Echo does a real, strong arm that runs Alana. He pushes the button up. The first base side thick falls down. He can’t handle it everybody’s, safe Applause, then Sammy strikes out. He chased the high one up out of the strike zone, Lofton is running and the ball gets by Lopez and Lofton turns third that slips and falls and has to dive safely back to the bag. Just ahead of the tag by Castilla Simon, a basic commit a couple of runs in the right field: chef Ian can’t get to it face, head, Lofton is scored and his grudge ironic, nothing counties. Simon it’s, a big one against his old team Applause succumb to the wet grass. Now this one could be a double play: Prince Evonik, the second one Gonzales the first King double crying when Maddox is in the strike zone. He’S, hittable and Lofton is running. Lopez throws it’s a bad, throw it’s, deflected it into right center and Lofton will go to third Braves made a lot of errors this year. They were not really a very good defensive team, deep to right Sheffield into the corner and he makes the catch the thing they were playing them down. The right field line rights. Do they have those scouting reports noon or midsummer evening for cow? The little bloop behind the mound racing in grudge Alya makes the catch a little small getting up.

He might have hurt himself good kids by Pryor right in on the hands of Furcal right there.

He just kind of pops it up and if this ball hits the ground it’s a base hit res ilanic, but you can see his front watch his right arm going to the ground. First, fried wedges elbow right there, one out, here’s, Alex Gonzalez this day was plated ball and couldn’t handle that one runs it down and channel their field and it’s an error on Vinny Castilla inclusion, though the last 12 they’ve finished it first for car can’t handle it And Pryor is well anybody running, but a pitcher would have been safe on that one struck it out the high hard one up around the eyes of four cow. The Braves have all they want to hit through. Five Applause was up and off the glove of four cow wow. The Braves continue to have a hard time on the infield catching a ball celery right up the middle that’s a base hit Sammy will stop at second. The ball is overrun by Andruw Jones and he slips and falls in the wet curve and Sammy goes to third. In the ball, we will be run back to the infield by four cow Wow, Simon chasing one of us, but you top high and it’s thrown out by Giles, and the inning is over fastball. Well, the third but Ramirez. I don’t know if he caught it or it hit him, but he caught it with the body man that ball was hit.

Are they so happy birthday? The former President, Jimmy Carter as Andruw Jones strikes out let’s, go javis the side retired.

In order swinging for the fences you you have still have some outs and that’s. The looks like might be a good start. Lofton cannot get to him. Acting up in Sosa DeRosa’s tried for two and he’s got to make it it’s a great base running by DeRosa. Turning that into a double for exactly in the air to centerfield plenty deep enough to get DeRosa home takes it and corrosive comes in to score the first run full atlatl, so it is two to one not staying in the game. Ramirez has room and field is gone on. One pitch, the Braves are retired, now, just a rundown, Sammy and think it’s that one Andrew Bosque stumbles but got to put out. He holds the ball right, centerfield, Andruw Jones racing back and that ball is off the IV. Ulua has scored in the ball is stuck in the ivy, the bulb disappeared in the ivy and the Cubs get that big run. The Pirates are beatin up on the Braves in October, in Cubs uniforms to the bat trying to score another one here. The two down but Damian Miller is down on strikes last chance for the Braves break3 again the breaking ball Randall Simon phrase, behind the runner. At first Lopez – and that is a Papa, Raja Rani and they are Rock and Wrigley Field.

The Cubs have gone ahead in this series: two games to one on a masterpiece for the young Mark, Pryor our two hitter against the Rays and John.

We said coming into the series they were gon na have to beat Mark Prior and at least once and are the wendice series and that’s, not a good proposition.