Now it’s a beautiful looking night, but it is a very cool night here in atlanta is lofton and grudge atlanta getting on base a lot in front of him Applause. Well, they have both gotten on base in front of him, courtesy of mike hampton Applause, sammy into center field, going back as andrew jones still going back, and that ball is off the top of the wall. It is in play. They’Ve got two men in second, but the throw goes home. It gets by javi lopez. Hampton was not backing up the play and the cubs did almost everything wrong there and it came out beautifully for them. They had two minutes second, but they also had a man at the plate who was going to be out by several feet. The ball got by lopez, the other runners got untangled in the middle, a run has scored and they have runners at second and third with nobody out. Well, what hampton did he took something off to throw a strike, and we said you can’t do that with sammy and sammy drills, his fault, i don’t know what lofton was doing at second base. You only tag up if you’re sure the guy is going to catch. The ball he was did not. He was tagging up anyway. Now he tries to score and the throw beats him by a long shot, it’s just down in the dirt, so he’s able to score broken back now.

Starting late was grudge elonic.

He has given casting a chance to throw him out but he’s under the tag Applause. He did not break immediately. Belatedly. He broke for the plate and castilla’s got the great arm to throw. Was there and bobby cox is saying? Are you kidding me? He was out by plenty well, the cubs are doing everything wrong yet they’re in control i mean they’ve made some of the worst baseline mistakes you’re ever going to see, and so far they’ve been able to get away with it see the infield is back and then Feels back and all of a sudden grezillonik breaks to the plate, but you see where now watch this. Where does javi tag him? He actually tags him when his body is on the plate and he makes short work of karis. Karis went up there and swung at every pitch and is quickly out voted, and nobody out strikes three call third to first ready to go on anything strike three, the 30th pitch of the inning for hampton, but he gets out of it striking out the side. The cubs get only the two that is a base hit through the open hole on the right side and for kyle will speed around to third Applause. That emotion going that one to second base not hit that hard. They get one and not the other. One scoring is for carl sagradzalanik was able to get the vote of martinez for the force out on derosa and all that bad base running they got away with it, and lopez down on strikes, strike three call six consecutive strikeouts for hampton three and two right.

There again strike three call: Applause, kenny, lofton and derosa chases and misses the changeup now lopez that was a live, drive, swing and chipper will race to third infield double play: death and that’s a base hit to right field, chipper jones scores the tying run lopez over To second as sosa throws back – and this is the atlanta braves – that i saw a lot of this year – not only hitting the ball out of ballpark but being good hitters and the strikeout on the fastball two to two runners at first and third, and that one Is right at fake? He knocks it down with the body, and hampton gets the put out karis just annihilated that one and fink looked like a hockey goaltender with a chest save so now, gary sheffy off the glove of ramirez. That ball was hit about a thousand miles, an hour Applause and he kept it at least on the infield, so that hampton was not able to score first and third two down. There goes sheffield from first that, one in the air to left center field Applause and that’s, the inning he’s, a utility man, hit very slowly hampton and wide throw and thick. Oh man kept his foot in the bag according to dale scott that’s, not the way dusty baker saw it and he’s going to go out and talk to scott about it. That was a great play by hampton just to make the throw to first base.

I mean he got over there very quickly that ball was right down the third base line, it wasn’t toward the mound, and he was there quickly. Applause is down on strikes, hampton retires the side in order he’s got nine strikeouts here’s castilla a liner to center lofton has to play it on a bounce. Well joe. Instead of my captain coming up, you mentioned it with that quad injury, marcus giles, really can’t, run right now, but maybe he can hit, but here he is if he does hit a ground ball and hits it in the hole now. Lopez heading home and the loon is too late, so marcus giles comes off the bench and knocks in the go ahead run and the fastball puts him away and that’s what you have to do. You can’t throw another breaking ball Applause. This could be two casio. The second one derosa the first two double clay. He struck it out Applause, that is a great grab by ramirez, a one hot troll, ouch man. I don’t think anyone hits the ball harder than gary sheffield deep, as you could possibly get on this ball and it still almost got buying and a nice play at first base again by eric carrolls randall simon, the pinch hitter right up, the middle smoltz almost got It knocked down and there goes glanville speeding around the third Applause good one swings away. Glenville’S tagging up andrew jones in medium deep left he’s got the strong arm the throw cut off and they’re gon na get simon at second easily, but glenville has scored the tying run.

The run counts Applause here’s, the pitch that one has hit well in the left center, going back, moisturizing still going back, he can’t get it garcia, scores the go ahead run and for cow right behind him.