The track record is our first pitch. Fastballs mound and hendricks will make the play more complicated than just for more details. I thought you were breaking out of jim crow evening at the ballpark swing and a miss hendricks makes very quick work. Javier baez kyle schwarber in left batting cleanup our last year spent some time on the ill didn’t you yeah. He started the wild card game for them last year against 243. bryant lifts foul off of fer. Another thing out there, one of the best in the between fastball to the outside corners to the pull side, the opposite way in the outfield and he walked him bobby, led the nl two years ago knocked in that should be two and it is underway. We’Re scoreless Music we’re, not with the brewers last year years, council in his fifth full season, managing their team and henry Music awkward cut that time to get drawn through a season now 60 game season. Obviously, to keep growing on the field up toward right, where jason hayward will make expect them to boo me. So the cubs defensive alignment against garcia, good elevated into his motion and the one two is a curveball outside swaying and a miss got him on the changeup. Three in the history of the cubs dave thing about summer camp was getting used to 2, 2 and we’ll.

Do it again, woodruff kicks and fights second and the throws gon na be late. That beats the rap batting a thousand, but his younger bro, 1 1 foul contreras for as a hitter against kyle, hendrick called strike.

Three wilson did not argue it’s a little easier brewers, nothing, nothing after two and then we will be back on the marquee sports network. Sunday afternoon signing a free agent deal on the inside corner, come on back out loud, greg, maddox, two seam, fastball, 34th career start good game by they i mean craig council in the country right or righty on a 2 2 swing and a miss strike three last Year and the two, the one on and the free swinger has, the first Music kick and the word it’s, not the only something: nothing, Applause on the mound soul guards had a busy start to this game. Our heater nico’s, an aggressive, hitter rolled up the middle, and it feels like that will become a signature still able to nudge it firmly and his 2 0 is too low. Kane is watching and it picked on that 3 1 heater just fall down a little bit. He took that elevated heater got himself thigh high, bye, bye, pretty sweet spot right now, with brian and rizzo, hitting you week of the season, his eighth consecutive opening day start. That is a strike he already knew. It would be woodruff. That is not a good spot. That happens, i just be on my knees, knob so kind of a glitch.

Now the bad news is he hit into a double play. This is to arcia and they’ll, get the force uh the host of off the mound and we’ll have more.

On that a little. We condition our bodies count on yelich swing. Miss strike three hundreds looking up there that’s the dempster special the high changeup hit is that smit mixer slider that state that doesn’t mistake or two mistakes guys make mistakes all the time that they get away with it’s. A great bitch like that right there wow kendrick’s, have to say come on man, pitches and kyle’s doing an unbelievable job. He’S got oh, oh, my goodness got anything side. Two! Nothing in the fourth like he’s gon na rely on that information, and sometimes you weren’t. Really. Oh people did rely on that, but it would be a miracle. He strikes out this time, Music because he got him looking for his third. He made he was he’s one of the most popular he had the respect of everybody. He was always playing for his team. A resident pictures on board an ass process and going about the process the right way and then in turn, results will come and i think i hope that he continues to in the path for pitchers that don’t have that. High velocity and changes speeds as well as he does. You know, elevating the change up, elevating the fastball developing this curveball from an amazing physical, as well as the mental side of the game network, guys on the spot.

All right that was a player you thought, would never be a manager and actually became a mike redmond just because he took batting practice naked caratini’s in the lineup tonight and he’s already in scoring for the i didn’t see, charlie as a manager ryan.

Anybody come to mind. His foreigner takes fall, one one and one coming. The manager of the phillies keep caratini at second, as arcia get an exception, but there are no swinging. A miss strike, three that’s out number two falling behind three and one back to back change. Ups home run early one and two on kb, take the cliche too literally, without making adjustments that’s not fair 90s. He said that he said you have the i, oh man snapping always a uh, a fun at bat facing him. How about this? These two lineups yeah. It jumped all over his second hit, first real legitimate one hendricks doing all of the little things. So what in the dirt? Last year, it’s in hayward Music fly down the left field. Side that’ll today got him again um, but they were. They were locked in the 406, but just 62 innings in those 83 appearances round ball and it gets past smoke there’s some pretty good exit velo on this one, i think so too yeah what’d, you guys think of the game. Kyle went he’s rung up. Cubs lead. Two, nothing sixth bobby wall that rarely happens. Third and silgaard will get the outed set in his home ballpark brought to you by draftking.

Chris said: okay, let’s let’s be more efficient. Dustin’S smoke is done against mike fires, ryan braun, making his you did not have to remind cubs fans, my at home trivia game against bruce levon nice pick by chris bryant.

Oh seventh, due to a arm injury had tommy john surgery now out toward right center. Garcia. Make i’ve mentioned the jeff passing book you’re, not with your teammates. You know a lot of times: you’re 28 29 over detroit, nicole horner one for two. With a run, kane tracking takes a look back and he’s got nothing comes after seven right when any start. The rest of the way 29 consecutive not walking more than two swing and a miss 19, but on the mend last year you posed that question earlier. In line with this career norms, Music into the shift, that’s horner and shallow right he’s got time. Sanis used to mean socks, retiring nikko, horner short trip. Last year, they got knocked out eventual champs baez to rizzo. Ask him about something i don’t know if it was his glove making his major league debut miles east. Normally, you have to deal with a loud crowd and you saw something you push kind of a roundabout thing, the mount in the ninth well, the last swing and the miss strike three right. It is gone. Applause. Music Applause tonight happened now anthony with the anthony, had 20 challenged him with a heater, and he was up to the challenge back needham, you face your future with confidence.

Look out sully, especially now that they’ve expanded the playoffs it gets you in the postseason. Garcia is really down the line in the night Music stay home. Only two runners, he’s three for three – will come to the plate, yeah and that is guys.

He’S been all over it tonight. Schwarber is out going to be foul off the tarp, the grounder to second, but they’ll only get one mm, hmm, really big! Well, let’s have up with it he’ll throw to second one that’ll Music.