Our lesson for today is titled, speak kindness and will be left by ministers. Tiffany and ashlynn all my agape kids get ready, get set and let’s go learn how to look like him good morning, boys and girls, and welcome to a gawky, create total worship service was so glad you tuned in for a service this morning, I’m, Minister, Tiffany I’m. After the worship, songs that we had before service was so uplifting and I’m so excited to start today’s lesson. But before we begin our lesson, we always Frank, remember Heavenly Father. Thank you for your safety and protection of our family and friends. May our hearts to see you and understand that to speak good kind. Words is pleasing to you help us to use our words to uplift. Everyone in the name of Jesus Christ, a man, a man, a man, Florrie begin today’s, was unless review Minister suppose lesson from last week. She showed us that whip blocks and using kind words, and today we will continue to talk about speaking good words. Remember our memory, verse is Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 29, and it says one more time: friends, Bible story from First Samuel, chapter 25, verses 1. Through 35, there was a man named the Baal who lived with his wife Abigail, and they were very wealthy.

They had many sheep and plenty of food. David’S army was camping next in the ball’s house. Sometimes the ball sheeps would graze there Davis army and they would help protect the Sheep by keeping wild animals away.

Everyone was living in peace together. One day Davis sent his men to accent the ball for some food neva did not want to share and got angry at David’s men and was very rude to them. That made David’s men angry when they went back to tell David what happened we in a bomb because they needed food and had always been nice to the bomb. They thought he would return. The favor David decided that he was going to attack the ball because he did not like how they were treated. It could have been a disaster, but Abigail stepped in and saved the day. She quickly prepared bread, meat, the grain to give to David’s man. She apologized for Nabal’s actions and his words and acts David for forgiveness and to live in peace with them. David knew that Abigail was right and that God wanted everybody to get along no ball and David’s men learned that it is better to show kindness and share than to fight, because Abigail used kind words and show kindness through our actions of sharing the food. She was able to keep the peace among the man when we say kind and good words to others. It makes them smile and brings joy to their hearts.

Ashlynn made us a beautiful heart today. Can you show everybody your heart? Oh look at our beautiful heart when you see your heart what’s, the first thing that you think about take a minute: what do you think about love, love and who loves everyone, no matter where they are or what they’re doing or what mistakes they’ve made? Who loves us unconditional? Do we know? Thank you, Jesus God.

They love us. Unconditional love is that agape love and we have love for our moms or dads our brothers sisters and our family and our friends, but sometimes things happen and people are mean to you and when those things happen, they may use unkind words. They may say in me. Thank you and it makes your heart feel, and you may even cry – and you may just feel like you’re not wanted to be around and then, if what you think happens to your heart, is it going to be that beautiful heart that Ashland showed us first? Are they going to change a little from the sadness from maybe when somebody said I don’t, like you you’re, not my friend today, I don’t want you to play with us in this group. You can’t sit over here. Oh, they may push you down or, if you’re licking, on your ice cream cone on a hot summer day and they make it fall out of your hand. Oh all those things are gon na make you sad, but hopefully they stop and they say, I’m.

Sorry I didn’t mean to aren’t, please forgive me. I know I was wrong and I hurt your feelings and then that will make your heart feel a little better, so those wrinkles that are in this car right now. Maybe we can smooth them out with those kind words so Ashley’s heart, it still has the wrinkle, but we know that we are to forgive and forget, and we say, okay, I accept your apology and we’re both using kind words and when that happens, we both feel Better, we better feel loved and our heart is happy and we can go on and continue to be nice to others and forgive the person who may have hurt our feelings with their unkind words.

Have you ever treated someone, not so nice, with your words or have you heard someone not being treated nice are not being nice to someone it makes everyone involved, feel sad and maybe make them feel bad, but did you know that God tells us in the Bible How to use our words in multiple areas, and he wants to remind us how to treat others in proverb 16 and 24 kind. Words are like honey, sweet to the soul and help before the body think about your favorite dessert and how much you enjoy. Your words have the power to make some of them good or make them feel sad. Let’S use words that are available, kindness, love, forgiveness and understanding. Since we talked about words that make us stand, what are some good words that make us happy and bring a smile to our face? Ashlyn, do you know some words, some phrases that you may like to hear.

Somebody tell you you could say I like your shoes, you have a beautiful smile, I’m happy that you’re, my friend and I love. Oh yes, when you tell somebody that you love them and you show them with your actions by being nice to them. That makes them happy, and what about? If somebody told you you were a good drawer. Are you a really good at playing football or basketball or riding your bike? We all are good, is something so make sure you’re telling people around you that you enjoy them and they’re good at things.

It’Ll bring a smile to their face. So I want you to tell at least two people something kind today and watch how it makes them feel and watch how you feel once you tell them those kind words let’s use our words to encourage each other and bring joy to someone else before we go Let’S remember our memory verse, Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 29. It says let’s do that one more time: Music, now it’s time to pray. Remember your hands close your eyes about your head! Thank You Heavenly Father for your love and kindness, help us to use the power of our words to show kindness and love to everyone guide us to pause before we speak, so that our words may be pleasing to you. Let us seek your holy word for examples of love and kindness, keep all our families and friends safe and healthy. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, amen, amen, a man.

Thank you for tuning into our message today have a blessed week. Use your time words to show love to others.