So for those who don’t know what crunchyroll is, crunchyroll is an anime streaming service that streams ongoing anime as well as some old anime uh, some tv shows, and they also have their own anime convention, which they hold every year up north in california. So it’s been reported these last couple of months that sony wants to purchase crunchyroll from 18t and 18t, who purchased crunchyroll back in 2018, wants to sell it to uh sony for 1.5 billion dollars. It’S crazy because i didn’t know crunchyroll was worth that much. I mean, i guess it makes sense, because a lot of other streaming services have been putting a lot of money into anime like netflix and amazon, especially uh, netflix and, of course, anime being so popular right now. So i guess the number is right, but still it’s still hard to believe that crunchyroll was worth like a billion dollars. So uh a report came out not too long ago, a few hours to be more specific uh from nikkei asia. They reported that sony is currently in the final negotiations and they will be purchasing uh country roll for about a hundred million yen uh on a billion i’m, sorry, 100 billion yen and that’s about 957 million usd dollars so that’s insane um it’s, almost a billion that’s. A lot of money, guys uh, so a lot of fans. A lot of anime fans are kind of worried about this, because sony is known to censor a lot of anime as well as video games.

So a lot of anime fans are very worried about that. Some crunchyroll users are worried that crunchyroll might not exist in their country anymore, so we we just have to wait and see what happens, but this deal does go through. Maybe funimation and crunchyroll might fuse together. That is currently the rumor right now, because um sony does own funimation as well, which also has their own streaming service. They also own aniplex and a bunch of other anime uh companies like sony, is really big in the anime industry, so yeah they’re, trying to monopolize in the anime streaming service. They got to compete with. You know netflix amazon and all the other uh streaming services out there. So this is huge. It really is um. I personally have a crunchyroll account and i think crunchyroll is very useful. Um, not the biggest fan of their uh. Their website, like their video um, the format that they use but it’s still definitely better than you know, going to these random websites or uh it’s, definitely better than like watching you know on other streaming. Services like netflix is awesome as well, but crunchyroll was definitely my go to uh website to watch anime and yeah. I mean there was actually a lot of anime on funimation that i wanted to watch as well. But um was, you know with sony purchasing. Crunchyroll it’d be really awesome to see funimation and crunchyroll. You know fused together, so that i can watch all all that anime on one streaming service, but um there’s also rumors, saying that uh with this purchase, we might be able to get uh crunchyroll with our playstation network account, which is awesome, because i do purchase a Playstation network account to play online on my ps4, so um get rid of that crunchyroll account and just go with my ps account and just log in my ps4 or my future ps5 and watch crunchyroll that’d be awesome.

I i wouldn’t have to purchase. You know two different accounts that that’d be really cool. If that happens, but yeah. This is again a huge move from sony and uh we’ll see what happens um once they officially uh purchase uh crunchyroll from 18t, so yeah that’s crazy. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what’s going on with crunchyroll. I think we’ll find out by the end of the week or next week, uh if um they officially purchased crunchyroll or not so yeah big move from sony so that’s about it. Thanks for watching guys hope you guys enjoyed and i’ll see you guys in the next one uh for all your anime news check out. Kita news and uh it’d be really awesome.