That could be the case this evening. The rain has been lashing down i’m derek ray here on the college position joined by lee dixon i’m very excited to be able to bring you live action from major league soccer, coming right up, it’s, the colorado rapids and they face real salt lake thanks, derrick, good Atmosphere, everybody looking forward to what should be a really entertaining game. Music. Oh here, is the lineup for the hosts today, and this is a formation. Most people in the game are very familiar with nowadays, yeah most coaches are adopting this formation. What it does give you is two holding players in front of the back four to protect them, but it also gives you three supporting players to that central striker. This is the lineup for the visitors today. It does rather look as though it’s going to be a battle of the 4 5 1 formations in this game, similar setups lee. Well, it looks lovely in the graphic don’t need these players everywhere. They have got the freedom to roam around the pitch, how they see fit. There is some structure to it, but that lone striker up front knee support not only around me but from wide areas of two. The supply line will come from the wide midfield players and maybe the overlapping full backs, and so the match is underway. Moving the ball forward with purpose, excellent challenge: Applause on the shielding front, it’s neat, passing confidence on the ball thunder’s, clear Applause, albert Music.

Well, the fans enjoyed that pass. Well, just couldn’t quite keep himself on side. The flag has gone up well here. It is again he’s just a little bit too eager needs to hold his run. A little Applause, well, real difficulty, keeping the ball real danger, kellen, acosta Applause crossing possibilities, a very good tackle, everton, louise and very deftly cut out. Marcelo silva. Has it albert rusnak? Sabarino Applause, everton, luis passing it around looking for the goal that would put them ahead a case of foiling the opposition. By whatever means can they forge ahead from this corner? Kick let’s, see Applause and he’s fired over the corner well thumbs clear. Can he deliver accurately? Well, not a cross that will live long in the memory goal. Kick Applause everton, luis Applause? Can they carve out a chance damier, crailer Applause, jefferson, sabarino Applause, albert rusnak, kreilag, everton, luis so close to keeping himself onside but offside? Is the verdict well that’s his job? The linesman give those tight offside decisions and get them right. Well, the pass, not fight against targets, Applause, albert rusnak, precise ball movement bears this looks promising the cross is on and the cross smuggled away. They’Ve regained possession Applause taking care of business defensively here. Applause and three minutes will be added on for stoppages Applause, and that was a very fine read. Read it magnificently and intercepted Applause and there it is the halftime whistle Applause Music into the second half then, and these two sides are locked together, just can’t really choose between them at the moment, savarino good tackle using his physical strength to shield it acosta jack price.

Goodness he was right, on top of the situation, to get the ball back for his team Applause. The rosenberry delivered into the area here well far too much on that particular cross, and he has been ruled offside here. Can’T have been by an awful lot i’m. Not so sure, but the linesman’s got a better view than i have everton, luis Applause damier kreiler, not what he was intending bad pass. Well, the fans enjoyed that pass. What can he do from here? Delivering it into the box and he’s banging against the woodwork with a header, well we’re talking in she’s, so so close with his head Applause, honua beautiful, pass still pushing for the goal that would put them ahead, but not forcing it bears beckerman. He has time to play us over beckerman mastery of the passing game; Applause, an authoritative challenge to go to the bench at this stage of the Applause game; Applause, quick thinking to dispossess his opponents, Applause, rusnak, here’s, kyle, beckerman, well, great. Read there to intercept well it’s been a frustrating day for these fans. They want a goal they’re urging their team on to attack, possession and patience the watchwords playing with purpose and control Applause dealing with the threat, that was real Applause, not a very complicated catch. For the keeper well derrick, you can sense the frustration growing from the fans that leads on to the players being frustrated too. You can sense it can they get the goal: price Applause, the rosenberry nicholson.

He didn’t have the ball, but not anymore. Five minutes remaining and level pegging here, rusnak well, he’s lost it ben jose wilson, great challenge. He got nothing but ball without the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes, albert rusnak Applause and still on the lookout for the goal that could be so important at this juncture. It might be on for them fine cross into the middle, my goodness, with the game level, you’ve got to be more opportunist. That is that after 90 minutes they are level and extra time is coming.