The play was on and falco fired a strike to gonzalez and no chance for ortiz to get back popped up heroes behind the bag and that’ll again, second straight the brave strand a pair sosa running and that ball lined heart in a deep left field. Back to the wall on a double by aloo, it’s against them bouncing ball into center field to base it and franco will make the turn and come to third and lofton bobbled. The ball in center field there’s. A perfect example of a guy who does not have to be a fast base, runner to be a good base. Runner shattered back one hopper in the hole. At short, they get one and that’s all they’re gon na get scoring from third is franco and it’s. A one one game bouncing ball to giants and the fourth play will end the inning, the cubs strand, two they’ve left six on in the game. Let it be a ground ball to short, so i can take the guy out at sec. Jones lifts a fly ball and a deep left center field, often at the wall. Goodbye two run home run by jones. His first home run of the series and atlanta has taken a 3 1 lead here in the fifth, the braves limited to just a grand total of three extra base hits in this series.

Only one home run and their second home run here that ball lined off the glove of gonzalez in the center field and franco getting to start on base for the third time.

The ball bobbled in center field by lofton and jones goes to third lined softly into left field. A base hit by castilla scoring is andrew jones, and the braves now lead four to one who hit a big breaking ball ground ball to short for fall for one for the first double play. Mzn giles turned it quickly at second base and they double up ramirez to any inning. We move to the six at wrigley field, the braves in front by three, every bit of that so far today, tommy eric carroll, still the all time los angeles dodger home, run king and this might be a double play here. There’S one – and it is a double play: how about that fly ball right field sosa still, drifting up against the iv, broken bat roller down to first, what an impressive inning for jared wright, robert vick. The pensioner lays down the butt falling from his knees, a throw to first a collision, the ball jarred loose and the runner is out at first, but karos is down and injured. I think this is a good call. Larry young, the home plate umpire, came out to make this call reverse it. First space on fire called him safe, originally watch the play by farnsworth from his knees twice the catch.

Then he gets nailed by thick, not sure why fix hand was up in that area that doesn’t look like a normal stride. To me i mean that’s, the kind of thing you can do almost anywhere else on the bases run a guy over try to get in his way, but not necessarily down the first baseline down to right field line sosa, giving chase you’re, not throwing anybody out in The air left center field salute drifting back to the wall at the ivy.

Goodbye and chipper jones is, in his second two run home run of the game and what a blow that is for the atlanta braves all right. We talked about it and we said: how long can you hold this guy down? Get us to smoltz if we need him that ball hammered into left center field and carrolls has gone way back for the chicago cubs that ball lifted in the air left field? Music? Against one of the premier closers in all the baseball down three randall simon first pitch will come to the plate. You want to go in there swing at a mission, often gone on strikes for the first out here in the cubs. Ninth inning. Locked up should be the second out giles underneath it and it is, and here we go, the cubs are down two and sammy sosa comes to the plate with a runner aboard out here jones at the warning track and the atlanta braves accepted to game five as Smoke bends over hands on knees is able to get out of the ninth inning, allowing a run but game five will be played tomorrow.

Night at turner field in atlanta smolty is not shaking anybody’s hand. With his right hand, he got his glove on his right hand shaking everybody’s hand with his left.