However, we hit 20k recently, so i decided to give one of my cubs a fan makeover on my community tab. I said hi cubs. Thank you so much for 20k. This is so out of the world and it’s hard for me to realize that i have 20k cubs for this huge milestone, i’ll be giving one of you guys a fan makeover. How do i get a chance to get a makeover? The steps to enter where to comment your roblox username join. My group tell me any form of social media. You have. That includes discord, instagram and twitter, tick, tock and roblox do not count, and i asked you guys to comment if you have never had robux or you have little to no clothing or accessories. I also mentioned to not enter your auto account or enter for your friend, because i need to hear from the owner of the main account. So i was looking through my comments and i found one of my subscribers that had almost nothing on their avatar and inventory. I decided to dm him on instagram and i asked what he wants for his avatar with the limit of a thousand robux. He listed a few accessories that he might want and they were roblo hunk, hair, bunny, scrunchy sparkling, shine, bunny tail, instant camera, gold sparkling halo and he said i can choose the clothing.

He also mentioned. He wanted an aesthetic look. So i went to a few home stores on my main account and i found a few that have really aesthetic clothes that may match the style he’s looking for, but before we start, i need to give him robux.

So i’m gon na go to my groups and i am going to give him some robux now that he has the robux. I can go ahead and head into his account, so here we are in his account and i went to a few home stores. I do not want to be wasting your time and showing you guys around home stores that might not even have what we need. So the first home store we are going to head to is called the kelsey anna home store. So we are here, but to start off i want to say that his avatar needs some new clothes for sure and kelsey anna actually has a lot of brand new boys clothes that actually might fit his style. So we’re gon na go ahead and look at those. So i believe they’re right over here down these stairs. Oh oh whoa, whoa! We almost ran into each other. Oh, is this the fourth of july section? Okay! Not here, i passed it up when i was on my main account. Uh he’s. Definitely gon na need a new animation for sure this one’s a little bit plain okay, so i found this little hallway and i’m, not exactly sure what the differences are between these outfits.

But should i go for a beach summer theme since we’re in summer, or should i go for a casual theme? Hmm, i think i’ll go for a summer theme and we can buy him some casual clothes so that he has a variety i’m, not exactly sure how to try these on.

But i can’t really find a try on tool in the tool thing so i’m, just gon na buy and hope for the best uh. I don’t think i can buy these for some reason: it’s, not letting me click them, which is a little weird but let’s head to the store right next door because i’m not sure what’s wrong with that. Oh, what is this? Oh, you can click them uh washed up, khaki, shorts, yeah i’ll. Get that why not and that shirt, i really like it a lot just tell me how there’s a lot of tropical stuff that we can come back for if we need it and here’s some casual clothes. I actually really like this plaid uh jacket and those pants um, but you know what i’ll buy it just so we can buy them a complete outfit. The shirt right behind me right here. I love it i’m gon na, i think i’m just spending a ton of robux on these things and i don’t know. Maybe we should save some for the other home stores too. Okay. What about over here? I’M gon na buy him some regular pants just in case because i don’t know if he has regular pants.

So i think these would be good light washed or dark we’ll buy both. Why not right? I think we should find some shirts that kind of match the high waist type thing and i’m kind of looking around and i’m, not sure if there’s any more boys section so we’re gon na head to the next home store.

Okay. So if you didn’t know sammy release a merch, the video is in the eye in the corner. So if you haven’t checked it out make sure to check it out in her roblox group. She actually has a few male outfits, so i’m gon na go ahead and buy those for him. Now we got ta buy the shirt, so we’ll buy that now, and actually i think she has one more boy outfit that i love to wear Music. So now we are in plushie’s home store and i actually found out. He does have an animation, so we’re gon na go ahead and buy him a new one, because that one stands a little weird, but we’re gon na buy him some of the clothes i wear. So i wear this bear hoodie, which i’m gon na buy for him and that pink and white hello kitty shirt. I really love that church so much. I do not know why, but i do and nothing over here that i really like for him. Uh actually imma buy him these pants because these pants actually match really well with the hello kitty shirt now i do think he needs brand new accessories to match, with his brand new outfits, so we’re gon na head to the catalog right now.

So, for the first time he said he wanted the bunny scrunchy headband, so we’re gon na buy that for him, i’m, not sure if it’s gon na really go with anything that i bought him, but he’ll find something i’m sure now i remember he wanted sparkling shine.

So this is what it is right here and now he only has 700 robux. I actually want to keep some for him just so you can buy whatever you want just in case. I miss something, but next he needs a new hair, so we’re going to buy him the roblo hunk here, because he said that he wanted that Music just one and now that we are in the animation section of the catalog, we are going to look so uh. We have toy pack cartoony. Actually i think cartoony will look pretty good on him, so i’m gon na go ahead and buy him that i might buy him one more animation, though we’ll have to see so for an idol. A good one would be hmm. I think right now he has the rethrow. Is that how you say it so what we’re gon na buy him is the toy animation um yeah, i think that’d be pretty good now that we bought him a ton of stuff and he only has 182 robux left. We are going to start putting on animations changing the scale and putting on his new outfits. So the first thing we’re gon na start off with is a hat and we bought him.

Some hat so we’re gon na put on the sparkling shine and we’re gon na try to see what we can match the bunny scrunchie with. So, as you can see, his avatar looks a little weird with that hair, so we’re gon na fix it and now for these shirts and pants so i’m gon na go ahead and put on his tropical um, hmm yeah let’s put on his tropical shirt.

Should we put on the island time shirt or the north shore shirt i’m gon na try on the north shore shirt and let’s, see how that looks. I don’t remember buying this one. Did i buy the right one, but i think the on island time shirt would look better now that he has that on we’re gon na put on his pants and his pants should be light blue high waisted jeans. I bought those for this specific reason because he had no genes that match with this outfit now i’m gon na mess with this skill um, i think a lot of it is the body type, so we’re gon na go ahead and change that to like 10 15. Yeah 20 percent is good. Now he looks a bit too tall, so we’re going to go ahead and lower his height to 95, and that looks amazing. I really like it. No uh let’s see what a second bye i’m, not sure what else to do and actually i’m kind of on a robux limit.

So we’re gon na go ahead and buy them something cheap. I think uh, some vintage glasses will look nice. Actually, the sleek vintage glasses. Look nice so i’m gon na go ahead and buy them, those okay, everybody. This is the final product. I actually really love how it came out it matches so well. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. I bought him a few outfits.

He only has about 50 robux remaining, even though i said i want to leave him a little bit just in case. I missed something, but you know i’m, really bad at saving robux and who isn’t but anyways. If you enjoyed make sure to leave a like subscribe and turn on post notifications, please know that i will not be doing another makeover for a while.