Jamie ben with the puck out in front score: tyler sagan, his first goal of the post season, one nothing dallas curls along the right wing boards hands over to nathan, mckinnon mckinnon in the high slot shoots. He scores the avalanche, come right back a minute four seconds after the tyler sagan goal, we are tied at one hayskin and fires missed the net oleksiak to the puck for dallas, drops it back for combo a shot, deflected score Applause. The stars. Take a 2 1 lead as johnson heads to the colorado locker room oleksiak’s, going to keep it, throw it back out. Blake cuomo is going to shoot the puck and i don’t know if that touches dickinson or not we’ll, get a better idea here. Eddie change it off for ryan graves. You know they weren’t, even in that game against the calgary flames mckinnon across the ladder sky and he is robbed by hoodoven. This is amazing, athleticism from anton hudovens up the left side and out off the stick of foxa picked up by jamie bend, roger cutting for the net. He scores what a setup from jamie van in the finish by alexander rangelov, to give dallas a 3 1 first period, lead here’s, a foot race gerard had been on for a long time. Graves just comes on not used to playing with gerard just a little chip out of the neutral zone by radek fox, jamie ben’s, going to win the race eddie and then rajaloff goes to work and now gerrard, with the puck for colorado, mckinnon straight away, shoots blocked In front landscape with it stuff attempt he scores, gabe landiskog cuts the dallas lead to one great job by nathan.

Mckinnon you’ll see him in the center of your screen right there that stretches the dallas stars. Defense out that allows lando scott to come in gather up that loose puck and then go right around who dobbin eddie and stick it to the back of the net. So now, klingberg with the puck for dallas ben to sagan, rajaloff finals, left sagan shoot, save rebounds score ratchalov again, his second of the game: 4 2 dallas here’s, a quick counter. You see zedoroff, he gets caught out of position, sagan’s gon na shoot on goal. Looking for a rebound, if the initial shot doesn’t go in and the rebound’s there for radiolog to jump on it, eddie now, mckinnon comes over cadre with the puck out to gerrard wrist, shot score out of deflection the avalanche again, pull to within a goal Music hard On the floor check haste gon na get separated from the puck nazim cadres there and look how hard mckinnon works to get to the front of the net. It changes direction off of that gerrard shot right here. You see him move to his left and look at nathan mckinnon just finish that off eddie Applause comfort, now to nachuskin the former star out in front great opportunity for jost ghost keeps the puck alive for colorado. Zadoros, coming together, big hit on klingberg as he shoots and scores. Ropey hints set up by jason dickinson to give the stars a 5 3 lead you’re going to see him here, good pinch by cling bird support by dickinson, throw it out front and just shot on goal a little bit quick, maybe quick! That franco is expected, but a really good pinch eddie by john klingberg, taking a hit to make a play down to the final 10 seconds, blocked off by rajaloff.

Looking for a hat trick, shot was blocked down to three seconds and that will do it. The dallas stars take game one over the colorado avalanche by the score of five to three excellent goaltending from anton hudovan.