You’Ve got to say this is derrick ray joined for commentary by former england international lee dixon i’m very excited to be able to bring you live action from major league soccer coming right up, it’s. The colorado rapids and they take on sporting kansas city well i’m excited about this one great atmosphere in here everybody looking forward to this game, especially me, and you Music, number three number, 10 acosta and number 23 kai kamara Applause. Well, here is the lineup for the hosts today. Now this is a formation. Most people in the game are very familiar with nowadays, yeah most coaches are adopting this formation. What it does give you is two holding players in front of the back four to protect them, but it also gives you three supporting players to that central striker. This is the lineup for the visitors today, if you like, wingers you’ll love this league yeah. Absolutely i love to watch a winger play, especially with pace and power. The central striker will stay more or less in front of the goal. The support will be provided by the three central midfield players. The back four is pretty conventional, but the full bats will be asked to support from behind. Thank you for joining us Applause and the game begins Applause given away excellent use of the ball as they make their way forward now, just couldn’t keep himself on side. Okay and it’s with sanchez johnny russell zuzi, pure ball control.

Sanchez teamwork might be the key russell. Graham zuzi and it’s with sanchez looks promising base. It looks promising. It is a decent looking attack here. He must finish well kept out corner kit, forthcoming Applause and overcomes the corner. Well, as a defender that will suit you down to the ground opportunity to deliver the cross, it might be on for them, but from the byline danger, aversing lost it johnny russell still pushing for that girl. That would see them forge ahead and now passing it through platted away Applause, not fantastic, defending let’s, see if it helps the opposition he’s, protecting it well illegal play and hence a free kick reddit superbly to take back possession and they’ll get ready for the throw in Moore acosta and the cross goes in insufficient guile on the crossing front. You’Ve got to say, Applause susie, a meaty but fair challenge, and it will be a throw in with gutierrez gutierrez russell alan pulido and space for the cross, and he did what he had to do defensively. This could be an interesting avenue. Acosta now will they be able to play it in behind the defense. Applause, superb defensive judgment to end the Applause attack gutierrez we’ve had the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes: johnny russell moving forward effectively. The cross is on graham zuzi targets, available, cross comes in making sure nothing untoward happened. Applause and the whistle is sounded for half time in this game, and so the second half gets underway almost a case of the two teams saying to each other.

Whatever you can do, i can do just as well and he was in the right place to intercept oh stylish ball. What can they do now? Can he deliver accurately and it’s with sanchez jeff so still on level terms moving the ball nicely and the cross is very much on Applause and the danger clear. This might be ideal for the counter opportunity to deliver the cross. He cuts it back. He’S bruised the woodwork, but perhaps we’ll have expected more well with all the gold to aim at he chooses to hit the woodwork Applause, beezler and we’re inside the final 30 minutes. Sanchez matt biesler russell with it a sloppy pass. Applause and the goal. Kick is the outcome substitution time, as is fontas with it and it’s, with sanchez felipe gutierrez, the rosenberry keegan rosenberry, well, the home fans a little bit frustrated today, the team hasn’t been at their best, but surely the quality will count in the end, Applause crosstalk into The penalty area now, sadly, from his point of view, wayward to say the least – well it’s a shocker, i wasn’t very good at heading derek, but i could have done better than that. Applause it’s, with gutierrez 15 minutes remaining and it’s with sanchez good. Looking sequence well cleared away an opportunity to forge ahead from this corner situation: Applause Applause played into the center of the box and a pretty straightforward stop for the goalkeeper there yeah weak shot straight at him, no problem for the goalie felipe gutierrez and it’s with sanchez Fontas, has it good use of the ball, but can they trouble the defense and it’s with sanchez really a very poor ball on the ball russell tremendous intuition to win it back? The electronic board has been held aloft.