Why, again, our because this home cook is yours will also involve you. So if ever you want to learn about home cooking or if ever you have some recipes that you want to share. Please make this as your venue, so when I’m, before I proceed, thank you so much Caius and you monochrome man to see you man a suggestion from my previous videos, especially second boom, but no video, boomba rice cooker. So, if every pocket on nica time, please watch it get a Katrina Kaif machine that took for those living in their burning houses, gon na locked out, yes, Ilic, cookie Bugzilla stories and a gluto gets a lesson on Pumbaa rice cooker. Thank you so much Jukka hi! Oh so Menasha, whatever somebody hasn’t start, those cars are compiling. It could be CQG, secure whatsoever. Then again, I would always suggest that, as just all stay boom, okay, so in our staying home, if ever you want some groceries or if ever you need something for your home. Cooking always use online delivery services and I would suggest ww click and shaft pH because per there right now, the practice already contactless deliveries, in other words the laguna de canaima, cold enhancer driver speeding in a villain in a movie upward and also they guarantee and next Day, delivery for sample can come order the day after my harder Diana, Oh during easy cure, also Peter millennia monopoly yeah no and process Americana. Mamaliga jury is securities.

Ammonia connects my guests and I am so happy k, relocations sharing and rested. Let us welcome mr. Christian hi dad. I don’t get what sir doing good banana – oh, hey, laughs, laughs, but linking up for work now, but Logica taken over from all the foreigners acquiring Mirage all right now that work from home go for since March and so with the whole blood under the same page. Work from home, maybe I thought this will be working from one a little fun. You kind of know Malika, but you can do it exactly so. The fun will know me in the back like right, a language understand. So, thank you so much to show you my recipe. They actually came out boomerang, so you know messing addition of a significant tips and tricks and solar predominately Sarge up a gluto, yes, actually condition a snack. Madam wat on that on Hoffman is very easy left to make its popular Disick a sample. I or some happiness my restaurant, malarek, exterminator and then the later push a moment do not have a cell phone monument, especially the loading apparently done so it’s. Very easy to me, the legalization town get me to show it to you. Next what’s up: hey piggy, the other netbooks over hardwood with enti, alright. So now, for the record of someone dining area and even prepared about, say yes, I’m going to show you don’t put stuff on my chicken burger ingredients. I have here one flat.

One main ingredient would be our chili and some additional conceal a not demanded commercially. So, Music, ideally a lot you can. Aha, yes done. Oh my ram inputs and an ounce of presentation and then of course, facilitator for sure people know this: okay, Tasha, salad, Plus hi. So we also have the high pensions. Then she is stuck it. Gulfport mm! Hmm! Don’T be a rapper okay, then that’s a cheese dynamite and then, if everyone like mine, we don’t port available. It is like up and got me punching yeah yeah, so one alternative initial operating at the Harbor. If they’re, not the max max dynamic or any other weeknight. No chicken and video security wait there a higher, actually not try to go by my ground chicken. Second, so it went well. So I was, and at those so first thing that you need the first yeah as the claps or wash your hands properly good. Are you sewn in the pokey sham have my gloves with the en suite powers mug, but it has a same way: yeah I’m accustomed, a moon base, hung in our Grammys the nice part. Yes, Paco silly anymore, using a knife. We need to slice a place dama. Luckily, slice rather but Amora, Shaniqua, open, okay, so open it was here so pathetic. Emotion, inside right, yeah, hahaha, Pentagon, hi Obama seems resolved carefully. Emotion who are not anymore are essentially a mess them Kaneesha. Yes, they’re. Okay, move the NEEMO step aside, yeah, so Monica Oh oppa, okay Wow, they will see a bidding.

Africa become open, so funny shot. So next thing that you need to do is go stop it with the ground court, a girl for looked on a national. Yes, attending done, pouring appletini shigeko die so making a new shot it’s up to you, depending how old days so many sharp inhalation, dilute or and then stop the ground. Pork inside I see it’s a cylinder hood or you can actually trigger like a compa one. More. Yes, actually optional insure him. You are the kind of person again. I have to do my very emotional Abimelech of magazines. Okay, mr. Rotella, to cry: are you but Apple Apple, a cigar and palate? They can have a feminine more than cheesy guy. You are Martha shade to nothing if dynamite a 190 question dynamite, so I think it’s supposed to be really spicy, not the actual. Take so I’ll show you a beautiful chiffon, stop it side, so I can aim in I removed. I can imagine weekly buggy D’Amato, a cheesy dynamite with acai, oh it’s, not, and so the position of space are allowed so from end to end with in emotion, putin and gil de sao, paulo machado, 14 Kananga. I, like my dynamite to be Mickey. Yes, cheesy got okay. What do you like my friend a cheesy or need me both we do meet in a cheaper and the gallo. I know you might have care for ya, know. Masetto man get food and a so stuffed another ground, pork inside Angie.

So next is out on a pony stuff, an apple on cheeks. Okay, I have here cheesecake quick, melts. Animal melt, at least not for video pyramid, is a vanilla, normal Allah intentions that oh, okay, okay, they take melodrama, actually a meatloaf of Nemo okay, so yeah this year and most affordable, psychedelic animal milk, a cheese right, paragonimus, barato Manisha was affordable and tastes good Nebojsa. I go slice, Lanka, strip, segment, cheese, so honey name put on hot iron and then in Modena, Shack is thumper. So an indo aryan cheese smell good for morale ensure so we did again shigeko pie that’s. So oh Michael Eady relation Maggie signet, you know, don’t worry, skipper, sig, McGee and silly nilly report, Lily, ramen body careful and for the realistic IV do what you feel. Okay again up a gentle. You toss a bag on gentle and good vodka and okay wrong with your overlap and cheese, because the merchant Iraq, marina kosher, compare apples and grace at 30. I right so it doesn’t matter. You can hang tight, cheesy Cuyahoga non Cochise it out yes, emergency to be taken out, fan on the hood there, so Monahan its or Ania, see the though Amaka on a nice vertical cheesy meaty, you guys done and then once you’re done stuffing them with cheese and Grout board in one day, tasaku have no PR Apple. Okay, there you go mmm set aside there. So when wrapping the people Ximena can hang Cove.

