These are in the conditions for the beautiful game. The backdrop here picturesque idyllic, no doubt one of the best days of the footballing calendar, and it has added to a really jovial happy mood in the stands. Helping to raise the level of sound by more than a few decibels, shirt sleeve order very much the dress code. Well, this really is a great venue. It adds so much character to every game. It stages. It appears to be a 442 formation gym. Well, the modern version of that is a lot more fluid and flexible than in bygone times there’s a much greater understanding of the need for players to cover forward running and enables risk taking, while the gaps are filled i’m very much a fan of it. There are a lot of people who seem to have kind of ignored it and just put it to bed, but it still works, it’s still valid and i think we’re going to see it be successful here. Applause there’s, the whistle who do you think this turns on jim well, it’ll, have to be the brazilian hulk. He has the physique to play as a center forward, but for me, he’s always a little more effective in wider areas where he can isolate his full back up or come inside and whether from open play or a free kick. He can thump the football yeah i’m inclined to agree and it’s got through good. Take by the keeper he’s read that well looking for space out wide, they didn’t manage to get nearly enough into the box and that speaks of little Applause, ambition, oscar Applause, pretty cagey early on from both sides; foot in bakambu Applause, there’s, the through ball he’s, making Good use of his strength there just refuses to be outmuscled Applause.

Well, each team knows that they’re still well below standard and it’s a question of uh, which can find a way out looking to hit the front line. That’S gone a long way up in the way. Applause, no, that was a slick move and there were several options in the box to uh to pick out Applause, hoist it forward Applause and it’s paid forward. Here it comes Applause, a chance to play it in Applause. I noted it sparked a tremendous stop there and, i think it’s fair to add he just wasn’t expecting it Applause tries to get it forward quickly forward. It goes he spotted the run and played him through gets good distance on it. Applause, this time big chance and he nearly went all the way. I just hope he won’t let the failure to score effectively with the ability he has. He can reproduce. Applause Applause keeper has beaten it away and they’ve got it back as soon as they gave it away. Defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again. Some good play on the left hand side now to profit from it. Oh one intercepted really alert to the danger and that’ll be the last act of the first half both sides of drawn blanks. They have toiled at times, but it’s not been a bad game by any means after 45 minutes it is still goalless. Perhaps Applause here we go again, then beijing clearly have been the better side for me yeah.

I know the score. Doesn’T quite reflect it, but if they go about their game in the same manner as the opening 45 minutes, things really should improve. Now it’s hulk gets it back. Applause tries to get it forward quickly, hoist it forward Applause, good challenge. He just stood firm, still, absolutely nothing to report here: goals wise and it’s paid forward, hoists it forward just brushed off the ball. There. Applause will be a throw in Applause, header and oh he’s got that completely Applause. Applause, wrong Applause, renato gusto Applause and it’s. Oscar gets the better of his man; Applause, great strength, too strong for his opponent and here’s her on ultimate. It goes and late in the day a telling moment that is just remarkable. The amount of bendy got on that you know i’m not going to be hard on the goalkeeper, because that moved all over the place on its journey. Applause, shanghai, sipg themselves into the lead. Yeah i had a feeling this was coming still there’s a fair bit of time, if you’re going to think about defending it. Now renato augusto goes looking peter. They have to fight the onset of desperation and keep enough cool heads to still deliver place it over to the other flank. Shanghai sipg are clearly looking to kill this game off it’s keeping the ball away from the other end too, and he’s going long Applause forward. It goes oscar attempts to play it through and helps available out wide lovely bit of skill.

He’S got options in the box if he gets his head up. Shanghai sipg certainly don’t need to over commit now. Their priority lies further back Applause, he’s gone down, but the referee just tells him to get back up again, and that will be the final act, always in the balance and in the end one goal was enough: they are narrowly beaten. I’Ve been in this position myself, and this will be difficult to take.