I wanted to put a little bit of uh mileage on it or put a few hours on it before i gave a review, so i think i have about let’s see i got about 13 13 hours on it. I said um, so um have been my own with this a few times so far really impressed with it. I like it um anyone that’s come to see it has noticed right away. You know they always comment on the the actual steel frame. It’S two by two nice bulky, steel frame – i mean this thing is built like a tank. Take a walk around it. Real quick, really nice, welded steel frame, looks really uh, really bulky really sturdy, and then i went with the zt250 over the zt1 model costs a little more. I think this one came in around 3 500 uh before attacks um, but just reading the reviews online. Basically, uh zt250s have a little bit of the zt2 series. Rather over the zt1 series are a little bit. Bulkier have a few more um convenience. Uh convenience features if you will um a couple different engine options as well. So i guess i could just kind of take you around and uh. Show you a few of the things that i like so it’s got the 50 inch deck on it uh. My previous mower had a 42 inch deck, so i i definitely like the extra 8 inches really helps with uh.

You know getting some nice lines down on your lawn. You know uh. They just look a lot better when they’re spaced out so 50 inch deck on it. It’S got this wash port that just hooks up to your standard hose and when you get done, i don’t really use this much. My old mower had it as well. I mean it works. Okay, you know you’ll be able to watch some of the stuff out from underneath the deck, but um really really um. You know some of the stuff just gets caked under there anyway, and you have to clean it out every once in a while, so it’s a nice little feature they have, but it could work a little better um. What else we have as far as the deck goes it’s a really easy system to lower and raise it. So what it is is just this right here: it’s got a plastic knob that turns right here. So let me take a seat. I’Ll show you how it works. So basically you have your foot pedal here. Um you use this to lower and raise the deck. So the nice thing about this is obviously, if you see a rock or something that um you. Obviously you don’t want to mow. You know hit with the blades and just push down on this and kind of go over over that rock and then lower it again, but as far as lowering and raising the deck it’s really nice goes in.

I believe quarter yeah quarter inch increments. So you can go from four and a half inch cut. All the way down to Music looks like a one inch cut so again, i’m, just pressing down on the foot pedal here. If i set it to one inch, you’ll see i let up on the foot. Pedal and that’s how you drop your deck same thing if i want to raise the deck just go ahead, push down that pedal nice and easy turn, my knob to the desired height that i want to cut and let go and that’s it pretty easy system. I guess, while i’m up here, i’ll show you the lap bars lap bars, are really nice ergonomic on these things. They have some nice grips. I don’t think the zt1s have these grips. I think they’re a little bit different. These things are fully adjustable too, which is pretty cool, so you can really get these things. You just turn this knob here and you can really get it, so it sits closer to your lap if you’re, smaller, it’s, really nice um. So another cool feature of the zt2, like i said, it’s a little more of a convenience package. So you have these nice armrests right here on the seats. If you want to use these and then it also the seat. Uh has a lever under here where you could easily just slide it forward or slide it back and again. I think the dt1, i think i read somewhere that the zt1 is actually bolted, so you might have to um actually loosen up some bolts and tighten it back up when you want to adjust the seat on the zt1 series.

So just something else to think about. If you’re looking, you know for something that you could easily adjust to seat, probably going to want to look at the zt2 series, another cool thing about this: one is, if you flip it up right here: it’s actually got this nice cable that holds the seat up For you, so you don’t, even don’t, even have to touch it. It just kind of sits there. You have your battery underneath here you have your gas tank it’s refill it. One comment. I will say about this: it’s really hard to see your your level of gas. So i did run out before uh there’s no indicator it’d be cool if they had an indicator to let you know when you’re low on fuel, because other than that you really don’t see it in here it’s kind of hard to see, even with the seat up. It’S kind of hard to see so um next we’ll go around to these tires, so the zt 150s had a slightly smaller tire on them, so these things are definitely beefier wider on the zt250, so that’s. Another reason that i went with this really handles well. I have a few hills. You know nothing crazy in my yard, but a few hills where you know they get a little sketchy. You get on some pretty crazy angles and this thing holds the ground really well, so i haven’t had any issues with sliding. Yet do a really good job, not turfing, either i’m, not ripping up the turf at all when you’re making your zero turns so really like these tires, really impressed with them.

