We’Re gon na take up the carbon g cub again and have a little bit of fun with her. Hopefully, the wind will stay, lied down or lay down a little bit Music, but no flaps at all Music and she lifts right up. Whoa, whoa yeah, not crazy about that mix that i got in there Laughter kind of scrappy today, yeah kind of scrappy. Today, all right let’s try this again. Well, maybe an actual good landing this time. So there we go all right see if we can’t get our flasher on okay, there’s, the flashers on now maybe come on come on flasher. Where are you at there? We are taking off the wind boy. She lift right up. Music flasher shows up pretty good doesn’t. It try and do ourselves a nice coordinated turn. Just like we do. With the uh park zone, sport cub a little bit of a knife edge here, we’re going to try landing with takeoff flaps. This time, like i said when you haven’t flown a model in quite a while, which i haven’t flown this in quite a while. You just want to just do you know, take off land, take off land just, do touch and goes all right stall, and she just floats right down as expected. Good looking bird though okay, what we’ll do is we’ll come back by here and we’ll. Do a high speed pass there that’s high speed right there it’s as fast as she’s gon na go.

You got ta. Remember, though, she’s a big bird, so she’s going pretty quick for that size of a bird all right, we’re gon na do landing flaps this time. Full full 80 percent, they’re 80 down landing flaps Music nice scale, take off Music little turn around there Music little. I guess it’s like a breaking turn. I guess you could call that you have turned side level here. You don’t want to turn too much too slowly with a cub, especially with curved wings, Music Laughter that was fun. I just shifted her right around there, all right, let’s go by nice and slow and low low and slow man low and slow good. Looking bird good. Looking bird folks, i think i got weather coming so i’m gon na need the lander. Do a nice coordinated turn two there all right, yeah got two minutes: let’s let’s risk it one more time, Music, Laughter! Well, that’s, fun! I tell you what this is by far the best hobby best hobby in the world. As far as i’m concerned know, i had to do it Music. Let me see if i can there we go a little bit of a knife edge, not a really good one, though all right folks, i think it’s time we call the day. No, i got a minute. I got a minute, i better do it. I got ta. Do it she wants to fly she wants to. She has to landing all right folks there.

She is folks, the beautiful wonderful e flight, carbon z, cub or, as i like, to call her big blue. I also have the orange one too she’s mad. She don’t want to go back in. Are you a happy bird, okay, you’re? Actually a happy bird? Thank you for watching folks. I got ta get out of here.