How are you doing? I can help you today. I’Ve had a text message from you guys um it says about you know i haven’t paid my council tax and uh it’s, given this number to ring um and it’s got down there that uh. This is a very serious matter. Okay, i just wanted to ask a few questions before i give you any reference. Number mate: okay, um. How long is it till for from the you know? Obviously, i’ve got this text message a couple of days ago. How long is it until you sent someone around to the house speaking from point within texas, we’re, looking to continue recovery within the space of seven days? Oh seven days, gotcha mate, gotcha, um it’s, just that, obviously i i’m not living at that address and uh there’s. No one there i’ve i’ve got it as a cannabis farm to be honest, mate. You know the whole top floor is um, packed out with weed um. If you send anyone rounds, you know they wouldn’t know, because obviously the bottom floor is not being used. You know we’ve got it set up like a house but the top floor. Um i mean, could you stretch it out for a couple of weeks or so because we can have it all cut and done by then you? Let me know what the address is. I’Ll be able to have a look into that oh yeah, but obviously, if i let you know what the address is, you’ll probably sort of like you know, send pod around there who um take it all away, wouldn’t ya! Well, i can’t really state what uh what place would do there, but i imagine they would do exactly yeah so that’s.

Why i don’t really want to sort of like give you the the address and stuff i mean we’ll, be out of there in, like i said up, but probably about two weeks. Well, if you compare the council taxes outstanding, then obviously we won’t be happy to send anyone around to the property right, so it doesn’t matter that i’m growing the cannabis in there just as long as you get your cancer tax. Well, i don’t know what address it is that you’re calling about at this time. So i mean the cannabis farm there’s, not much. I can do about that, but we’ve gotten the council tax. If you do make a payment towards the accounting question, then i’ll see we wouldn’t have any more involvement in the matter. Well, uh, yeah yeah! I mean it’s a bit of a gamble really because uh, you know if, if you do actually sort of send anyone around now, they’re, probably gon na knock and think someone’s out anyway, like i said, you wouldn’t know the bottom floor, you know because you look through The windows and everything it just looks like an ordinary house it’s upstairs. So unless you guys have got ladders to every sort of call that you make it’s not really gon na, you know matter really is it. You know. I just want to sort of get this cannabis oil for my uh elderly mum. Who’S got cancer to sort of like you know, hopefully stop the cancer.

Do you know about um cannabis, oil and cancer mate? You know i’ve got much larger. Do you know anyone that’s ever been uh struck down by counts by cancer? No, i can’t say it i do. But if we look at the concern the council tax aspect of the uh of the issue here, yeah see you do have the option of making payments online. If you have access to the internet so yeah, i don’t really want any link to the house in case it all goes: pete, tong, mate and sort of like you know. I get done for growing a load of cannabis, even though i’m doing it for medicinal purposes. You know me: mum’s got cancer, as i just said. I thought you could just sort of help me out a little bit there. You know well i’d say all i need to do is look at the actual contact aspect see what arrangement was in place. Obviously, what outstanding balance and arrange a pen for that so i’m going to stop to any further recovery action. Uh yeah well, like i said mike we’re gon na, be out there in two weeks. I think you’re gon na take a little while to get any bailiffs around there and uh. I know that you can’t full century for council tax anyway and there’s, no one there to answer the door or anything, so i think i’m going to risk it mate. I just wanted to know you know.

Thank you very much cheers mate there. You go guys don’t care about.