The car parks are full, there is a torrent of humankind making its way from the nearby station and we expect every seat to be filled. An atmosphere of great expectation and excitement: this must be amongst the favored arenas of supporters all over the world. It really does have a very special feel to it shooting chance. Oh, that was no routine save oh that’s, a sparkling save absolutely sparkling. His reflexes were ultra sharp treasure, decent attempt, but not quite good enough. Applause, that’s not gon na make it Applause outside the box, and it is just a free kick. So what can they conjure from this one? This is a great chance to take a lead. He’S missed, but not by that far have pushed both fullbacks into quite advanced positions here, yeah that’s that’s interesting. So what are they attempting to do? Well, it’s it’s, a bold attempt, in my opinion, to occupy the opposition in a way they’re not expecting going through and the finish good stop that wasn’t easy well! That was high class goalkeeping there to back up his his high class wage, tries to get it clear. Applause sanchez did really well to intervene and dispel the growing danger well that’s, where he wants it: Applause Music side, yet able to find the net Applause. Music Applause, big chance, error, duly punished, deadlock, broken it’s one nil, and that ought to be the trigger for a really exciting and entertaining game from here on.

The balls come loose and the chase is on hardly anything between the sides and the score is one. Nil. Tries to locate someone up front, he could be in here that’s just an example of over committing and they’re fortunate for the quality of the intervention. It was vital, that’s, a throw that’s just very well played. He can’t hurt you with his back to goal and he didn’t go for the back heel cuts it out hoist it forward well, positioned to make that interception quick ball forward. He’S made sure that that won’t get through. That is there to hoof it away. Yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities. Oh well, intercepted, really alert to the danger. Let’S put a stop to that. He’S found his man and it’s paid forward very well to intervene. That’S ruffled a few feathers but well dealt with decent. Looking ball always has a go great, build up. It all deserved a better and it’s half time here. So there you have it a close sport. Half of football still had its moments and ultimately produced just one goal more than decent game up to now any strong opinions on the first half well, i think the scoreline offers a fair reflection of the level of endeavour from both teams. I think they lead because they did most of the probing that’s a hit. Oh denied brilliantly. Well, what can i say, truly wonderful, goalkeeper defending of the goes for goal it’s going to possession this, but very little to show for it.

Applause has he found his man and again they run up against stubborn, defending he’s, got options out wide dashing forward at pace, good challenge. He just stood firm. Ah now some movement on the bench and we are going to see a change just brushed off the ball. There no mistake – and this is getting better and better a pretty simple finish in the end. What do you think jim yeah? I really can’t say enough as to how good the final ball was. It took the defense out of the equation for that split moment, and the damage was all done so that’s two now without reply. Well, that second goal has given them so much more command and confidence now, and they should be able to take it on from here and either add to their lead or or close it out. Surely they’ll manage one or the other gets wrestled off the ball as they might they just couldn’t get into an attacking area and that’s the end of that. It all started well enough over to the left, keeper’s ball. Applause tries to get it forward quickly and they’ve been caught out here and helps available out wide. Oh that’s neat, oh great, defending that needed doing regardless of the outcome. It is good to see someone running at the defense like that. It’S a good run down the right. Where could this lead chance battles to win it back? He’S kicked him out and through to the goalkeeper, gets into a dangerous position and it’s been taken straight back.

He’S pulled him up for that challenge. He’S gone direct against the crossbar. The final five minutes – Applause, great strength too strong for his opponent. Well, the defense got the better of him this time but i’m sure he’ll go again. He’S looked long! This time he acknowledges that he should have come up with something better there. Yeah i mean he. I think he did well to to spot the run. He just didn’t get enough behind it. It happens forward, it goes driving on. He could has a hit.