As you can see, it was all back together and had the hubs on and the brakes on and all that and i thought i was ready to go and i put oil in this thing. It takes four and a half quarts of oil, so i filled it up with oil and came out the next day without running. It came out the next day and i had a big, huge puddle down there that thing’s under it now but puddle. Just like that. Puddle, so that’s not good, so anyway, i screwed up somewhere. So i had to take this thing all the way back apart, except i haven’t taken the axles out of it. I hope i don’t i’m gon na try not to but it’s no big deal. If i don’t do or don’t really so here’s what’s going on with it, so i sealed this thing up. I thought i sealed it up really well, and i think i did for the most part with this gray rtv. This is very good. Stuff i’ve had a heck of a time getting this thing off here on this camera. There we go so anyway, so i set this thing up. This thing has got the way it goes together is it has a plate.

It goes on. Well has take that back. It’S weird, the way this is this is, but it has this gasket that goes on very first there’s, two gaskets that are identical, so you put the guest this gasket on first and then you put the plate on over that and over the course where the plate Goes you have to seal all this whole thing up, so i did that and i don’t think i did that wrong, but you do that and then you put another, i guess layer or whatever sealer over it and then there’s another gasket and then yeah that’s, weird That’S confusing me now get transmission gasket plate, gasket, pan so here’s the plate over here and there’s the pan.

So i cemented the crap out of this thing, sealed it and i thought i was going good and i know one thing is it: it leaked a little bit it dripped just a little bit out of the pan. I thought that was unusual, but you notice around you look at the perimeter of this that’s. One of my favorite words by the way is perimeter, but you look at the perimeter and it’s all dry. It looks like it made a real good seal to get down over here. This is the left hand, side which goes there that’s the bottom right there. So you can see that it was weeping oil out around. There looks like it obviously was so something’s, not right here with this.

I know i made a mistake when i put it together, which i thought was not going to be a big issue, but it was, and that was that i reuse these gaskets, which it looks like they’re, pretty good shape, but they’ve taken a set. You know how gaskets tend to do when they’re bolted down to something that has some sort of protrusion. So when i was putting the second gasket on that one there i noticed that it had the set hang on. Look the camera’s getting thought because it’s so humid. It is like a sauna out here that didn’t help did it, try it again, a little better so anyway uh so anyway, it’s long story short, i put the gaskets back in the wrong order.

I did not have the first gasket against the transmission in where it originally went so. Nevertheless, i thought i could. I thought the sealer would go around. That would take care of that, but i think i was wrong about this, so this axle tube filled up with oil over here totally don’t mind what’s. On the axle two, i mean the axle shaft itself, that’s uh uh, the uh fluid film i put on it to keep it from rusting again, hopefully so anyway, it did its classic thing and it filled up oil that leaked right out through the seal right there, Which i did not want to happen, because i think i’m gon na have to pack that, bearing again this side didn’t do that this side was fine, that’s how it should look.

So i had a suspicion. I didn’t i, i didn’t think the seals were the culprit, because i put those good seals in there and i think i’m. Okay on that, i think my idea is sound on that, but what i did suspect was something wrong with this gasket, because you can’t screw this up. I mean you have to seal it it’s weird, because you have a bearing block here and a bearing block here. That’S, what you see i’ve, always kind of explained that to you there hopefully, but there it is so you have to seal this thing around the bearing block. In other words, there has to be sealer here to keep it from doing what it did, which was migrate through the gasket out into the axle.

I tell you what the engineers that developed this rear end, that is man i have. I don’t have any sympathy for them if they got fired because of it, but so anyway, here’s what i think happened with this by the looks of it. This side here looks like i got it sealed pretty good because it doesn’t move. I mean it moves a little bit but it’s it doesn’t pull out, but this side when i was looking at it, i can move it out, it’s not very apparent on camera, but i can tell that it’s not it’s, not very sealed that’s. How it’s supposed to be supposed to be just solid, but it’s not it’s moving around, so i think somewhere like right.

There see that spot right there, i think, there’s a void in there and it just let the oil just go right through it. So anyway, like i always say, if you screw it up the first time, you use it or the second time you got to just go back and fix it, so that’s what i did i’m going back and fixing it, but to keep myself from spiraling into a Deep depression about this and going into some sort of emotional tailspin, uh let’s do a cold start on this thing. You guys never heard this mower run. I don’t think you have so i haven’t heard it run in about a year and actually uh in the spirit of disclosure.

Here it has been run and i’ve already done that, but i filmed it separately, so this is taking it apart after the fact, but i got new batteries for it the other day and got all ready to go so i’m gon na clip that video in here With some light, editing for clarity and we’re gon na get this thing running so anyway. I’Ll do that and get you guys up something to watch here, tied you over to the next fascinating installation on this thing, so i without further ado let’s give her okay. Finally, i’ve been standing here, just one foot to the other, because it’s waiting on the train to go by the csx is running one of their mile long super trains that they run periodically through here and i’m.

Just interested in grind up this hill here about 20 miles an hour on and on so it would be different. I love trains, it would be different if i could see them, i can’t see them. I always hear them, so i have to hear them when i don’t want to hear them other times i don’t mind, so all right so tipped oil, it’s full of oil check my dash slides. I have an oil light oil pressure, lamp functional. I do not have a charge light, even though i changed the bulb in it, so i don’t know what’s up with that pressurize the fuel system. It does not appear without having any leaks, so it’s good.

I got the choke freed up and working now somewhat needs a little bit more attention. I think, but anyways that’s enough for now so i’m gon na try this uh without jumping this thing back here. I think i don’t think it’s gon na work, so i got ta hurry this up because a little bit because usually when there’s a big long, southbound train go by there’s a northbound waiting in the siding down here to come. The other way, all right ready here. We go so i got an overflower there, huh, okay, the floats can come in but it ran well. You know how we fix that a time tested solution for a stick and float so Music that worked actually okay, so it runs. We know it runs now, but i told you do not tell you no i’m, not going to start all that i’ve made you guys all suffer with the complaints about the residents and the neighbors, so that’s, okay, we heard what we wanted to hear here: it’s interesting, That i didn’t have to jump that safety back there.

Maybe somebody’s already jumped it somewhere, but the carburetor is gon na need to be gone through because it’s, even with a choke open, it’s, just burning my eyes, it’s so rich.