Uh ronald reagan was such a fan of the dessert that he described ice cream as being a nutritious and wholesome food and said it had a reputation as the perfect dessert and snack food. This was taken directly from his speech declaring july to be national ice cream month. Um a little history about ice cream is actually an ancient recipe dating back to the second century bc. Here in america, the first ice cream shop actually opened in new york city in 1776.. Now many people think that dolly madison was the first to serve ice cream at the white house. However, washington served it at mount vernon and they even had their own ice cream machine and supposedly, during the summer of 1790, washington spent dollars in 1700s. Cash on ice cream materials, um thomas jefferson as well uh served it starting back when they returned home from france. In the 1780s um dolly did popularize the treat uh to the public and made it one of the country’s most favorite desserts, because she truly was the first trend setting first lady dolly served as jefferson’s hostess as he was widowed during the time he was at the White house, so, with their mutual love of ice cream, they certainly served it frequently her favorite flavor of ice cream, oyster to make oyster ice cream. You make an oyster soup and then strain out the oysters and freeze um. So this is what mine turned out. Looking like um i’m gon na say definitely a no for me, but if you’d like to try it um, you can find the recipe online um, it’s, very fishy.

So good luck uh, but this was dolly’s favorite um. Hers might have been a little bit better since they said that her oysters were very sweet and came from the nearby potomac river. Dolly did bring another recipe for ice cream to the white house, which was developed by aunt sally shad, who was a freed slave who actually started her own catering business. She made an extremely popular recipe which was a blend of cream sugar and fruits. Mrs madison also served guests a molded, pink dome of ice cream on some occasions and also a strawberry ice cream at madison’s second inauguration, both of which, i think, would be much better recipes than the oyster ice cream um. On the other hand, thomas jefferson is credited with actually being the first person in america to actually write down an ice cream recipe. His favorite was a little bit more traditional uh, just vanilla ice cream. The jeffersons were exposed to the dessert delicacy during their time. In france uh his recipe included 18 detailed steps, including a layer of ice, a layer of salt for three layers and a note to quote: put it in molds jostling it down on the knee and then put the molds into the same bucket of ice. The recipe which again was for vanilla ice cream was also given to mrs washington. At the white house, guests of the jeffersons stated it was served in small balls enclosed in a warm pastry.

They also frequently topped it with fruit and berries. So for the national ice cream month you can be very adventurous and try dolly’s, favorite oyster or keep it a little bit more traditional and make a very simple vanilla ice cream for thomas jefferson. So, thank you all.