same university during a research, smithi came in acquaintance with sieging one of the top biotech firms of south korea and got an opportunity to get 2 000 testing kits. She sent those kids worth around 40 lakh to sikkim, with the help of the distributors in india. The testing kits reached gan talk on tuesday, smithy’s father, robin gurung handed over the testing kits to the stnm hospital medical superintendents. The same day, india has confirmed kobe 19 cases continue to rise, even if so at a slower pace as the country embarks on the fifth phase of reopening the economy, india added over 63 000 fresh cases in 24 hours, according to the recent health ministries update. This includes over 64 lakh recoveries and over 1.12 lakh debt. Meanwhile, the central government is in its fifth phase of reopening a contracting economy. Cinemas in several parts of the country opened after seven months on thursday, with a few film enthusiasts venturing worrily into a movie watching in a covert 19 contact, less era of alternate seating, 50 capacity and packaged snacks, while theaters and multiplexes remain closed in states like maharashtra Tamilnadu, kerala and chhattisgarh they open in several places, including delhi and parts of madhya, pradesh and gujarat, with stringent do’s and don’ts. In keeping with the new normal. India is expected to have a cover 19 vaccine in a few months, and the country should be in the process of delivering it to the people in the next six months.

According to union health minister, harsh vardhan, he made the comments at the annual general meeting of indian red cross society, while the vaccine is underway. Vardhan also said to fight against kobe 19. The social vaccine of maintaining a distance of six feet should be followed along with regular washing of hands and wearing a mask and face covers, especially in public places. He said that this potent social vaccine can stop the disease and it also forms the foundation of the undulan against covert 19.. China on thursday slammed the u.s government for the appointment of special coordinator on tibet affairs, calling it an act of interfere. The trump administration had appointed robert destro as the special coordinator on tibetan issues amid tension between china and the u.s robert destro, a senior u.s human rights official is also the assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor. The u.s has criticized the g government’s human rights record on issues including xinjiang and tibet. However, the chinese foreign ministry said that ethnic minorities in tibet enjoy full freedom of religious belief as it accused the u.s of political manipulation. U.S secretary of state, mike pompeo, while introducing destro as the special envoy on tibet, said destro will lead u.s efforts to promote dialogue between the people’s republic of china and the dalai lama, or his representatives protect the unique religious, cultural and linguistic identity of tibetans and press For the human rights to be respected, pompeo added that the united states remains concerned with the prc’s repression of the tibetan community.

Meanwhile, tibet’s regional chairman che dala said china never restricted foreigners entry into tibet. The u.s government had earlier restricted visas of chinese officials who were allegedly involved in blocking diplomatic access to tibet. That is all we have for today. Please like and follow our facebook page, that is the official page of government of sikkim for the most authentic news and information on recent developments in the government and the state. Please continue wearing masks, wash hands regularly and maintain safe distance while heading out our fight against covert 19 continues.