Oh bugger, ganging up is actually gon na hand. Deliver could get on such Frenchy. See. Are you swimming? It may look. They usually get a head cold buggabugga. I referred the clarify when we bite in agloe crunching ice. I forgot all right: the Squa in big energy, canonical Yamuna kaga, look better up real, aha, so money a lot to look at rapid, open e pepperoni pineapple, terrific. Ok, ok, mr. Mercado, and we so national character who cannot be turbos. 21St layers are ok, personal, a put enough of a reference and again Hondo, para cualquier, a preferred misty, the tribe and good nap of the cleaner. It is an oppressor, a lair, but what they see I got home, I would assume also baton a delegation more whole. Yes, Nick anemic idea well as a crunchiness yep mo shaii up inside me know how to properly make loop yeah make sure how much just polka and support 0.8 and when wrapping a first in isotope. So when you’re done laughing October, its way up the cigar and dynamics we don’t have how much rice of a bar restaurant is that mousse here, ooh boy after trying we having of this size but any happening gon na hammer with this dog go for a solid C M, so preparing a Buddha ended up wow. This is how it looks like yes, Music II, so it’s properly wrap, TT Shanghai, wrap by the way the Millennium turn it up a bit more to the bullet.

I get to serve and excitement you so Honda cr v prepare is now a double round. The folks here so now that you’re cheesy dynamite is ready. Anorexia, Brandi, Nakata, aramid, otome game. Hey! Let me take you to my kitchen, okay and then let’s start cooking. Our cheesy Dynamite’s, yes, oh no, no monitor is a kitchen ammo. Then I have already prepared pie, so initial invitation by non state hammock I’m ready to eat lots of even Alpine EDA, take some oil so for additional authority baby, I put a generous amount. That issue is not here to delay a second, so if not in ethnic oil, with an immovable I eat right. Hmm, I hit whether a high, if any medium to high G. Okay, I want my dynamite goes in brown colour take out of me. Yes, Gordon Brown rocks here. Yes, because there are some minutes dependents, a monkey condition actually high medium, get ready sure later, given rounded ring to make so Polly on so go and let them be mindful lasting Valley value. Part of my events here back then dependence. I say more crying and I said I’m gon na hang Galya impulsive or not Danny. Now this is Felicia my events track of even develop. You do not overcrowd kono paradigm, aesthetic such Amanda talk quickly. So, while that one aside bring a side item onto the ground, let’s prepare clapper, number tamanna, and so the line of I you less than five minutes fighting like this one recognizable power backing the one who began Hadoop is dynamite.

You can oh okay, so Menasha guys. If every couple who had really give a mortgage peruse to Sakuma have to some order, okay, now first order ready, I will do my car I stock instead of my shirt. Unless for no social class, it would not just a free choice action I do guy moolah Samia people Ashoka two weeks. Okay, now me ready: okay around Chile vasilich my dog back. If you would like to order just message me on Facebook, one of me instead I’m using my personal account, everyone to message fees, the Facebook or Instagram favorite having a counter and the good thing right. Sorry for economy, ongoing of Roman army, ten plus one night, George avocados, O Hara Hara, our cake, Sophia Ganesha Jennifer – is it’s, ideally twenty pesos, films, okay and then attache option to choose to do now. I cream cheese in a dip or not. They ketchup Mayo mandates. In a mistake Clinic at least that’s good, so for two hundred pesos, you have 12 the couple of cried exactly options of evil education. Let me show it to you again: they’re they’re, holding our hands dynamite in position and snap British upon suit and on pollutant para subir purposes. Our finish brother, oh that’s! It regulation promise give ammonia to lunch easy diner. My name is also best rate with our food. It’S coming about that, I extra Mayo, simple insurance – makes the catch on to the main that’s it, but Nami special, a tip.

This is also available from us I’m gon na hang up so that’s a beer into spider. Are you any cream cheese? This is something that we need now so with recipes here for such similar reason, and I am a mechanic but take a leak because of the dip actually power. Yes, a woman came with a sauce and then okay, hmm, okay. Yes, any mark GC dynamics. Okay, so again, if ever, you would like to find a way where should we follow you again in facebook, Instagram and in YouTube? Alright, the producer would like to follow me on my social media is to follow. My facebook is Christian shine on my Instagram savage enemy. Oh and my chip, mr. Christian we’re, watching this and to all my friends, is four thirds out there. Thank you and more power to your channel good know me. Thank you. Four powers advanced a mohan, yeah that’s. It guys it was really quick to take you to. Guy christian, for sharing your recipe, at least a pound of you text every night that we wish we could make our own, but then again, if every night, a secret one, yes boss! If ever you want order hardness as a saucepan, boiling or or didn’t like it. Certain that anyways very affordable, but if ever manage our highly now, then again, I want you to unlock your excuses. What we have mentioned, so you need to make your own also. So if I readily ground pork, you can ground beef, we decide.

You come with tripods. If it is that good, also try to experiment and when you make, if every to make your cheesy dynamite piece to tag me and a Christian, also in your stories or in facebook, if ever you make money status. Emily budget me about Bunge boo, hot mug, good video. Thank you to Carly. So then again, for this is EQ.