Martin tyler here with you, along with alan smith, of course, as usual, the action comes from the mls is coming up very shortly, los angeles fc against la galaxy. I think if we get a nice and sharp quick tempo to begin with we’re in for a real treat here, because we’ve got a couple of entertaining sides that love to go forward. Music, Music, well we’ve been waiting for this. The los angeles fc lineup we’ve got it for you now we’ve got it down as a 4, 3 3 yeah it’s a system that the netherlands used to use all the time. I think really they invented it and plenty of countries have adopted it since if it works, it’s it’s really tough to handle. So this is the lineup for the la galaxy today, giancarlo gonzalez plays with daniel steres at the back jonathan desantis plays with sebastian lecher on the flanks javier hernandez is the main striker today. Thank you for attending have a great time signal from the referee and off. We go Applause, harvey won it back with an interception Applause and he gets it returned to him. Okay, Applause harvey the referee’s gon na manage this match and giving the foul, i think, it’s quite a good thing to do. Applause, Applause and that will be a goal. Kick Applause read: the intentions could really get at the opposition here. A space to get the cross in they’ve gone wide chance to get the ball in the box.

Applause, oh well, credit for the effort, the intention, but the technique was poor Applause. The past not completed really an opportunity here, there’s some space to work. The ball into there’s still danger here. After this half clearance hernandez Applause patient play as they try to get the goal that will put them in front of dropping in and the goalkeeper made sure it didn’t by tipping it over. I think the crowd had got a bit fed up with this match. Embarking on the mexican wave he’s put in the corner defender did well to get to it, but hasn’t really finished the job. Jonathan dos santos it’s not really a way now it’s offside, and it looks as though they might be in to score k, harvey and off. He goes with some options: jonathan dos santos, going forward with real purpose now, that’s good, passing probing it’s good work between these two keeping the ball so important. They haven’t done it. They can spread the play now patient play from them, maybe he’ll cross it here. Poor cross really no chance for anyone in the center to get there. Applause, qatar Applause can find some space here on the flanks Applause, carlos vela, okay, jeffrey’s had a good look and decided what he’s seen from this period of play to add on three minutes. Gonzalez dos santos in sewer, here’s, jonathan dos santos Applause and there is the halftime whistle nil, nil at the break, so nothing to separate the two great rivals in this derby half time, yeah all to play for in the second half and a bit of work.

Maybe for both managers in that chat signal, so here we go for the second half that’s cut out. He’S got some room out here in the wide position they’ve broken through here with the first goal. Might that just be the vital strike? A goal that’s been put away in prime fashion. The defenders seem to lose the concentration almost they saw it coming from a long way out different angle on it here, so so. The first goal is one nil: la galaxy goal, number 17 sebastian logic the hosts of controlled possession here so far, they’ve just not been good enough going forward. I think what they’ve worked on in the week the manager was talking about. They haven’t really put it into practice out there too many off key so far, it’s good work here in terms of possession can they find the final pass harvey guiding it through dealt with the danger pavon hernandez dos santos well, with two thirds of the way through The 90 minutes half an hour to go great interception, throw for la galaxy and the manager alan is making this change here. Substitution will take place. He’S played really well he’s, a thorn in the side of those opposing defenders and took his goal really well. Qatar read the intentions: Applause rossi, with right, phillips, some players limbering up for the away team substitution in the offing; Applause. He could take them on here. Can’T get past him strong, tackle Applause, ensuer, Music, just a quick check on the clock and there are 20 minutes to go they’re looking to make the change now as quickly as possible.

The home team two substitutions become one from each camp Applause opportunity to cross it. Now, Applause bit of space to go forward into with the ball moving it nicely and productively here, but that’s the keeper’s ball from the moment the cross left his foot rossi very impressive. The support for this team, if only the team, could be quite so impressive themselves. Yeah they’re doing their bit the supporters. They really are so just wonder whether he can transfer onto those players down on the pitch got his foot in to cut out the pass. Well everyone’s going up for this corner. It is an opportunity to get an equaliser well. There are other options from the bench corner played it decent distance from the punch from the goalkeeper it’s lovely, passing this and knocking the ball around with such confidence, yeah it’s the understanding between those players down there. They seem to be reading what each is going to do before. They’Ve done it added time coming up, there will be two minutes of it trying to catch. The other team out with a quick break here still countering here, could get the ball into the box. Now this could be a chance that is an amazing save at full stretch. Well, that looked a certain goal, can’t believe he’s kept it out. Applause corner swung in got to get it over the first man defend that’s the final whistle from the referee. Well, given this historical rivalry here, it’s a bad defeat to take, they are on the wrong end of the result where they so much wanted to be on the right side of it.

Yeah never great, losing any game but to lose in this fashion.