What club does lionel messi start a new season and who’s going to make the best transfer campaign subscribe on football news channel and you won’t miss anything guys today. Is the champions league finals write your prediction in the comments below and now press like and let’s get started ix named the price for one day, back it’s 55 million euros. The player wants to go to barcelona, but the catalan club isn’t sure whether they want to pay this price or not gabriel. Had a party check for arsenal, they will pay 30 million euros for leo’s defender bruno fernandes became the best europa league striker, scoring 8 goals. Lukaku has 7.. No one told me that basta wants to get rid of me are planning to continue playing here. Luis suarez announced aryan robin played in his first game. After getting back to the club, it was a friendly match against almer city robin entered the pitch as a captain. 30 minutes later he was substituted for ramon. Pascal luquis, who brought the draw to groningen 1 1 pierre emerick aubameyang, announced that arsenal still hasn’t offered him a new contract, and he doesn’t know whether he will extend his cooperation with the club or not tottenham, in the preparation for the new season destroyed ipswich. In a friendly match, with a three nil score since a new one scored, once son scored twice inter and leicester made offers about lilzvinga jonathan icone, the french club isn’t sure whether they should sell the player or not.

Liverpool beat stuttgart with confidence in a friendly match. Three nil, piamino, navigator and brewster scored barcelona resumed the negotiations on lao taro martinez. The catalan may include nelson semedo. In a deal, barcelona was discontented with one wreckage behavior, who celebrated sevilla’s victory in a europa league by jumping in a pool the club wants to get rid of the player. This transfer window juventus broke the contract with forward gonzalo, higuain and midfielder sami hijira. Po footballers had an agreement with an old lady that will end next year, but wolff couldn’t fit the plans of the new head coach, andrea, pillow, marcel’s defender. Bon assad was the victim of a robbery while the footballer was getting ready for the training. Four people wearing masks and having guns broke into the house. Saab was confused and gave all his jewelry to the robbers. Benfica decided not to sign kavani it’s. All about the high salary and uruguayan demanded 10 million euros a year. Cumin wants to see angelina in basa means, city wants 30 million euros. Napoli is negotiating about the transfer of arsenal’s defender sokratis papastopoulos. The process about maguire’s case was postponed until august 25th. A mu’s player was permitted to come back to england. Salah welcome to arsenal the club from london announced the transfer of a 17 year old, salah edin. It went all wrong. Bassa was lost and didn’t know how to fix it, told suarez in an interview to el pais chelsea wants to straighten their goalkeeper position.

The blues are interested in atlantico’s goalkeeper jan oblak. Slovenian goalkeeper is disappointed with the last failures of the club from madrid and is ready for a new challenge. Pillow offered nesta to be in his coaching staff in juventus, messi and ronaldo have been out of this world in the last 10 years. Winning the ballon d’or award would be an honor daily star, quartz neymar bassa offered 10 million euros for arie garcia and won’t pay. More real sociedad is willing to sign a contract with llorente napoli may break the contract with the spanish striker. Bayern is training to score penalty kicks before the final game against psg lewandowski, muller, neuer, goretzka, kimik, aliba and perishish could lick it. Juventus is ready to let ramsay go for 22.5 million pounds. Manchester united is interested kilo, navas and boateng can play in the champions league finals. They recovered from injuries. Pato announced his decision to leave sao paulo. He is known for his performance for milan chelsea, villarreal, corinthians, international and chinese tianjin alegri is in favor to lead, inter in case of contest resignation. Yesterday a number of interesting games took place. The results are on your screens and now to the main news. Let’S go: three clubs are interested in signing barcelona’s captain lionel messi interim phd already contacted the 33 year old, striker juventus added to the list. An old lady is following the situation with an argentinian and dreams to put him in a pair with the portuguese cristiano ronaldo.

Nevertheless, it is getting harder to sign him because of his high salary. Messi’S contract with barcelona ends in the summer of 2021. According to airy c1, a captain is still angry with the club’s management messi didn’t, like that. The details of his conversation with human appeared in the press lionel suspects bartomeo in creating a negative image on him. That will allow the president to explain the sale of an argentinian mundo. Deportivo assures the boss won’t. Let mercy go this summer. No offers will be considered. His clausula is 700 million euros. No club in the world can pay the price like this, so that means messi stays. Bayern’S head coach, hans, dita flex shared his expectations from the champions league finals against psg that will take place tomorrow. We are going to play our best game to play our best football only in this case, if we can do it, if we will play 100, we will win this match. They missed only five goals in the champions league less than anyone in the tournament. That means that their defense works the same as a fans. We have a game plan, we could make it set flick. Mbappe had a lot to say and named the possible winner of the finals. We have a chance to win the champions league that’s. Why? I moved to this club. I always said that i want to be in a history of the french football tomorrow. I will have another opportunity to do it since the time when i joined the team in 2017, we lived through a couple of big disappointments, but now we’re in the finals.

That shows that me and my team didn’t, give up a victory for the french club in this tournament would be a true award. That was my mission. When i came here every day, i feel better. The thing that i could participate in the semi finals helped me very much, even though i wasn’t a little bit in shape. Noya is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of football. I always dreamed to play against the best. If you want to be the best one, you have to play against the best ones. Tomorrow we are going to meet the possible winner of the finals, bayern we need to act, purposefully and play in our football. The champions league like it was earlier is the biggest club tournament. Of course it is strange to play without spectators, but we know that they will support us, no matter where this is still the champions league. You can make sure while watching the game temple. Yes, there are no spectators in the stadium, but there is still a great atmosphere. You can feel it. Everyone wants to win the tournament it’s an unusual way to play. We will remember it forever. We were shocked about the tragedies caused by the pandemic. This tournament will make it to history guys if you want more quality content and use of current interest subscribe on our project called. We know football channel. The link on the video is in front of you, click and watch that’s all for today, bye bye.