Video and today we’ve got Flamengo playing away to Atletico Goianiense Let’s check it out, … .and. I hope i said that right …. So here we are it’s the second game of the Capeonato Brasileirao and Flamengo play tonight. Looking for their first win of the campaign.. Now it was a shock to all of us, i’m sure to see Flamengo lose after a winning streak for such a long time, but it happens from time to time and i’m hoping that Flamengo will make a change this evening and improve with their manager Domenec Torrent. So before we check out the game, if you’ve not subscribed to my channel and you’re new here, make sure you click subscribe. Deixe O, Like I’ve, been practicing click the bell and make sure you subscribe and share. It’ll be good to see you over on my social media channels. …. My instagram and twitter details are up above if you’ve not followed me over. There make sure you do It’s. Always good to get messages from you Now it’s time for the game. … let’s check it out So i’m hoping it’s a positive result for Flamengo. Here we go and the game being played at the estadio olimpico and here’s the Flamengo team. I’m, just going to pause that there. Now. We’Ve got Bruno Henrique up front, Gabriel, Barbosa …, .Gabigol Vitinho is playing and no Arrascaeta, which is a surprise, but we have got Everton Ribeiro Jerson Willian Arao. Felipe Luis.

Is there …? I hope he has a better game and he was unlucky the other day with his gol contra. Leo Pereira in defense, along with Gustavo Henrique and Rodrigo Caio on the right side., So that’s a change from Rodrigo being in the center of defense, And i think this Is going to be a tactical move by Domenec or Domy, as he likes to be known, so let’s check out the match. it’s an interesting change there. Here we go so there’s, Rafinha and Diego, not in the starting line. Up. Here come the team … .Vamos Flamengo, and here we go the start of the game.. Here, come Atletico. They are on the attack straight away., Its an early chance for Atletico, but not a good shot. There. Six minutes played. A cross by Edson, maybe a bit of confusion there in defense, but cleared by Felipe Luis, a dangerous cross and here’s Atletico with a long ball and he’s through here. Hyuri’s. Here A shot and a good save by Diego Alves, really good save. But what happened to the defense? There he’s free Here’s, Atletico again …, i don’t, understand it’s all Atletico at the start of the game. … …, ..and, they’ve, scored, Hyuri, has scored for Atletico and what’s happened to the defense here Through the legs of Rodrigo Caio Atletico. 1 Flamengo 0. Not the start. We were looking for what’s going on here. Surely it’s a free kick here, oh another chance for Atletico here, .

… What i don’t think Rodrigo Caio is enjoying his new position. It’S another goal for Atletico a curling shot. Look at the time here, Three Flamengo players in front of him and he still has time to take the shot and it was a good shot as well, but here’s Gabigol. Now, Oh just passed by Gabigol. That was the chance … … .before. Half time 35 minutes played here comes Atletico again it’s another goal, i don’t believe it. Oh, maybe it’s a free kick.. He looked offside to me. I don’t think that should be a goal. Oh yeah, no goal. Anulado Come on … ..second. Half now Flamengo need a goal to get back into the game., Not seen anything of Flamengo in these highlights, and there was Bruno Henrique coming in at the back. Here – come Atletico. A counter attack., Oh my god, It’s a long shot by Atletico and it’s Atletico. 3. 0 for flamengo what a goal: … … a very good goal: They’re having too much time here on the highlights to take shots. I don’t understand wow Atletico 3 Flamengo 0, and that is a big shock, Not what i was expecting and i think from the highlights there. I only saw two chances for Flamengo one for Gabigol and then the header by Bruno Henrique and it’s, not a great display and it’s, not what we’re used to seeing with Flamengo so quite disappointing to see Flamengo lose., I think, still carrying on from my last reaction.

Video for the first game, I think we need to give this more time.. I understand there’s been some comments on social media today from the Torcida, the Flamengo fans, who are not happy with Domenec Torrent but he’s. A new manager. He’s not been here for long, and you have to also question the players. Themselves. They’re getting used to a new system, but in my opinion, and tell me if you think otherwise, … they are professionals and they are used to winning.. I think it’s only natural, sometimes for teams to after having such a long winning run of games, to have a bad game and and that’s normal for all. The great teams, just like Flamengo, especially here in Europe. Liverpool, recently lost some games and in Europe Barcelona haven’t won their games. They let points slip away and Real Madrid won the Spanish title.. So it does happen to all the great teams. i’m, just hoping that Domenec Torrent gets some time and Flamengo stick by him., And i also hope that the players work hard and do something to help themselves and improve the results because, after all, they play for Flamengo. The biggest club in the world for me with definitely the biggest fan base in the world, So i think part of this responsibility is on the players as well. Let me know in the comments what you think about the Flamengo results., Who do you think is at fault here I mean i’m looking at pictures of Gabigol and he looks like he’s put weight on.

The players look tired when they are running.. There is no intensity like there was before so it’ll be interesting to see how this develops., Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below or message me on instagram or twitter. And just looking … …. I am just going to add in something here: … .Now i’ve got a little video clip of the Cavalinho. Do Flamengo and he’s not having a good time either let’s check this out. … …, So i hope the Cavalinho do. Flamengo is feeling better soon and we can all start enjoying Flamengo being back to winning ways. That’S all for today’s reaction, video, …, it’s, a disappointing result for a Flamengo but it’s. Only two games and i’ll say what i said in the last reaction: video …, ..CALMA, …, …, let’s, stay relaxed, let’s, give this a bit of time and I hope the players will step up and improve next time they play a game. That’s all for today’s video. Thanks for watching.