I also want to welcome in ryan clark to the conversation here. Ryan, how you doing so yeah good? How are you okay, so a couple things to add: uh the browns currently do have a 16 game losing streak in pittsburgh, also, something to add, odell beckham jr was sent home yesterday from practice he wasn’t feeling great. It was just a safety, so he should be good to go on sunday. So max. Let me start with you here: uh who needs to have the better game. Is it big ben or baker, mayfield it’s? Actually ben roethlisberger um, the steelers don’t have a quality win. Yet they’re undefeated and any win is a win right, but if you’re breaking down you’re analyzing power rankings or whatever, who have they beaten, that’s any good rounds are pretty good. They’Re gon na have to beat a pretty good team and baker needs to play. Well. I’Ll leave that, for you, steven a but the main thing about them with baker is don’t. Let them play too much don’t leave it up to baker, protect them a little bit right, so they can run the ball and even with no nick trump kareem hunt is damn good and miles gave her to get you strip sacks and stuff like that. Big ben’s. Gon na, like they haven’t, they have a defense, obviously in pittsburgh, and they can run the ball with connor, but claypool and juju smith. Schuster. Remember when we were like and steve, and i give you credit you were like we don’t know.

If juju is a number one, i was like yeah, he looks like a number one to me. Actually, without a b, he won a number one. Let’S be honest: he needs another guy on the other side who can really play to bring out the best in him. He has that in claypool now, but someone’s got to get the ball last week, that’s right against against the defense that can force turnovers and get to the quarterback someone’s going to have to get those guys. The ball it’s not going to be rolling over an easy team here, it’s, not the same old browns coming to town ben roethlisberger. I commend him. He came back after a catastrophic injury with a lot of time off. He’S looked excellent so far, but against very limited opposition. He has to be excellent against a good opponent now for the steelers to win this game. I disagree with you. I think the more uh the person that has to have the better game is is uh baker. Mayfield, but before i say all of that ryan clark, can you help me out here who was the idiot cleveland brown that talked about? This is the miles garrett game. This is a game like kareem that that’s just idiotic i’m, not calling him an idiot that’s. An idiotic statement so listen miles. Garrett sits up. There gets himself suspended for the rest of the season because a snatching, the quarterback’s helmet and knocking him upside the head or trying to knock them upside the head with it.

We try to move past that, and you remind the world of that now. How intelligent is that that’s, just dog well there’s a reason he’s on the browns now and not still on the cheeks. There you go, i mean that’s, just dumb, okay, you don’t sit up there and remind the world of that. We tried to move past. It just think about two football opponents going at one another, and this guy brings it up like miles. Garrett was a victim like miles. Garrett was a victim, stop it. Okay, that’s number one number two here’s the deal about baker mayfield, and we have to accept this baker. Mayfield is not the reason that cleveland browns have won. Four straight kareem hunt might got something to do with that averaging more than five yards to carry nick chu prior to that i’m sorry averaging damn there’s six yards to carry on beckham, jr and jarvis landry, and these boys i mean kevin stefanski, making sure that baker Mayfield ain’t throwing the damn ball that much jay baker in two of the wins baker. Mayfield completed 16 of 23 of his passes, that’s 69.57 percent. Okay, they won both games. Then they had him, throw the ball ball against dallas thirty times. Twenty three is number three excuse me, the percentage drop, and then they had him throw 37 times last week and he completed about 56 percent of the fastest. The more baker mayfield throws the more you’re in danger of losing the damn game, and so that is not a good thing now.

Why is that relevant, you’re proving my points? Why is that relevant? Because the steelers have the number two ranked defense against the run? Okay, in order to beat them, you need to throw the football and – and that would mean that baker mayfield’s got to show up and got to step up, because the one thing the steelers are not going to do is let kareem hunt on anybody from that. Backfield beat them they’re going to make you throw the ball, beat them through the air to take them down, and that means baker. Mayfield is going to have to show up in order for them to pull that off unless kevin stefanski, all of a sudden has odell beckham, jr and jarvis landy throwing passes on fleet flickers and stuff like that can throw now. I know they could throw but i’m just saying that they both better shot a ladder like that off, rather than bacon mayfield go ahead. Ryan yeah, listen! I i think you both made good arguments, stephen a you were kind of making max’s argument, and then you came back and brought it together. That’S. Why you’re great on tv but i’ma have to agree with max here to me, it’s ben roethlisberger, and i think for many of the reasons max mentioned, but also because of this ben hasn’t necessarily played great. He hasn’t been that that pro bowl form or the forum we saw him in 2018 before he left, but he’s coming along he’s, also on a team that depends on him much more than the cleveland browns depend on baker.

