So the serial numbers for the 82 series for the red ones started at six: six, five, zero, zero one and it ended in serial number six, nine three one four three! So then, were your international harvester, uh serial numbers, the red ones and then, when they sold to mtv mtd, started the serial numbers as seven zero, zero, zero, zero zero and they went up from there now the ih built 482, the red ones you see here made By international harvester uh, the last serial number and production of the 482 through international harvester was 688 742 and the ih international built 482 ended in february of 1981, so that’s when they quit building the 482s. They continued building other 82 series tractors through april. It just wasn’t the 482 uh model, Music. All right, we’ll go ahead and talk about the engine. In the 482, the 482 replaced model 1100. They came out with that was part of the quiet line they made up till 79. Then they come out with the 82 series. They just continued. The model 482 replaced that one, the both 1100 and the 482 use the briggs and stratton model. 253 417 it’s, an 11 horsepower single cylinder, 24.

36 cubic inch. It’S got a 3.43 inch bore and a 2.62 stroke. These engines are pretty hard to find. Now you can’t even get parts for them, they’re not even available just you, don’t see them too often a lot of them. This wasn’t, the best engine briggs strat, never made so a lot of them.

Didn’T last this tractor i found the engine runs strong in it so i’m going to take this engine out and put it in my ih built 482. Only because the red 482 is more collectors, and i want it to be original. The difference with these engines that international used in there, the air, cleaner and carburetor came over to this side, the right side of the engine. Now the engine that i’ve gotten in this 482, which i didn’t know it at the time until i’d, gotten it home and researched it briggs stratton, also made 11 horsepower engines uh the same type, but the air cleaner and carburetor, and everything was on the left side Of the engine, so someone had replaced this engine because the original one went out and this engine runs fine there’s, nothing wrong with it it’s just i want my red series to be as close to original as i possibly can all right now, i’ve told a little Bit of facts about the engine i’m just going to go ahead and start it up. Let you guys hear it run all right. Drivetrain of the 482.

This was one of the most. It was sort of the cheaper model once you get from like the one. Two. Three eighty twos, the 482, is your bare bone, uh cub cadet for the garden tractor line it the final drive in it. Instead of using the three speed cast iron rear, end uh ih decided to use it’s a shaft drive.

It goes up to an angle gear box up in here and then it’s a belt drive uh to a pureless transaxle. Now the peerless trans axle is a model. Two three four two, you really can’t see it uh. There was other model, i think john deere and other companies use the same. You know transaxle as well: it’s, not bad it’s. Just you really couldn’t do any real major heavy pulling with it. Uh like for a pulling tractor you’ll start to run into issues with that. These gear boxes have four forward, and one reverse on these and, like i said, they’re, not a bad uh rear end on these tractors, but they just weren’t. You know super heavy duty like you’d find in the 582 i’ll try to get you an underneath side shot here, the peerless rear end you can see. This is your gearbox and then it’s got a belt that goes from the gearbox down to the rear end. This one looks like it’s leaking a little bit and over there you got your brake. All right. 482 is also a little different than most of the other 82 series tractors, since it was the cheaper one, uh economy tractor for the line, this yellow and white tractor.

Actually does not have the original tires on this one. As you can see, my red 482 had been the original tires that came on it. They’Re uh 16 by six five by eights on the front of both of these, but the rear tires for the 482 were supposed to be 23 by eight five by twelves.

Now there was options you could get on these. You could get the 23 by 10 5 by 12 ag tires and stuff, but that was an option, so you can see the yellow and white 482. Definitely has the wider tires than what would have came on this tractor stock. Now the 482 was a bare bone machine. Like i said it: didn’t have rear tail lights, it had reflectors on it. Originally, no headlights, no tail lights. Just a plain front. Grille on on both of these uh headlights was an option for the 482 that you could get my ih built one here. You can see there’s no hour, meter, there’s, no amp meter. No, nothing! You got a throttle. A choke and a pto switch. Now this 482. Actually has an hour meter and someone had added the amp meter on this one as well. I can’t recall if the yellow and white 482s even ever came with an hour meter. I don’t believe they ever did so i would say more than likely someone had added this hour meter on this model as well all right. The 482 is a pretty pretty light tractor.

It weighs in just under 500 pounds, so it wasn’t didn’t weigh as much as its other 82 series like the 582, mostly because the the different rear end and the single cylinder engine, the 582 special, which i’ll be doing a video on that too. Probably, on the whole 82 series collection specifications on them, the 582 special was very similar to the 482.

It had the same, peerless drive rear end in it. The only difference between the 582 special and the 482 is the 582 special came equipped with uh hour meter. Amp meter, headlights tail lights and it had a 16 horse twin cylinder, briggs and stratton engine in that, instead of the single cylinder, like you seen in the 482. One other note i wanted to make about the 482, the yellow and white 482. Like you see that i have here, this was actually a 1984 production model, cub cadet, but the 482 was the first model, the mtd with cub cadet corporation, that came out of their brownsville tennessee plant in the fall of 1981, so that’s just a little factor. If you look online you’ll see pictures of it of a 482 with all the workers standing around at the bronzeville plant, so model 42 was the first yellow and white after they’d taken over tractor that they produced that came off their line. This is a little interesting fact there and the 482 production ended in 1984., so the 482 technically only ran from 79 to 1984, and that was it they’ve done away with it.

The model you see right here. This was a 1984 uh built 482, so it would have been one of the last ones produced for that year and, and that was it all right. I hope this video helped people that had him questions or wanted information on the 82 series, even the model 482.

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