The finish: superb cristiano ronaldo on his one, thousands it’s, curiouser and curious here’s ronaldo still trying to make it eight in a row and ronaldo grabs a goal back and maybe danger it’s a good ball over the top. A good run as well, but and suddenly napoli are nervous. Not a goalkeeper merrick should be coming for that it is not finished. It is eight in a row for cristiano ronaldo from alex santro, and what about that from cristiano ronaldo he’s, almost otherworldly. Look how long he stays and look at the concentration. What ahead of that is from cristiano ronaldo? The belly doesn’t get tight enough. There’S the ball round, the back towering header to make it 10 for the Music season, Music, taking chances nice the ball in a dangerous position. He’Ll be kicking him Applause might just Applause. Philippe Applause, Applause, Music. His wall should be stopping it, but the quality. The free kick is too much and it beats him. How apt a single player in a serie a season for juve has reached that level since 1961, ledeski and pianick, clever, really clever, took the defenders away. Really is a clever plate that was built on the training ground executed on the pitch by ronaldo they switched it. Music ronaldo looks to get back on the goal, scoring train Applause into the final half hour. This to send yuvey seven points clear straight down. The middle keeper makes a move. He can’t get back.

Ronaldo’S got his goal: thumped home by cristiano ronaldo, the goal: number 23 Music, the goal number 50 in serie a and they can reach out and touch the title. Music juventus the lead Music, Music he’s back on the pitch, but it’s given away ronaldo round olsson one now. His weight was all on the wrong foot and ronaldo read it in an instant brilliant for ronaldo, but i don’t think luke of its was ready for the pass Music plays it square ronaldo just steps across the young defender and then does the rest with ease undone With one big error, the calorie goal – cristiano Applause, ronaldo juventus – lead by two and ronaldo Applause, Music, that’s, a very calm penalty. It rolls into the opposite corner, to which olsen, who scores his seventh of the season, and there may be more because figures cost to find ronaldo, patrick Applause, that composure good finish and the end of this game cannot come soon enough for calgary. Add that awareness just to roll it underneath the goalkeeper only a minute and 10 seconds, cristiano ronaldo hat trick, Applause, it’s and the ronaldo the wrong way right in the bottom corner just goes a little bit Applause. He gets it across to alexandra that tweeted fighting for douglas costa, surely this time three deal juventus douglas costa’s been excellent, just bundles it into the ground, but it’s got enough on it to beat the goalkeeper there’s. The ball just played in behind douglas costa gets to the by line and what a good cutback it was opening this new campaign, the champions with a swagger and a bounce.

I certainly think so, and uh cristiano ronaldo catches it as down. He goes and they’ve got a penalty goes down and the referee points straight to the spot correctly for offside, just watch this and senna with the challenge back from this here we Applause chances like go and the penalty conceded rammed home by ronaldo. There won’t be any, and this time cristiano ronaldo has won the game just like that in the blink of an eye beat by the power there’s. The step over gives him that half a yard of space it’s a great strike, a great player there’s. The crossfield should be cut out here now that just gets on in a little step over really should be in the blink of an eye. Ronaldo shows his prowess this to make it 1 1 and ronaldo slams it home for his 10th successful penalty of the season. What a game we’ve got in store now smacked with real venom, he’s up to 27 goals in serie, a personally gallini elects for height and distance they’re. Looking for a penalty they’ve got it it’s, not an obvious mistake: it hits him on the army’s arms out by side, causing all sorts of confusion that cristiano ronaldo makes it 2 2 in the 90th minute anything about that so unlucky, that’s, alanza and muriel Music. Ronaldo Applause, Applause and the best in the land to reassert them Music. It goes to dybala here who brought it down on the shop first time, it’s brilliant.

What a great finish: there’s the pass. There’S the run tries to chest control it can’t beat through the kong and who found him with the pass. That is so often the case bonucci with a long ball forward. It’S not well defended wonderful technique from cristiano ronaldo movement here from ronaldo’s been spotted and there’s. The end results finish the higuain. Some of these passing this season has been exceptional but that’s. A good finish this time with his left foot as well, but it’s highway in it becomes the playmaker, great movement. He runs in behind Applause to ronaldo to juventus.