Superb chance that great speed from these barren fighters now to the man, but they going for those high grabs as effective to the high strikes favored the bear cubs, perhaps the more aggressive the almost movement from both teams, neither able to break the deadlock at the moment With five parts are still standing, how does love especially put down on the back of five now under the seat? I think something will be broken on that, as was mentioned by one of the fighters, it’s quite a difficult surface to fight on. However, this does give them the opportunity to break up slightly and make use of the space men have available. So you say with a fighter down back, obviously an advantage laughing away a fair bit someone’s gon na be too wise. Obviously, they do have to be careful not to strike their own fighters. Backups do have those poor shields very evenly matched so far. The use of the Hubble might be handy at this point very useful to have that halberd when things start to slow down, when your clinches form you can see their weenie got fighter striking down and the leg armor of the guiness a fighter both out of four Fighters II saw again very very evenly matched break ways on that’s some good work there so manages to take away the footing of that ENS a fighter, so the bear cub fighter. This is good walk from gon na say you can see how far down they’re leaning into it it’s good coverage from their apartments.

As you can say, seams are further in control of this fights. Either they aren’t down are the backups are down to two fighters, but that’s a great takedown there and that will be called. The fork is a very similar starting lineup, not showing the same speed. This time, weary, with giving away to my space to the opponent, there is a loose fighter who here Texas tonight, before choosing where to strike. Of course, his watch to buy his opponent is the corner trying to get a lift. Besides that that’s going to be difficult good evening mats and sometimes break away, however, you could get how to strike. So that is a grounded fighter. There may be suspected loose armor an unlawful points. Continued, you know, say looking slightly stronger, but very, very even still yeah. I need to get closer to each other to take advantage of exactly as you give them some teamwork. You can see so last bit, but my angle is very difficult unless they both go for the legs to get the fighter down movement so cannot, but its effectiveness could have been. However, that’s a nice pull down there, it’s break teamwork, so gon na say still with five fighters. We’Re looking to wear down these bear cubs nice moving could switch harder and maybe at the grapple quite well. However, he was only into the path of next fight. Oh great takedown, there I’ll take the fight off balance very good to trip they’re, not quite engaging a superb takedown.

There now big charge at the back and it is evened out well that was quite careless of the fighter standing in the middle, knowing how well the opponent’s was spaced out or bad for her bear. Cubs were spaced out and I left itself vulnerable to that and paid the price, and once again it is even Oliver we close moose hair, they’re, very close to be out they’re, not actually sure I’ve the fighter had both his feet. Now Marshall has stopped it or at least called a break and yeah. The NSA fighter has been declared us out of the list, so that comes now the partners for the first time there’s some huge strikes that have come down there. Well, it looked all over for the bear cubs. They came right back to take that second round. Certainly one of the more exciting fights that we’ve seen so far. You do. That is fund a very, very slow start. This happens. Sometimes, when you get the club out of things facing each other in the later rounds that my tentative starts, I think it’s Russian. Of course, every party needs to be extremely careful, as we saw in the last round where, if I’d left itself open, of course, was charged, we can say looking to keep some of those loose back up fighters away, there’s a lot of movement so far, and we Have a slight break away? Well, the movement suddenly good, now to open up a bit stilt loose fighters.

Interesting attempt it next week fair chance, nothing! The fighter was ready for it, but there’s a size difference nice.