Mayfield. You said it right about baker. Mayfield stephen, a kevin stefanski’s number one job is to manage baker mayfield to kevin, to curt, cousinize, bacon, baker, mayfield and that’s. What he’s done he knows how to win games without allowing baker mayfield to play quarterback. We watched him have to do that against the indianapolis coast and early on in the first half he was trying to throw interceptions and then in the second half he did but let’s look at the pittsburgh steelers and the way they play offense, whether it’s juju smith, Schuster chase claypool diatek johnson; they want to run through ben roethlisberger, eric ibron in the red zone, and so what that tells me is you have miles garrett, who will be hunting ben roethlisberger, all game. Don’T worry about the fight. Don’T worry about the stuff with mason. Rudolph worry about the way that you are going to block him, because ben roethlisberger is the reason that you win this game defensively. They haven’t stopped people defensively. They haven’t turned the ball over, like they did last year and go back to the colts game. Last week, stephen a the coats are very good defense too. The coats were very good against the run and kareem hunt. The ernest johnson dontrell here those guys have been able to turn out yards, in spite i mean with nick chubb’s sideline so i think for the cleveland browns, you stick to the same thing. You always do you run and run and run and go over the top, but ben roethlisberger has to lead the pittsburgh steelers too.

First of all you’re wrong, and i know you know football and you forgot more football than i’ll ever know, but you are wrong but that’s, not that is not what bothers me rc about what you said: it’s not that you’re wrong it’s that just so disrespectful you Are a super bowl champion? Why? Because you were playing defense for a pittsburgh steelers team that didn’t allow people to run on them. I just highlight for you how the steelers have the number two defense in the entire nfl against the run, which means in order to beat them. You have to pass, and you just shove that aside and you just sit up there and say you know something: cleveland. Listen what you got to do, what’s been working for you run the football running football when no one runs on the pittsburgh, steelers and you’re sitting up here, saying you stephen what a black and gold you want. A super horsepower green one around with a gold with ring with a ring because of that franchise and you’re gon na sit up there with us. But how could you say i mean you know better than this right? You know why are you so mad? We couldn’t. Listen you’re betraying the steel city, you’re betraying them you’re that you’re trying to get on the defense come on here’s the thing betrayal here’s, the thing baker mayfield does. He have to be big because they are good against the run, or does he just have to get the ball to odell and have odell make a few guys because odell can catch an eight yard pass and take it to the house that’s right, which means you Got a better chance of getting the ball to o’dell, then giving it to kareem, but that’s happening well: that’s, odell, playing well steven! What you’re missing is this? The the run game is going to lead to whatever the cleveland browns do baker mayfield doesn’t have to play.

Well, the cleveland browns have to play well around baker mayfield, because that’s the way they’ve won games if ben roethlisberger does not show up. If ben roethlisberger does not play great against the cleveland, browns protect the football score points, push the ball down the field. The cleveland browns can win this game and will win this game. Are you listening to me? I am saying i am saying to you that they’re not going to be the other parts are not going to be able to do what they’re supposed to do unless baker mayfield finds a way to throw the football i’m saying the steelers, not the greatest team i’m Saying they won’t win but that’s, why i’m picking the steelers to win the game yeah, but what i’m saying doesn’t have to throw the ball down the field and thread the needle. As i said, you could throw a little pass to odell and odell can make things happen. I didn’t get particular about what kind of pack you just wanted. Applause throws. They lose the game. Okay, they’re gon na lose. They lose the game. What what did i stutter? Charlie did that they’re gon na lose it turnover battle, miles, gasps and clear, literally, very loud and clear. You want me to be my wife want me to be mellow. Pittsburgh 16 straight losses in pittsburgh, well: ben roethlisberger, against cleveland all career 23. Two in one me again: he against them lost against cleveland at home, guys we got ta, go ryan.