He goes derek henry with one of the most memorable plays of the nfl season. It by the way was called back because of offsetting penalties, but it was still the most memorable moment of the night 22 seconds left in the half. Titans are up by four first and goal from the 10. tannehill. He was responsible for four touchdowns last night, including that one that’s an awkward landing for him, but thankfully he’s okay, titans up 21 10 at halftime third quarter more from tannehill. This is john, who smith there in mind. Tennessee only had three practices over the last 16 days with all of the covet issues that they’ve had and they came out and played great last night here’s one of the two derrick henry touchdowns. We were talking about titans, go on to win it by a score of 42 16. They improved to 4 0 on the season, and that is a statement win over the bills last night. Meanwhile, looking ahead to one of the really big games this weekend, sunday will mark the first time the steelers take the field against miles garrett. Since this incident of last year, steelers head coach, mike tomlin, was asked about his messaging to the team in advance of this rematch. There really is no message, my day to day existence kind of relays that message that you suggested um there’s a lot on the table in reference to this game in terms of stakes, they’re, a four and one team, we’re trying to remain undefeated um, you know we’re, Not looking for that low hanging fruit or that a reality, tv story lines and so forth, uh.

This is a big game here in 2020. Well of that, there is no question and so ryan clark, my resident steeler. I want to start with you how much of a storyline in this game do you believe the miles garrett of it all is, i believe, it’s a non story. I believe it’s a non story to football players, but outside of the people who actually are going to be on the grass they’re going to make it something because we like the drama we like the reality, show that sometimes is football. But if you’re mike tomlin you’re telling your team, you know what we can’t focus on miles garrett, who got in the fight. Last year, we got to focus on the 2020 miles. Garrett that’s in the mvp conversation that’s going to be the defensive player of the year and if you’re kept as the fans, can you tell miles you have to leave that where it was now, you also have to protect yourself, because there may be some guys on The other side that still remember that that still come at you a little extra, but you can’t retaliate, the biggest part about this is mason. Rudolph is exactly where he needs to be on the sideline not on the field, and for that reason i don’t think this would be a big deal and what’s going to be a very important game in afc, north and dan graziano i mean. Obviously, this is a circumstance.

The browns have moved past right. Yes, the deal got taken care of this offseason. This is something they’ve moved beyond. Yes, he served as punishment. He came back. The browns have maintained all along that they believe he’ll recover from it. Learn from it be fine, they extended his contract in a massive way, so they put their money where their mouth was on that and what we’ve seen so far from miles garrett this year is, as rc just said, an mvp quality performance. He looks like his head’s in the right place: he’s not getting penalized as much as he was early last year when he was getting in trouble for uh, unnecessary roughness, so um yeah. I hope that rc is right and i think we have reason to believe that that it should be a non story during the game which then dominique enables us to talk about this game, which is actually an incredibly important one. We think we know how good the steelers are. We’Re, not quite sure we know how good the browns are. Is this sunday a measuring, stick game in your mind for cleveland? It absolutely is, i think they lost that first game of the year for the ravens and many of us were like up same old browns just like they were last year, a lot of talent, a lot of hype, but they don’t live up to it, and then They ripped off a few wins against teams that we’re not quite sure about some of them.

We know are bad and some we’re not quite sure about now we have the steelers, a team that we know has a very good defense and tons of weapon weapons on offense and their divisional opponent. If the browns come out of this with a win, the rest of the country will be looking at them as perennial um, or no, not perennial, but they’ll be looking at them as a lock for the playoffs and a team that could really make a run in Afc, which i’m not sure that we thought them that we’re going to think about them that way until they beat a big dog like the ravens or like the steelers. Now rc, you were a stealer, i’m old enough to remember a time when this was a great rivalry. Pittsburgh and cleveland is supposed to be a great rivalry. It hasn’t been for basically two decades, because the browns have been so bad. How big a game is this for pittsburgh on sunday say it again? I’M. Sorry, would you say green? How big a game is this for the steelers? We know it’s a it’s, a measuring stick for the browns. How important is this game for the steelers it’s it’s? A huge game for the pittsburgh steelers, the pittsburgh steelers are 4 0, but i still don’t believe that they’ve played at high of the level on defense as they thought they should have this season or were thinking they could have.

And now you look at the browns coming in playing explosive offense in the run game. Obviously, having talented wide receivers on the outside and baker may feel that quarterback. So i think for the pittsburgh steelers. This is also a litmus test. This is also saying you know what we’re not only 4 0 but we’re contenders in the entire afc, not just this division and, i believe, that’s the way that mike tomlin is looking at it. I also believe that’s the way that this team is looking at it and one thing dom said all off season about this defense was they lived on turnovers? I expect them to take a step back. They haven’t gotten those turnovers, fitzpatrick hasn’t been as good. This would be a great time for him to start all right. It is one of several really good games on the schedule this weekend and we’ll continue to look forward to them. Meanwhile, let’s get to the power rankings here, because espn releases its own weekly, nfl power rankings, and for this upcoming week a shift at the top seattle is number one. According to our group, the packers are behind them. The chiefs with their first loss have slipped from number one down to number three, but the power rankings. I look forward to every week come from my friend, ryan clark, rc in your mind, who are the five best teams in the nfl at number? Five guess who has stiff armed their way into my power rankings for the first time ever, it’s, the tennessee, titans and listen? I was trying to keep them out.

Even when i was on the phone last night, i was like well if the bills win they’ll be five but they’re, not they’re the rapists and then derek henry said: knock knock knock. Let me bow. You over rc make sure that we’re number five and i’m actually kind of excited about it. This team’s 11 3 with ryan tannehill at the helm. They went to the afc championship last year, yet we still disrespect him and i’m not going to do it anymore. I’M. Not going to run up and try to slap the ball out i’m, not gon na try to slap the stiff arm down i’m, just gon na accept them bring them into my family. The tennessee titans are number five and at number four here we go stealers here. We go chase claypool ever heard of him, maybe not because he’s from canada and now they must play great football there, because he is a superstar. He stepped up as a number one against the philadelphia eagles, which has allowed juju smith shoes to slide at number two. Where he excels, t.j watt bud, dupree, cam, hayward, still playing excellent football up front and big ben is healthy and they have one of the greatest coaches.