So far, nice and wide go to the back. It’S got a little hitch port on the back here, so you can hook up a trailer, see mine’s nicked up around here. So i have a trailer um i have used. It have pulled with it um nothing, heavy, just some mulch and a little uh poly car trailer, um pulled it well. Didn’T have any issues with it so really happy with that, as well so far and that’s, nice and sturdy welded bracket on here too so it’s not going to bend or anything it’s, really good, all right up to the engine. We have a on this model. We have a kawasaki 23 horsepower um some of these. I think they have some different options, so you might want to take a look at that. If you have any kind of preferences i know some of these actually have the kohler engine um. I had a caller on my last one had no issues with it was so whatsoever, but decided to go with the kawasaki this time, because just reading around it seemed like a lot of people are really impressed with the uh longevity of these kawasaki engines so decided To give give kawasaki a try here, love the power like i said, i have have a few hills in my yard and it handles them. No problem, doesn’t bog down doesn’t bog down with cutting going up a hill or just nice, smooth power, consistent, really impressed with it.

So far, then in here you got your other air filter easy to get to. As far as your oil check, your oil right here, it’s a dipstick for the oil, got your filter right here on the right hand, side and then this tube that actually goes underneath the oil filter there and then comes out. You can see this try to get you a good picture of it here comes out the bottom um it’s actually for changing your oil. So this line you just open this up right here, open the end of this bolt and that’s how you drain your oil. So pretty nice feature pretty easy to get to haven’t changed the oil yet, but um i’m actually going to do that today. Probably so, i’ll do that in a different video got about 13 hours on it. So i want to give it a little time to break in the engine and i’ll probably go ahead and do the first oil change later on today and i’ll, probably post another video. For that and the last thing back here, you’ll notice, you got two reservoirs in the back and these are for the hydro transmissions. So again the zt1 series – cub cadets, you don’t, see these reservoirs and that’s because they do not have serviceable transmissions on those. So these two reservoirs on the zt 250 um basically make this a serviceable uh. They have serviceable transmissions on this so again, that’s supposed to help with the longevity.

You know you can service these things when the transmission is needed, so it’s another nice little feature on the zt250s. Hopefully they last a little longer and you get a little more life out of them again. You got the wide tires on this side. It’S, a nice little console, you got a cup holder here, throw my cell phone keys in here. You’Ve got your throttle. You got your choke uh pto for the blades and here’s your ignition keys, pretty simple here’s your side, discharge, chute and then it’s got actually a set of three different blades underneath for mowing, and the stock blades have been phenomenal. So far, i’ve been getting a really good cut on my grass, so far, i’ve been really happy with it and one other thing i’ll show you real quick. So you have your belts right underneath this um, this little steel, uh footwell, and they got a cool, little uh tool right here to open it up. It’S only one bolt stays on the machine right here. Take that off and then this is uh easy access to your belts, so i just cut the grass. So this thing is dirty right now and i’ll just give you a quick heads up every time you run it. You probably want to open this up. When you get done and take a look at it clean it out, because grass does build up here in the belts, so you can see, i just got done cutting it actually see this.

This whole piece comes right off really nice, so you can clean it easily. Give you a look down here. Just got your pulleys and your belt system down here and, like i said you can see you get some good amount of grass built up here, so i’ll definitely give that a good clean. Before i put it back and you can just use a um like an air compressor, hose um gets it out pretty easily, or i always take my um, my leaf blower backpack out anyway, and i usually get all the grass off the driveway and uh off the Deck and everything, so i also just blow out the mower deck with it and gets this stuff right out easily takes about 30 seconds so definitely does get built up in here, but um. You know nothing that you can uh candle. Put that back on real quick and then this foot pad is really nice too it’s got a nice little rubber foot mat down here. Where you place your feet, um you know. So if it’s raining out a little slick, just does a really good job, holding your feet in and then again the tool for that just goes right here, right in and that’s it and then the front caster wheels as well. These are nice and uh nice and bulky good looking wheels, and it also has uh lights that are always on when it’s running that’s. It guys um hope this helps somebody if you are, you know deciding between you know looking at a cup cadet, zt1 or zt2 series.