I have two questions in this video. One i’ll ask right now and one in the end of the video so make sure you watch the entire video, because i really have big questions because here’s the thing is: anime cool and i’m asking this, because i love anime i’ve been watching anime. Since i was a teenager and i’m on old head, if the you know the gray hairs aren’t any indication but i’ve been watching stuff since back in the day, buying vhs cassettes, which a lot of them, i still own to this day of awesome anime that hopefully Most of you guys, if you guys, like anime, have watched back in the day but here’s the thing i’ve also watched on funimation i’ve, also watched on crunchyroll and a bunch of other places as well and i’m. Sure many of you guys have done the same. I feel the growth of shows like yu gi, oh and dragon ball, z and pokemon on all the channels have gathered a youth together that has looked at the medium anime in a completely different lens than when i grew up. Anime. Was this weird thing from japan that you had to get through mail order or every once in a while a store might carry cassette here and there and you picked it up from there, but now anime. Is this huge booming business? I mean they have a lot of struggles. I actually know about some of the industry stuff and some of the weird things that happen in the industry, but just talking in general anime has gone worldwide, so much so that in the last couple years, sony just kept on buying stakes into funimation that now they Own funimation and now they’re looking to pick up crunchyroll, so you might be saying well how much is crunchyroll worth crunchyroll, i would say, is the number one streaming app in the world when it comes to streaming, anime, probably next to funimation so here’s the thing they Want to pick it up for a whopping 100 billion yen, which translates to american dollars to 957 million dollars, still almost a billion dollars to pick up crunchyroll – and i i don’t know how to feel about this, because for a long time, crunchyroll has not been the Best i mean i like crunchyroll and the anime on the service.

Don’T get me wrong. I i think they provide a solid service overall, but they grew up from very shady backgrounds, which i’m sure the comment section will probably fill you in on all the the drama. When it comes to crunchyroll, but overall they’ve been a force of nature and their website has not kept up they’re they’ve, it took such a long time for them to update the website. Their app is always busting on a bunch of different platforms. Vrv has some of the most confusing uh like cue and fine features that i’ve ever seen in any video app whatsoever so i’m, hoping that if sony does buy crunchyroll that they’ll bring them together, they’ll have a crunchyroll, funimation they’ll call it something else. They’Ll just call like i don’t know sony, anime or anime collection or something generic. Knowing sony and they’ll sell a subscription fee to get all of it. I personally think that’ll be an amazing offer, but what about vrv virb? You see a lot of people advertise verve, but verve is not just crunchyroll. They have shutter on there and a bunch of other stuff on there from science to history and whatnot. But i personally think verb. Vrv is in big trouble. If this deal does not come with them, and of course this is going to be a big win for playstation owners, because you know dang well that playstation owners are going to get first dibs on the new app they’re going to get first dib if crunchyroll gets Access there’s going to be some stuff that’s only becoming the playstation that’s going to be anime related.

You know all that’s coming if sony picks up crunchyroll because they didn’t just pick up crunchyroll just to get the the crunchyroll name and app. They picked them up because they wanted all those licenses, because right now they were hiring third party licenses going through country roll and their subsidiaries to pick up all those licenses. Now, if they own crunchyroll, they could go straight to the develop the publishers themselves, which means saving them a ton of money in a ton of hassle in the long run so here’s. My final question: what do you think about this deal? Do you think this is a net positive or crunchyroll? Do you think crunchyroll should just go away forever? Do you think sony could just get rid of crunchyroll and just keep those licenses and maybe merge into funimation? What do you think is going to happen if this deal goes through? Let me know in the comment section below, as always. Thank you for being awesome. Hey thanks for watching the video. By the way, i stream on a regular basis over at twitch.tv for slash dv fig, give me a follow over there and while you’re here, please make sure you subscribe and like this video, it really helps out the channel.