We have Andre Dawson right field, Jason, Heyward third base Ian Happ, because we don’t have Kris Bryant shortstop Nico Horner, because we don’t have Ernie Banks. Second base Ryne Sandberg first base Anthony Rizzo, catcher Jason Kendall because he played with the Cubs in 2007 on the bench. We have Luis Gonzalez Carlos Gonzales, Javy Baez, Kris Bryant and Miguel Amaya and then on the pitching. We have Kerry Wood Cole, Hamels, Yu, Darvish, Greg Maddux Mark Prior in the bullpen. We have Craig Kimbrel, Bruce Sutter Lee Smith, rich Gossage, Dennis Eckersley Aroldis Chapman and Fernando Rodney, and I think we’re gon na pitch you Darvish, so um let’s get into the gameplay. So we are going to be playing the Lakeland Stars. He has Jack flirty, Hans, er, Alberto trim and Seanie Renato Nunez, Anthony Santander, Javy Baez, Gary Sanchez Mark Reynolds and Christian Yelich from filthy. There we go Rick. One close down. 2.2 Applause come on bear hand that hat Applause – okay, standing, okay, let’s get on to the second game; okay, so we’re playing the Miami Vice he’s got Kerry Wood, Craig Biggio, ryne, sandberg, Ernie Banks, Reggie Jackson, Chris Bryant, Mike Trout, Jason Giambi, Andrew McCutchen it’s, not quite Smoked now pitch on the way swinging a little blooper to Center that’s, frustrating Mensa board to kick things off: Applause, Music, that’s, how I did it first, the skin it’s gon na get an early base hit through the model through the hole it’s gon na get a Bloop single okay, slider stereo tried even trying to torture that’s, not a good pitch good story run the hidden time at the run, scorer yeah man.

I should have dar another liter. That means up next to the Hall of Fame, Andre Dawson. Oh, I don’t know why. I just said I’m dumb, like a fastball down the middle, oh wow that’s, not I mean you should just stop that fastball, again, Applause, okay, yeah that’s strike three. How am i late on that come on? Can I just get a hit? Please please. The swings began as a matter of fact in that type of matchup Applause that front side and keeps that shoulder top stays inside the baseball gets married out. You don’t we find if we walk Ernie. I don’t want to test on your own over the quarry. They gon na take the away slider and that’s not a way. Why why why? Why did I throw it to second Applause, Wow Wow I can’t hit. How hard can it be to get one hit HAP HAP let’s go. We have this card. Is so good one one ball game we’re back in this there we go no, a Jason Giambi really without pull my corners and we’ll see if he tries to cheat for something to say exactly the way you’d like to draw it up enough. Wow big strikes, but the bottom line is you mean half is our whole team right now, Applause, paneer isn’t working too Applause swinging. He gets him to pop it up up against his pitcher. He didn’t swing the bat the whole time he had.

I seen three balls. Come on Dawson, thank you, Music. I raise that hitter sites. Let’S, see me bury something Music. Thank you base hit in the left. Thank you or insanity, Music. They actually did something Music Hayward there we go three. Two one ball games, we’re turning Music. I think Kerry Wood should be the player of the game for you, gangsters, Music, roll down that was an early home for a fact sounded, so bad off heats bad out, perhaps to him this is Darvish is last in it. That was it. Music, get down get down, get down one pitch at night right down. The middle cannot be laid on that fastball. There we go stone, really good card, please get their cargo. Please! Thank you, Applause, nothing more! I can do. I was just running up the ball and then I just done for it. Okay, Hayward happened card. Oh honestly, only good players on my team, like this game, Jose El Dorado Applause, come on. Half Applause got 72 and 78. They already have any clothes rotted perched in nobody out, Applause, notable katsu that’s. It closing this one out: Applause we can bring Harvey in now because can move stand up making this code at the bottom of the ninth. We can move through his Brian to laughter move corner to third, so we have options Applause, mind if he throws it to 102 mile per hour Applause. Oh yeah. Good game was fun: yeah, Kerry, Wood, Heyward, 1, 2, 4.

4, with the Homer kappa 1 for 3. With the Homer Sandburg with 1 for 4, Chris Brian went over 1. Somehow he shows up there. Um dollar script 7 innings, but he gave up four runs on six hits, so I wasn’t great, but I mean I played a pretty decent game.