Our our next major task is to prepare these kids for ecb ecb tournament, which is probably going to start somewhere around end of september, and keeping that in mind we. We have organized internal tournament for them to give a chance to show their talent and to make them uh make them ready for to face. The challenges at ecb probably we’ll, be starting a tournament somewhere around 30th 30th july at mission cricket grounds, and i hope to see all our desert cup members and the newcomers to come and join us and to enjoy cricket with the set cups. Learn develop yourself and to create a pathway through our programs, and i wish you all all the success for the upcoming season and happy to see kids are having fun and they are getting best quality facilities and best quality coaching under desert cups.

Thank you very much wish you all the success hi guys this is sandeep here. Um welcome everyone it’s good to see everyone back after this go with the pandamik i’m sure everybody’s lives have changed after this pandemic has arrived, but things don’t stop. Things have to move on um and, like i see everyone is back in the game. Now cricket has started uh guest desert, one of the few academies who started the game after taking all the precautions um and the challenges that we have in time as well.