What are we cooking? Oreo ice? Can panic memorial ice cream cake? Alright, who sent us this recipe Jamie? Do you need Sturken? Ok, she send us in a couple of recipes, but this one, you guys is gon na – become a family favorite out our house. In fact, my older daughter, I think it’s gon na be her new birthday cake, say: hi, Brittany, hi, Brittany, this one’s for you, Oh Baby, Cakes, anyways, let’s, talk about ice cream. Did you know that July this Sunday July 19th is National Ice Cream day? I never know Wow remember. Last year we win got those big on ice cream scoops. Oh last year, we’re gon na make an ice cream cake. Okay, what is it nice cream cake, and I can pick is like? Is somebody Brad? You may eat that right, so it normally has one layer of like yeah and then a layer of ice cream, and you have a layer of chocolate or another layer of cake, or it only has three layers is what we’re trying yeah that’s three layers in our Particular ice cream cake that we’re making it’s going to have a layer of crushed Oreos, a layer of ice cream and a layer of whipped, topping right, that’s our three layers. And did you know that, back in the day, ice cream cakes were only for the really wealthy? I never know what I do. Thank goodness and change it around. So we all can afford it.

Okay, so let’s get cooking. What is Arlene oh yeah. Wait. Wait go slower, so we can tell warwick, wait Oreos, but any flavor. Now the one that i made for my daughter to test it out. Brittany was mint oreos and this one is just chocolate. Oreos. We have ice cream, vanilla, ice cream that we’ve let sit out for the last half hour, so it’s soft. We have chocolate chips, yes and Cool Whip and an orange caramel syrup. Okay. So now the recipe that they sent in was you were supposed to put the Oreos in a plastic, baggie and roll them, with your rolling, pin and crush them all up and make the bottom layer of the crust. However – and you guys have probably noticed that I always have to do things a little differently, so I decided we were just going to kind of crush them in the bottom, because then it reminded me of a blizzard, so I get for like a McFlurry, okay, so Camera it’s gon na crush them, but we have to make them into several different pieces, all right so wan na and also when I crush them before in the plastic bag, trying it out they, the frosting, got everywhere here. This is gon na mine, say the sticky. So how about we got a meet master, so we just match them all right. You want to do that and save a few for the top okay, so we’re gon na match them.

This is what we’re trying to do is just create the bottom layer of the you know of ice cream cake right, go ahead. Do it off just just kind of fill it in okay that way some fans there. We go. Okay, hold this alright, so so we put some ice cream yeah. You have to use your scoop the other way. Alright, so we solved in the ice cream and the reason I have 10 foil around it guys is because it was melting on all over and um. I don’t want doesn’t. Now you have to kind of you’re supposed to have it soft enough so that you can spread it so I’m gon na keep to kind of smooth it out. Kaylie I’m gon na get a knife and help so we’re kind of just making it. So it goes all over right mm. Hmm, okay, so spread it out. Wait! Don’T watch when you’re flinging it okay, because otherwise you’re gon na get our ice cream everywhere. Then it won’t be yummy deliciousness right front, so we want to get in the corners right. Don’T you don’t, want the ice, be careful. You don’t want to dig up to the bottom. You just want to smooth it out. Okay, because we want to have it’s smooth on the top, so dump the chocolate chips. Now it gave you guys all over. I did the recipe that jerk gooey senton did not call for chocolate chips but, as I mentioned before, I like to twist and do everything’s up, so I thought this would be more like kitchen sink, so Kaylee’s smooth it out a little bit.

Please, okay, just press! It down in there that’s like your frosting, the cake. Okay, there you go good job. You want to go all the way to the edges, because you don’t want to get a piece. That’S, not gon na, have anything in it right. What right now do we need to turn it to make it easier? You could always turn things if you need to turn your paper or turn your pan. Okay, what do you think good? Okay, now, when you hold these, you want to put it like this and put it on top okay, that brassy yep, so let’s put some out let’s put it in clumps and then it’ll be easier for you to spread. Okay, okay, okay, try that and see how you do now. You want to smooth it nice and I okay make sure you go this way with your spatula. Do you need your hand to hold in there? Okay, so I’m go to the edge right. We want it to be all across the top and we have to work a little bit fast. Cuz. We don’t want our ice cream to melt. We want to be able to put it back in the freezer to harden right. What okay so make sure it’s all smooth like the top of the cake? Let me do here: you want to push it that back that way, go and push it that way there you go smoothie. Does it also me the way you want it mm? Hmm? Okay! Well, uh, okay! So now what we want to do is drizzle the chocolate okay drizzle it we’re gon na make it like home let’s go in diagonal, so it looks pretty right there you go, I think you’re making Jackson Pollock dude.

He is no he’s, a famous artist, he just threw stuff everywhere, hmm hold it on not with chocolate syrup and now we’re gon na take the Oreos that we’ve saved and crush them into about quarter pieces and then just drop them all over. You can even do it smaller and you could do it if you crumbled it up and you’re in a plastic baggie. You could do it that way. I just felt like the frosting God everywhere and I was kind of trying to clean it out of the bag. So it might look a little better if they’re a little. You know not so big, but it is what it is right just for fun. You want to stick something so solid ones in there, half of them yeah like a design. Alright, okay, voila, stick it in the freezer for a half hour and let it set up practice. I made one in advance to show you also you don’t have to wait an hour to show it, but this is one we made with Oreo mint cookies and you can see in the in there it’s hardened up it’s it’s really yummy, but this is the one. I was saying that my older daughter would love because she loves him. She loves mint, that’s it so Brittany. I wish you I wish you were here. This is for you, babe cakes, give us a thumbs up if you liked this video or, if you have another wastepaper next time, send it to all us for next time.

Yes, unless your recipes leave us a comment, let us know what you think we want to. Thank Jeannie, Sturken and her family for this great recipe, it is definitely going to become one of our family favorites. I know that my older daughter, Brittany, already put in request for her for a different birthday cake, so I hope that you all enjoy National Ice Cream day. Try making this dessert that we’re recommending or go out and have a nice big triple dipping scoop right for that way.