Are just cars I’ve been wanting for a long time and finally little by little getting there. So anyways another addition to my fifties run I’ve been picking up some fifties. Cars lately kind of stopped on the pre war for a little bit, get some 50s going and then maybe jump back into the pre war. That being said, let’s get started. I’M gon na start with some stats and some a little bit bio stuff. So this player born in 1931, passed away in 2015. He had a career batting average of 274. He had twenty five hundred and eighty three hits. Five hundred and twelve home runs he’s part of the 500 home run Club and sixteen thirty six RBIs. He first started playing in the Negro Leagues, with the Kansas City, Monarchs 51 and 53 in between he was, and he had joined the army and was in the Korean War and then later got out fifty three plated and then same year joined the Chicago Cubs. He played with the cows from 1953 all the way through 1971. He was a 14 time all star two time: MVP and 58 and 59 Gold Glove Award winner in 1960, making him the first cub to do that and same time. He is a member of the all time century team and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977 same year I was born and his number 14 was retired in 1982 by the Cubs as well, which also made it the first number to be retired.

At Wrigley Field, so that being said, it’s none other than Ernie Banks. So finally got this Ernie Banks sweet card really happy to have it on my PC really clean card like some. This is a fiber in this cut, but this card in general is just so hard to get. You know a clean one, let alone you know getting this one like this. For the most part, these are the majority or miss cut, so decided to get this one. Really clean, like I said, real sharp some of this stuff is on the actual sleeve. I think the only thing with that is just this minor little dot there, but super excited about this one. So there it is guys that Ernie Banks rookie card another addition to these won’t take up Stingo here for a little bit there, so there it is another one chugging away little by little and again guys. I know it’s been a while, but thanks for watching – and I did get tagged by Dane Carr Tech’s have intend to do a binder video, so that’ll probably be coming up next here, either later today or tomorrow.