This is one of the plush lounges in the midland hotel and the curtains are closed. You’Ll see all the signs have been removed from the hotel and if you read the message on the door, it actually says that the hotel is closed, which is quite interesting because it doesn’t seem to be closed at all. You see lots of people milling about inside. Why are they keeping this secret? Why are they keeping this from the people of derby one okay? Well, it looks like they’re all playing football, and now they know they’re being recorded they’re, all going in because i’m just trying to get some evidence of what’s going on here i mean well, i was i was told by this gentleman earlier that this is the nhs Staff, i can’t remember telling you that sir it’s uh no problem all right. Okay, so what’s happening here then no comment. All right looks like we’ve got we’re being followed by one of the uh chaps here is coming up now. Let’S hope so so probably just wants to keep us informed, but we’ll see yeah i’ll have something don’t mind: i’m, not i’m, not here to cause trouble not at all. No again, i have no issue with you videoing or doing whatever you want on public land. However, please do not go on private property for me, whether it’s a hotel or not it’s still private properties. It is indeed but surely, if i wanted to go in now and book a room, i could do couldn’t.

I know because the hotel’s closed – oh right, okay, so is the hotel empty? Well, can you tell me who’s in the hotel? I can tell you no comment. That’S. Okay, you see this gentleman here is just bringing trays and plates back from over there. So is this also part of the hotel and you can see that the hotel name has been blanked out, so this seems to be getting fed from this hotel and then some of them are actually living in this bit. I think it’s right that uh, the people of darwin know who is paying for all this. I think it’s right that all the taxpayers of our country know who’s paying for all this all the way through this we’ve been told Music. With no comment, um we’ve been asked not to video, and i think we have every right to understand what’s going on here. As i said, this is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city and it now seems to be being used as an asylum seekers.