There were originally scheduled to be no games on uh tomorrow, saturday august 22nd. I know the first round isn’t over, yet it could be over today. It could be over on sunday. We still have the philadelphia montreal series and the st louis vancouver series that hasn’t been decided yet i’ve just put philadelphia in vancouver to win those series. If that changes, i’ll change this graphic right here but it’s. My tentative pick to win those series. So today, we’re doing the preview for colorado and dallas because they play tomorrow, didn’t originally schedule to do that. I was gon na probably think i was gon na do that on sunday or monday. Of course, the sunday recap for week three for the entire round. One will be out on sunday that’s going to be a great video. There, i believe, is almost 50 minutes long it’s a lot of stuff to talk about for round one. But let’s start around two previews here today: colorado and dallas before you do vote dallas ouch, because they’re facing colorado, let’s, look at the storyline right here, so colorado and dallas second seed versus third seed game. One is tomorrow in edmonton at 5 p.m. Pacific chilean interesting thing here is that the stars swept the season series. They did so. The avalanche 42 28 92 points through 201 won the round robin and defeated the arizona coyotes in a very convincing fashion. In five games you might say five games.

Oh arizona won a game: colorado deserved to sweep them. They won seven to one in game four and five that’s the good goals, four 31 goals for 13 goals. Against this time, i’m doing the points leaders a little bit different here, we’re going to do a couple, more players but i’m not going to do the same thing for both sides. So poised leaders very very great scoring mckinnon 13 points that leads the nhl in the playoffs nazim cadre these fans, i hope you’re not too mad about getting rid of cadre six goals. Five assists eleven points, mikko ranting in ten points, upper akovsky and eight points. Lioness gone eight points, kayla mccarr called her candidates, seven points goaltender through bower, 501 1.49937 save percentage that’s, very good, but again they will have to stop the offensive juggernauts that are the stars as well: pav, alfred sauce, of course, our very trusty backup goaltender with the 958C percentage the power play looking very solid for the avalanche logan. They were against the coyotes who struggled with the penalty, kill so again, 30.6 that’s a very solid improvement from the season where they only had 19.1 percent and then the penalty kill 88. As i said, the season series went to dallas four to nothing and they outscored the avalanche. Twelve to six. On the other side, the dallas stars, 37, 24 and 82 points one two and on the round robin and they defeated calgary in six games.

That was a very great game last night between the stars and the flames in game. Six, coming back from three nothing down to win that seven to three that’s making history right there stars were 25 goals, but allowed 27 against not surprising that the stars are in this round. Even though they’ve been outscored, the stars points leader is miro, hai skinned with 12 points, powell, ski with eight points, curiano four goal game. Yesterday he has six goals and one is just seven points. The question we are asking here is: where are rational, ben and sagan? On this list, rajalov ben and sagan are not on this twice leaders list because they are only around three or four points. I know sagan has been injured for a couple of these games, so we’ll. Let him we’ll let him off easy here, but rajalov and ben have not been very prominent at all, and they’ll need to do better if they want a chance in this colorado. Goaltender’S ben bishop has been injured for quite some time. He did play one game against calgary in the last series: eight sixty two sleepers and ish. Well, we would all expect that anton udobin will be the starter for the series. He has a four and three record two point: four nine goals and establishing nine nineteen say percentage stars have a twenty percent on the power play that improved a lot in that second half of the series calgary and at game three they’re only at 10 and now And after game, six they’re 20 and then their penalty kill is at 76.

7 percent Music. Now this is another interesting series to predict, because i know how a lot of you guys are going to say. Colorado is going to win this series easily it’s hard to say here. I don’t know what kind of matchup this is going to be it’s the stars swap the season series, but again we’re accounting for more injuries to the avalanche. Back in that time. I know the avalanche has been very, very solid, even without mckinnon ranting in landscape they’ve been really solid nonetheless, especially in these playoffs, but of course the first line has showed up a lot. The stars showed how good they can be in games. Four five and six of that calgary series they showed that how good nero henskin is is a playmaker, defenseman, pavel ski, stronger hat trick guriano of the four goal game. If ratchet, law of ben and sagan can help with that offense and chip in more the stars. Will be a tough team to beat for the avalanche? This is much of a bigger challenge for the avalanche, even though we’ve seen such dominant performances from the avalanche in these playoffs, the stars have had their troubles, but they’ve started to score more, and that was their biggest issue. Their biggest issue was a lack of scoring and they’ve done. That you’ve scored a lot in games four and five and six seven wasn’t sick in game. Six, five holes in game: four: they are starting to find their game.

The stars, i believe, are are playing a little bit better than they did in that regular season. I know they were trending in a very good direction, prior to the pause and they’re finally showing that kind of game. Again, i know round robin and playoff hockey is a little bit different. The stars have shown just how big of a discrepancy that was, and they didn’t show it right away, but the stars they’re coming back and they’ll, give the avalanche quite a challenge here. So my prediction here is going to be colorado and six. The stars will make this competitive and they have a chance. I think, but colorado is very deep and, as i’ve seen very offensively talented, they can really really upset your defense and cause them to have fits power. Play penalty. Kill is going to be big here for the dollar stars. They need to tighten up that defensiveness. They need to limit the avalanche scoring because that’s big. If the atlas can’t score, the stars might have the advantages and conroe defense is good and the stores will need to get through that as well. Goaltender wise group hour has been much better, but have they really faced the challenges that dallas has faced dallas face calgary, and that was a much tougher series for them, but the abs faced their coyotes, which was a little less of a thing for them, because arizona As we know struggles to score goals, so this is going to be a very interesting series, that’s for sure, so we’ll see what happens well.

Thank you guys for watching here smash the like button. If you enjoyed it, we’ll see you guys on the weekend for more hockey content and more gaming content as well, and then we’ll keep on doing these previews as the matchups get confirmed. We’Ll probably do some on the weekend, and maybe some on monday we’ll see if it was a game seven on sunday. If, if there’s not, then we will likely get more matchups and more previews done. I don’t expect any more games on saturday. Next game is probably going to be on monday to 24th, but i don’t know what will happen if game sevens are forced for sunday. I don’t know this game will get postponed. I assume not, because there are no games on saturday. I think they always want to keep the hockey going and not allow for any break time here, it’s good, that they don’t get that rust factor here, because you don’t get too much of a break. The colorado gets a little bit more, but still not wonderful weak.