These days now, chanel sliding in knocks it away, but right to jimenez back to derek etienne junior into the box. Sardines number six for jose zardes, but the offside flag is up just gives it away there’s the offside right there on etienne junior. That is the correct call. What a finish that is from jesse’s artist. Applause tries to drive it in comes right back out to madrid he’s from mata. Now madrid will dance along the top of the box. He’Ll take a shot off the crossbar Applause, better much better. That’S, what i want to see from it he’s got the magic twinkle toes, gets him behind, and even if he’s, at that top of the box area, he’s also got the quality to test the goalkeeper Applause. 55Th minute parks medina nice ball through tenor, home all alone, and tom tenner home a little both and just the wrong side of the post. Next to sebastian, burhalter and darlington nagby will move up field a little bit poor. Give chance pushes it aside there’s the goal alex ring the captain. Finally, getting new york city on the scoreboard, ending the drought and it’s one, nothing new york city abubakar, cater with a horrible give up for columbus crew, but look at that composure from emperor he’s, not selfish. He doesn’t go for a goal. He sees the skipper alex ring completely open for a simple tap in that’s. What i want from my striker unselfish recognizes the moment.

Nycfc needs a goal and they get it. Finally, joe tollison 175 minutes in between goals for new york city, but alex ring with his first of the season, buries it for city Applause, and it is one to nothing. Oh and another giveaway this time by mensa now medina top of the box. Jesus medina cuts around gets a shot off gobbled up by tarbell. What a save big sands in the six yard box, collins ever chanel at the penalty spot driven to the far post keaton park, sends it back across, but ryan tarbell he’ll work against matarita steps right by him corner of the box slips in trying to find ottie Comes out to pedro santos santos turns shoots saved by johnson Applause, there’s, a big five minutes now awful steps in front of torreira matarita comes over to help out, but it’s santos right back to torreira and in front of there’s the equalizing goal. But yet again, columbus will be denied by an offside flag, wow good luck trying to find out. If that was offside from that angle right there. Well, you can see the black shoe behind chanel he’s off. So again, if you look at the jossie’s artist goal, you can’t look at zardes. He wasn’t the guy who was offside. It was derek edition. Jr yeah this one fernando adi, clearly offside, but now back to darlington nagmy hit shot a weak effort from nagby standards right into sean johnson. Stepping into it was keita pushes back to awful now out wide pedro santos cross, driven in headed away by toradinson, and there is the full time whistle and new york city has their second win of the season.