Dan orlovsky is here and, as you can see, adam schafter and marcus spears with us as well so much to get to so let’s get right to it. Jeffy you got some big top stories around the league. What do you know, starting with obj adam, where obj sent home today from the browns practice? They said he was sick, not feeling well. The nfl in a conference call later today said they’re going to be more proactive about sending players home that they’re showing certain symptoms. Not saying that that was the case with obj but that’s, clearly something to watch here in the coming days with odell beckham jr and the atlanta falcons shut down their training facility. Today, after a positive test of a player yesterday and a positive test of a personnel member today sounds like they’re going through the testing and contact tracing to determine where it all started. But from my understanding, if no further tests come back positive, they could be reopening tomorrow and the new england patriots head back, cam newton and stefan gilmore at practice. Both players coming off the reserve cover 19 list, both on track to play sunday against denver. Both probably wouldn’t have played last week against the broncos, but because the game was rescheduled, it gives cam and gilmore a chance. Laura yeah that’s kind of a funny note, because cam ended up not having to miss this game as a result to shefty’s point he’s with us all day.

Long marcus let’s talk about cam back in practice for the first time since october, 2nd. What do you expect out of him coming back after all that time off? I expect him to have success. Look. He was out a year and a half before he first played and reminded everybody of why the other 31 teams in the league should have signed him or had given him an opportunity to sign with the teams that were quarterback, needy, listen, cam got a break that’s. All this was, he got a break, he was playing well, josh mcdaniels was rolling with him at quarterback and we saw new england against kansas city. I want to take people back to that. If cam newton would have been in that game, there’s quite it’s quite possible that the new england patriots would have been able to pull that victory out with the way they played defense. So i expect him to pick up right where he left off and he was playing tremendous and working himself into a new long term contract with some team in the nfl yeah, two things marcus. First of all, you talked about that break right, i would say the hardest part or, like the worst part, with body field. Wise training camp was like the second or third week of pads, like after you got pads on. You started getting hit a bunch. You played a couple games that’s when your body would feel the worst that’s why they kind of transition.

Third preseason game into the season, get guys their breaks, that’s exactly kind of the timing of cam, getting this two week time period away from playing games. So the reality is, like i’m sure his body really relished that opportunity to have that time away, and the second thing is we’ve made a huge deal about cam newton in this offense and all sudden, like they start this season. There’S some success right, but this was an opportunity as well, for the patriots to self scout, with cam newton, hey cam, while you’re away let’s, look at the stuff that you really like that we’re doing maybe there’s some stuff in our quarterback run game that you don’t, Like, oh, you know what in the zone read package, it was actually better when kim was running into the field, not to the boundary, and then in the past game. Like did you work in, like did you like working in between the hashes? Was there guys that you liked in your match, ups, one on one so remember this is an organization that wastes no time absolutely no time, and so i actually think that there will be some benefits coming out of this for cam and the patriots healthy body self. Scouting and they’ll be better off, at least on the field wise because of it yeah important to point out that cam newton, the reports did say he was asymptomatic. Despite having that positive coven. 19 diagnosis so certainly it’s much more difficult for other people who do have symptoms.

Let’S get to another big top story of today. It’S now been a couple of days since the jets released running back, le’veon bell and certainly the financials factor in here, but he still hasn’t signed with a team as we head toward the end of this week. So our own jeremy, fowler tweeting, the latest on bell today, he’s writing that he’s planning to sign with one of three teams in either the dolphins chiefs and bills that a decision could come as early as today, certainly we’re all over it and chef be with us All along too, to tell us if that does happen, but let’s talk about those three teams, as we carry on here, the the three teams there uh excuse me the chiefs, the dolphins and the bill shefty. Why would each of those teams make sense for le’veon? So take us through each of them and tell us what makes sense well pretty simple here, laura in kansas city, he would get to play in a super bowl offense and a super bowl team for andy reid would basically share work with clyde, edwards elaire. You could see how that would work out and it would make him shine on a one year deal when he would be scheduled to become a free agent again after the season. Buffalo similar story right. The bills are a tough gritty team. They could showcase his abilities with devin singletary behind a good offensive line there in buffalo.

A winning team would give him a chance to win there as well in miami he’s from that area. He could live at home, not pay state tax work for the dolphins essentially have his skill set, highlighted there once again with them. Leaning right now miles. Gaskin might have the greatest role in miami of any of the other teams, but would seem to have a better chance to win a super bowl in kansas city or even buffalo yeah, the no taxes in florida good point there. What do you think dan? What makes the most sense as a landing spot for le’veon bell? This is easy. Listen everyone close their eyes right and chiefs fans. You’Ll love this and if you’re, not a chiefs, fan you’re going to be miserable about this, but close your eyes and just imagine the chiefs breaking a huddle and you got travis kelsey tyree kill, miko, hardman, clyde, edwards layer and le’veon bell on the field. At the same time, like imagine that group – and i see you marcus just imagine patrick holmes – go like ready to break they break the heart and all of a sudden defense like wait. What do we do? I mean this. This is a a no brainer that he should go to the kansas city chiefs. This is one of the most creative coaching stats in the league with bienname and andy reid and i’ve been saying this for a long time. Don’T, look at le’veon bell as a running back he’s, just a piece he’s, just a piece that you could bring.

I mean imagine him in ceh on the field at the same time like as a defense. How are you going to match up against them? You won’t be able to. You now have a huge advantage if they’re kansas city chiefs, the bills, are a good fit don’t. Get me wrong. It’S a good fit don’t talk to me about the dolphins. Le’Veon bell, like you, can’t, sit here and tell me: you want to be a part of the winner and then go to the dolphins, but the chiefs just make when it comes to okay. How can i have the most productive, individual career it’s, the chiefs? You want to talk about 10 to 12 touches a game. A couple carries andy reed’s, the greatest screen developing coach in the nfl, and you got a chance to win a super bowl chiefs are a no brainer. Listen, we all can sit here and say the chiefs. Damn it we all know that, but the fear is buffalo, because le’veon wants a bigger role. He wants to show everybody. This is his ego, think about it, dan think about le’veon bell. His ego wants to show everybody that i’m still the guy being mentioned in that top conversation along with alvin kamara, and we see what christian mccaffrey is doing, that’s where le’veon wants to be tied to, and i think he has that opportunity and not to not to Go against your point, but he has more usage in buffalo in that offense and also an offense that’s, already really good, with a young, ascending quarterback.

So his workload, yes, would be more, and i understand what what kansas city is. Obviously you go join the the technically the golden state warriors. You got a chance to win a super bowl and and the things that are important. But if i look at buffalo as a place for le’veon bell to really cement that he steal that dude he’s still that guy, we remember from pittsburgh that held out and still got the contract that he was looking for. I got a question for sheffy i’m gon na bring him back in. But let me just first point this out. If le’veon bell’s, hoping for more running room with some of these new teams that we just talked about, he might want to think again the chiefs bills and dolphins, ranked 27th 28th and 29th in run block win rate respectively. This season that’s all behind the jets they rank 20 seconds. So who knows but adam? Let me ask you this big time. He does. I know big time stats here. If le’veon bell does end up signing today, could he play sunday for that team yeah? Well, he should have stayed in new york laura based on those blocking stats and thrived in that jets. Offense. Now again, if he were to sign with another team today, he would not be able to play this week, because there would be basically five days of testing that he’d have to go through. So he’s not going to be able to play now.

The question becomes if he goes much beyond today, it’s going to be more challenging to play even next week.